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Saint Anselm College
Sandwich (HS) • MA
6' 0" • 200LBS
R/R • 23yr 6mo
Travel Team: Post 188


2019 National

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2019 State

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5-foot-11, 190-pound right-handed hitting first baseman and pitcher.  Showed very well on the bump at the event.  Took batting practice and received a tee exit velocity of 91 mph at the event. The set up is wide with his feet, slight forward lean with his posture as the ball approaches. There is legit buggy whip to the bat as he makes contact. Ran a 4.8 down the line on his dig. On the mound, the fastball touched 84 mph. The fastball has arm side run to it, nothing he threw was straight. The spin pitch touched 73 mph, he threw a couple real good breaking balls. The changeup has the correct shape and spin to it. Threw strikes and competed during game action. The delivery is online with his feet and there is a bit of effort in the delivery. The tempo of the delivery is appropriate and he is aggressive in approach. The tracking of the front shoulder can improve and would lead to more velocity. He currently runs away from his arm. Use a coil at the top of his lift. The arm slot is slightly above 3/4 . Tyler can definitely hit and pitch at the lower division 1 level based off me seeing him 5 times.

Tee Exit Velocity- 91 mph


5-foot-11, 190-pound right-handed hitting first baseman. The bat is his tool to watch, took a legit batting practice a number of times in the 4 days of the event. The swing path is flat and simple. The feet are wide and he uses his hands extremely well. Knee to knee timing mechanism on the bottom half to get setup. Uses a 1-handed approach to the finish. Tee exit velocity of 94 mph. The defense at first base is solid, the feet move well and he handles the bag appropriately. Threw 73 across the diamond with accuracy and a clean arm. Ran a 7.91 sixty at the event, he needs to  continue to work on the foot speed. I like this guy, bat is going to help someone.

6-foot, 190-pound right-handed hitting first baseman and pitcher. Defensively, threw 78 mph across the diamond. The glove is solid at first and he moves well enough around the bag. Ran a 4.9 down the line, that will have to improve in the coming years. On the mound, pitches out of plus ¾ slot. The arm works and the tracking to the plate is done appropriately. Shows the ability to repeat the delivery. The fastball touched 82 mph. The spin pitch was at 72 mph and the changeup is 77 mph. He is a follow on the mound, as the stuff is good for his age.  Offensively, is where he lives. The swing is simple and the hands really work. Getting stronger and improving as he matures will help his game. Tee exit velocity of 88 mph. Good looking hitter in the game, stays on the ball and spreads it.
Tee Exit Velocity - 88 mph
INF Velocity - 78 mph 

5-foot-10, 190-pound right-handed hitting third baseman who pitches as well. Positionally, showed a solid glove at third and the ability to make the play right at him. The footwork on the ball in the 6-hole and the slow roller will have to improve. Plenty of arm to play there, threw 75 mph across the diamond with minimal effort. Ran a 8.0 sixty. At the plate, tee exit velocity of 90 mph as the hands speed is advanced. Starts with his feet even and the front foot open. The front foot closes down appropriately and the path is simple to the ball. The barrel gets through the ball in a hurry, with the bottom half staying under control. Solid swing and offensive potential. On the mound, pitches out of plus ¾ slot with good direction. The tracking of the front shoulder was done well at the event. At times, came out of his delivery as overthrowing is involved but does a good job for the most part. Fastball touched 79 mph, and true. The breaking ball is a spike curve, bigger shape to it, sat at 70 mph. The changeup had good action and fade, sitting at 74 mph.

60 YD- 8.0
Tee Exit Velocity- 90 mph
Infield Velocity- 75 mph

Good looking player who stands 5-foot-10, 175-pounds. Worked out at third base and on the mound at the event. Positionally, threw 73 mph across the diamond with accuracy and carry. The prep steps through the ball need to continue to improve and getting off the ball is the key to playing third base. The glove is solid, as the hands are soft. Ran a 7.9 60 at the event as that will have to improve in the coming years. The bat has plus life to it, tee exit velocity of 86 mph. The swing is simple, gets the barrel to the ball and his feet are under control throughout. Bat is advanced for a 2019 graduate. On the mound, shows a clean arm swing and athletic delivery. The fastball was 77-79 mph with arm-side action on it. The spin pitch has the correct shape to it, sitting 67-69 mph. The spin pitch has a chance to be really good in the coming years. 1.3 to the plate in the stretch. The direction of his top half, minimizing the glove side pull off target, needs to improve to aid his velocity and command on the mound. 

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