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Appalachian Aces wrap up Inaugural Fall Season

Josh Kuykendall
West Virginia Director of Scouting


The Appalachian Aces closed the books on their Inaugural fall season this past weekend. Traveling over 1500 miles to all parts of the state in a two month period, the Aces players received some well deserved respect and recognition within the college coaching circle. Although weather did play a factor in their season, it was still a major success. 

"When I first came up with the idea (in June), I thought to myself, if I can get a couple good players, iI think this would be a good idea." said founder, Josh Kuykendall. "To my surprise, not only did we have a couple good players, we had a whole team full of good players. I had contacts throughout the state and I went off of their recommendation. I feel very lucky and blessed to have gotten so many good players."

The Aces didn't only play college programs, but also played 5 games against some of the top amateur organizations in the whole east coast. 

"When you start off by playing teams like the Allegheny Pirates, Flood City Elite, Pittsburgh Spikes, and Diamond Skills, you find out pretty quickly what kind of team you've got. I think we showed ourselves very well and definitely opened some eyes not only in West Virginia but in Pennsylvania too." 

After the first two weekends, games against college teams began. The Aces faced a ton of seasoned hitters and pitchers. With playing four year schools, there were times where players who were 15-17 years old, were facing kids that were 21-22 years old.

"You can't simulate these kinds of quality repetitions. 2021 Grant Hussey (15 yrs old) having the opportunity to face a senior college pitcher who is 22 years old. That's just one example. I could talk about 50 others. It was just an awesome experience for our guys and one they won't soon forget." said Kuykendall.

This also allowed some guys who haven't been highly recruited to give them an opportunity to be seen and exposed. 

"Every weekend I would have coaches say "where did this kid or that kid come from?". Quite a few of the guys have gotten a ton of interest these past two months. That's what it's all about for me. Putting kids in a position to be successful and affording them an opportunity," said Kuykendall.

Kuykendall ended with: "This experience has been way more than I ever dreamed it would be. I really feel that this will help kids not only for their college recruitment, but for their high school seasons. If you are interested in playing for the Appalachian Aces next fall, please feel free to shoot me an email: [email protected]. I will be out to see kids during the high school and summer seasons, but the only way to guarantee me seeing you play is if you attend one of my events.  November 18 is the first of those opportunities.  I will be announcing more dates within the coming month."


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