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East Hampton (HS) • CT
5' 9" • 150LBS
L/R • 23yr 4mo
Travel Team: CT Blue Jays


2019 National

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5-foot-9, 150-pound, strong, athletic frame, a well proportioned athlete. The hands and wrists have good strength to them. A two way player, projects out more as position player.  At the plate, feet are even at shoulder width, hands are loose set just above the shoulders. For timing uses a controlled leg kick, knee to knee, transfers the weight from back side to front with ease. The swing is down to level to up, creates loft and lift to it. The approach is from the middle to pull side, showed to have enough pop and juice to beat the pull outfielder. The tee exit velocity was clocked at 84 mph, hard contact all day and ran a 7.55 sixty-yard dash on a slow track. Defensively, hands work, fields out front and low to the ground. The transfer is super quick to throwing arm. The arm works out of a high 3/4 slot, has plenty of strength and carry across the diamond, enough arm to stick on left side. Off the mound, showed a solid two pitch mix. The fastball was located to both sides, clocked at 80 mph. The breaking ball had slurve break to it, clocked at 68 mph, thrown for strikes. The hands start and stay high in the delivery, good direction with minimal pull of the front side. Solid prospect, potential to be an offensive second baseman long term, arm could be a weapon turning double plays.

Sixty-Yard Dash: 7.55

Exit Velocity: 84 MPH

Arm Velocity: 80 MPH

5-foot-9, 150-pound, wiry strong athlete, shoulders are rounded off, has strength throughout, room to fill out. The hands and wrists have strength to them.  A left-handed hitting middle infielder, projects out better to the play the right side, could turn into be an offensive second baseman. At the plate has a balanced approach, uses a toe tap for timing.   The hands stay inside the baseball driving it to all fields. Looks to have a pull approach, but shows the ability to go with the pitch. Presently has gap power, makes hard solid contact, tee exit velocity was clocked at 81 mph. Defensively, top tool is his arm, clocked at 79 mph, throws from a higher slot, has plenty of arm to play the left side. Works low to the ground with an easy transfer and actions through the baseball. Off the mound fastball reached 79 mph, with a hard breaking ball at 70 mph. The changeup is still a work in progress. The delivery is simple and deliberate, could speed it up. The 2-seam fastball is a good pitch, heavy action to the arm side. Big time follow for me, athletic enough to play anywhere in infield and can eat innings off the mound.

30 Yard-Dash: 4.01

Tee Exit Velocity: 81 MPH

Arm Velocity: 79 MPH


5-foot-9, 150-pound, strong, athletic frame. The shoulders are squared off, the hands and wrists have strength to them. A left-handed hitting infielder, his top tool is the ability to swing the bat. The stance is open to even, wider than shoulder width, with the hands starting slightly lower and away from the body. The hands really work through the hitting zone, approach is to all fields, showed good swings in game play. The tee exit velocity was clocked at 79 mph, with a ton more in there, and ran 4.69 down the line from home to first. Defensively looks to be able to play all three spots in the infield, geared more towards second base. The hands are soft, works from the ground up. The arm action is clean on the back, ball comes out of a ¾ slot, clocked at 77 mph, has plenty of arm to play the left side. The quickness side to side is average. Double play feeds are on time and work smoothly, has plenty of arm to turn it. Off the mound, fastball was clocked at 78-82 mph, it's straight, locates it well to both side. The breaking pitch is more of a slider, is his best pitch clocked at 70-72 mph. Is aggressive and attacks the hitter. The delivery is simple and sound, hands start and stay high, stays back over backside and is on time when front foot strikes, pounds the zone with strikes. Times to the plate are quick at 1.22.  Projects for me as an above average hitter for second baseman, good follow.

Home - First: 4.69

Exit Velocity: 79 mph

Arm Velocity: 77 mph


5-foot-9, 150-pound, strong athletic frame. The shoulders are squared off, wrists and hands have strength to them. One of the better players at this event and that I've seen this past winter. A left-handed hitter, the stance is slightly open, and just so slightly wider than shoulder width. The hands are loose and set at shoulder height, have separation to them from the body. For timing uses a double toe tap, gains ground with the stride, the approach is more middle to pull side. The swing is down to level, finishes it with one hand, could finish the swing higher above the shoulder. Round of BP was squared up well one after another, to the back of the cage. Defensively, plays up the middle, the feet are quick gets around the baseball well and momentum moves well to his target. Fields the ball out front, feet move throughout transfer and uses a two step approach. The arm action is clean and short on the backside, ball comes out of a natural ¾ slot. The starts and feeds were on time and smooth, was extremely athletic on the slow roller pro move. On the mound, this right-hander, works out of an easy repeatable delivery. The hands start and stay at the mid-chest throughout, leg raise is controlled, lead toe could be slightly more relaxed, wants to get down the mound quickly. The separation is in the center of the body, direction is inline for the most part. The fastball was located to both sides, straight at times, it's heavy though, clocked at 76-80 mph. The breaking ball has slurve action to it, clocked at 69-71 mph, was thrown for strikes, is a good pitch, has confidence in this pitch. The changeup cuts at times, needs to stay behind, clocked at 70-72 mph. Times to the plate were 1.40. Projects for me as more of a second baseman that can swing it for the next level. The arm strength will come into play turning double plays and relays, real good follow.

Sixty-Yard Dash:7.10

Exit Velocity: 81 mph

Arm Velocity: 77 mph

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