Ryan Egan
Ryan Egan
Ryan Egan
Ryan Egan
Ryan Egan
Ryan Egan




Taft School (HS) • CT
6-2 • 205LBS • R/R
Travel Team: Clubhouse 2022


2022 National

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2022 State

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6-foot-2, 205-pound, strong, thick, solid athletic frame, lower half is very durable with plus strength to it. A right-handed pitcher, who continues to show progress, velocity is still on the uprise, reaching 87 mph multiple times at this event. The delivery works off of tempo and timing, with hands having rhythm during the rocker step and leg lift. Looks to stay tall on the backside, direction has improved, is inline and squared up to plate on release. The arm action has length on the bottom part of the swing, working out of a 3/4 slot. The secondary stuff is a work in progress, slider, has velocity to it at 77 mph, needs to stay behind it more, but has the makings of a plus pitch at the college level. The changeup should turn into his top pitch long term, can fade it and run it away from left-handed hitters, and has shown the ability to throw it right on right. Good looking prospect, will be a good pickup for a some one at the next level.


6-foot-2, 200-pound, strong, solid athletic frame, already filling out. Showing plus strength throughout. A right-handed pitcher, also worked out as a position player. Off the mound, has smooth, clean delivery, tempo and timing to it. Loads up on the back half, lift is athletic, coil to it. The stride is long, inline to the plate, with extension out front on release/finish.  The arm action is clean, bottom to top path, working out of a 3/4 slot. The fastball reached 86 mph, with late heavy life. The slider is thrown with velocity, clocked at 77 mph, late bite, a swing and miss offering. The changeup has a chance to be his top pitch down the road, feel, with arm side action to it. At the plate, starts slightly open, hands are loaded and back on foot strike. Shows plus power to the gaps, had an exit velocity of 95 mph.  Look for him to a high level arm at the next level.

Exit Velocity: 95 mph

Arm Velocity: 81 mph

Sixty-Yard Dash: 7.47


New England Procase

6-foot-195-pound, strong, thick durable pitchers frame.  A right-handed pitcher, rhythm and tempo to the delivery, builds momentum down the mound. Weight over the back side, clean separation, arm is loose and clean on the backside, coming through from a 3/4 to higher slot. The fastball touched 86 mph, with arm side action. The slider was clocked at 75-77mph, late break, also dropped in a curve ball at 72 mph. The arm is fresh, transitioning to a pitcher from a two-way catcher, look for velocity and pitch-ability to spike at some point. 


Future Games
6-foot-1, 187-pound, strong physical athletic frame, already filling out. A two way player, off the mound showed very well. Simple, controlled, repeatable delivery. The hands have tempo and timing, strong over the backside, working down inline through the plate. The arm action has some length on the bottom of the path, working out of a clean, high 3/4 slot. The fastball touched 85 mph, heavy ball with late arm side action to it. The breaking pitch, has some velocity to it clocked at 72-75 mph, late depth. Look for the velocity to continue to climb. Chance to be a backend guy at some point. At the plate hits from the right side, wider setup, slightly open, loose lower hands, small leg kick. The swing is level to up, more, pull with some rotational effort at times. When behind and hands are inside the baseball shows to have pop to opposite gap. The tee exit velocity was clocked at 93 mph and ran a 7.73 sixty. Defensively, threw 74 mph down to second, with a pop time of 2.10-2.26. The hands needs to soften a tick, frame is durable can handle the workload. Projects for me off the mound, with the ability to swing the bat. Solid follow. 


6-foot-1, 187-pound right-handed hitting catcher and pitcher. Positionally, ran a 7.67 sixty on the laser at the event. The receiving behind the dish has improved, still needs to work on securing the catch. The transfer and throwing are trending up, the foot work can improve and simplify. Threw 75 mph down to second base, pop time of 2.14. The bat has a tee exit velocity of 87 mph. The setup is even in base, pick up and put down of the front foot as the ball approaches. The hands work freely and the path is simple. On the mound, the fastball sat 81-83 mph, minimal arm side action to the pitch. The spin pitch is 66-68 mph, big in shape. The changeup is 72 mph, needs a spin fix. The delivery has minimal crossfire to the feet and the slot comes out clean, above 3/4 in height. The lift is repeated, small amount of glove pull takes him off target. The frame is thick and durable on the bottom half. 

Tee Exit Velocity- 87 mph
Catching Velocity- 75 mph
Pop Time- 2.14


6-foot, 185-pound right-handed hitting catcher and pitcher. On the mound, the fastball touched 79 mph, minimal arm side run to the pitch. The spin pitch is 67-69 mph, good shape to the pitch. The changeup is 74-76 mph, minimal fade and sink to the pitch. The delivery is online with the feet, above 3/4 in slot. The glove side is posted and the tracking is done well. The lift is repeated and athletic. Positionally, ran a 4.81 down the line on his dig to first base. The glove is soft behind the dish, showed good flexibility. The receiving can soften, and securing the catch is a must. Threw 73 mph down to second base, arm swing is long. The pop time is 2.2. Worked out at the hot corner as well, throwing 77 mph across the diamond with accuracy. The feet can improve, working through the ball into the throw. The bat has a tee exit velocity of 82 mph. The setup is wide in base, front foot is picked up and put down as the ball approaches. The path is long and flat through contact. Uses a 1-hand finish after contact.

Tee Exit Velocity- 82 mph
Catching Velocity- 73 mph
Pop Time- 2.2
INF Velocity- 77 mph


5-foot-11, 178-pound, strong, durable, athletic frame, has plenty of room to fill out. A two-way guy, worked out as a pitcher and catcher, top tool is his arm, has strength at both positions. A right-handed pitcher, delivery is simple, hands start and stay at the chest, leg raise is athletic and smooth, lands slightly across his body. The arm action is clean on the backside, works out of a natural ¾ slot. The fastball was clocked at 79 mph, comes out of his hand real well, worked mostly to the arm side, was down in zone. The breaking ball was clocked at 64 mph, has good shape, horizontal break at times. The changeup is still a work in progress, clocked at 68 mph, with such clean arm action, should be able to develop over time. At the plate, a right-handed pitcher, setup is even, feet are wider than shoulder width. The hands are loose at the shoulders, bat starts in more of a flat position. The lower half is under control, picks foot up and places down for the stride. The swing is short to the baseball, level to up and finishes with a one handed finish, approach is more middle to oppo. The tee exit velocity was clocked at 84 mph and ran a 8.01 sixt-yard dash. Defensively, setup is relaxed and athletic behind the plate. The hands are soft, gets around the baseball on the catch. The arm was clocked at 73 mph from the chute, works clean from a ¾ slot. Pop times of 2.19-2.26, baseball has downhill flight. The front side glove, could close up a bit more, will help in time. Big follow, look for the velocity to jump off the mound in next year.

Sixty-Yard Dash: 7.79
Exit Velocity: 84 mph
Arm Velocity: 78  mph

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