Jamison Howland
Jamison Howland
Jamison Howland
Jamison Howland
Jamison Howland
Jamison Howland




Worcester Academy - 2023 (HS) • MA
5-11 • 170LBS • R/R
Travel Team: Evolution Baseball


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Howland is a 5-foot-11, 155 pound right-handed hitting outfield prospect. He hits out of a wide stance, with the hands set just off the back shoulder. The swing begins with a slight toe-tap and a pushing back of the hands. The swing-plane is direct to and through contact, showcasing his quick hands. During the batting practice Howland showed the ability to spray the ball gap to gap and had a max exit velocity of 80 MPH.

Defensively, Howland was 77 MPH on his throws during the outfield portion. The feet move well as he worked to get into a good fielding position. The ball exchange and transition into the throwing position were good, creating a direct line with his target. The arm-swing is quick and he finishes well, over his front foot and in line with the target.

Exit Velocity- 80 mph
OF Velocity- 77 mph


5-foot-10, 140-pound right-handed hitting outfielder. He ran a 6.78 sixty at the event as he improved his foot speed immensely. The approach in the outfield is appropriate and he stays through the baseball as he fields it. He threw 74 mph from right field to home plate at the event. The bat has an exit velocity of 85 mph. The setup is wide in base and the front foot steps into the swing as the ball approaches the hitting zone. The hands work free and the path is slightly uphill through contact with the baseball. He displays a 1-handed release after he makes contact with the baseball.

Exit Velocity- 85 mph

OF Velocity- 74 mph


 5-foot-10, 140- pounds a young versatile, athletic frame. Primarily an outfielder, Jamison’s positional repertoire ranges from the outfield to the middle infield. Shows fluency in both aspects defensively with good mobility and an average arm. Clocked in at 72 mph from the outfield displaying plus awareness and quick feet. Runs well above average, ran a 6.75 sixty-yard dash, speed that will help track the baseball down. Offensively, hits from the right-side,  stance is wide while staying square and keeping his hands in a stable position. Toe-tap step while solidifying a solid load with his lower half. Flat plane displayed in his swing with a smooth follow through the baseball. Super athletic, look for the game to take off at some point.

 Arm Velocity:  72 mph

Sixty-Yard Dash: 6.75


5-foot-7, 130-pound right-handed hitting outfielder had an exit velocity of 72 mph off the tee.  He hits out of a wide, square base. The hands set in a good position, just off the back shoulder.  The load begins with a toe tap and a weight to shift to the back leg. The swing plane is flat, to and through contact.  

Defensively, he was nursing a bit of a hip injury that limited some of the movements.  He did throw from the outfield and recorded a velocity of 71 mph. The feet were deliberate, coming off the injury but got him into a good fielding position.  The glove was relaxed just off the front foot. The transfer to the throwing position was clean and he created a good line with the throwing target. The finish was out in front and staying in line with the target.


Tee Exit Velocity- 72 mph

OF Velocity- 71 mph


The 5-foot-7, 130 pound right-handed hitting outfielder had a tee exit velocity of 68 mph.  The set up is out of a wide, slightly open stance. The front foot closes down as the ball approaches the hitting zone.   The swing has a fluidity and the bat path is flat.  The hands work freely through the ball and he shows a feel for staying in his legs. Defensively, he was battling a tight hamstring but moves well.  The arm path is clean and was 67 mph to home plate. He was cautious and under control throughout the workout due to the bottom half limitation 

Tee Exit Velocity- 68 mph
OF Velocity- 67 mph


5-foot-5, 120 pound right handed hitting outfielder/infielder.   Threw 66 mph from the outfield. The feet were soft and under control.  The transfer was good and the arm was long and loose. The bat had an exit velocity of 62 mph.  The set up began slightly open and used a controlled stride to become square.  The hands moved back into the launch position well.  The bat moved through the zone well and created some good leverage.  Has the potential to be a good hitter.  He’s a guy to follow.

Tee Exit Velocity- 62 mph
OF Velocity - 66 mph


5-foot-3, 110-pound right-handed hitting outfielder and infielder. Threw 63 mph during the outfield portion of the workout. The approach is appropriate to the ball. Ran a 8.17 sixty at the event, should improve considerably in the next couple years. The bat has a tee exit velocity of 60 mph, physical strength is needed to aid the development of his game. The stance is wide in base, gets to the front foot too early in the swing process. The bat path is flat to the ball, simple hands and on time. Good looking swing, just needs to continue to develop his game.

Tee Exit Velocity- 60 mph
OF Velocity- 63 mph
60 Time- 8,17

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