Billy Mulholland
Billy Mulholland
Billy Mulholland
Billy Mulholland
Billy Mulholland
Billy Mulholland
Billy Mulholland
Billy Mulholland
Billy Mulholland
Billy Mulholland




Pascack Hills (HS) • NJ
6-1 • 231LBS • R/R
Travel Team: Canes 17U National


2023 National

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2023 State

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Mulholland is strong and physical athlete at 6-foot-1, 231-pounds. Ran the 60 yard dash in 7.59 seconds while recording a top exit velocity of 98 MPH, one of the tops at the event. Starts wide and athletic in his stance, strong base. Hands create rhythm, move down and back pre-pitch. Keeps his bat angle upright. Proportional strength, present in his actions. Hops off his back hip, ability to drive the ball the other way.


Strong and physical build. 6-foot-1, 220-pounds. Ran the 60 yard dash in 7.74 seconds to go with an exit velo of 96 MPH, one of the tops at the event. Wide, strong base in his stance. Hands start by his back shoulder and create some pre-pitch rhythm. Keeps his back elbow parallel throughout. Strong through the zone, easy pop with power potential. Minimal stride, always on time. Works to all fields. Top velo of 79 MPH in the infield. Low, athletic as he fields. Smooth lateral actions. 


Mulholland has a strong and physical build at 6-foot-1, 220-pounds. Ran the 60 yard dash in 7.79 seconds and recorded an exit velo of 98 MPH, one of the tops at the event. Begins at the plate in a wide and open stance. Weight is shifted on his backside initially. Moves his hands down and back during his load while keeping his elbow parallel. Small stride with a toe tap. Powerful stroke with clear gap-to-gap power. Natural lift in his swing. Aggressive lower half. High finish. Behind the dish, recorded a top velo of 77 MPH and pop times ranging from 1.95-2.04 seconds. Quick transfer by his chest. Stays low and athletic when making throws. Stays on top of the ball, made consistently strong and accurate throws. On the mound, starts in the middle of the rubber straightforward. High frontside with uphill shoulder tilt. Lands slightly closed off at foot strike. Maintains rhythm throughout. Works to get into his backside, especially from the stretch. Long arm action. Over-the-top arm slot. FB had some downhill action as a result of his arm slot at 79-83 MPH. The curveball has bigger shape, 1/7 at times with a velo of 64-65 MPH. A CH at 73-77 MPH had occasional run.


6-foot-1, 220lb physical frame; 7.82 runner in the 60 yard dash. At the plate, Mulholland uses all his strength nicely. Loads the back hip and explodes through the ball with his lower half first to induce some hip-shoulder separation. The upper half follows along quickly, snapping the hands and bat into plane. Works an uphill swing with exceptional hand speed, lifts the ball to pull side with no issues present. Registered a 97 MPH max exit velo. Behind the dish, Mulholland sits low in his crouch and receives with a quiet glove. Stands up out of the crouch with a strong lower half propelling him into the target, but also mixed in some throws from his knees as well showing above average arm strength. Worked a 2-2.09 pop time with a 73 MPH arm strength from behind the plate. 

On the mound, Mulholland engages the glute efficiently and falls down the mound while holding the hinge on his back hip. Explodes on foot strike, rotating the hips and allowing the upper half to follow along loosely. Throws from a high 3/4 slot with good downhill feel on his fastball. Throws his fastball around 84-85 MPH with good control of the lower half of the zone. Flashes a curveball at 68-70 MPH with above average depth on the pitch. Presented aquality changeup at 78-80 MPH with good deception through similar arm speed as his fastball. 


Physical- Strong, physical 6-foot-1, 220lbs build. 7.41 runner in the 60.

Offensively- Balanced stance with bend in the knees and a slightly wide base. Hands level with the back shoulder before loading down along with a toe tap and small stride for timing. Hands start on plane and stay on plane a long time, allowing for the barrel to stay in the hitting zone a long time. Utilizes his strong lower half well, helping to generate his plus bat speed. Shows off some developing power, 98 MPH max exit velo.

Defensively- Traditional catcher’s setup with an even base and some slight offset. Quick out of the crouch in throwing situations with very clean transfers and an accurate throwing arm. 2.05-2.17 pop time, 79 MPH arm from the crouch. 

Pitching- Working from the stretch, comes set at the chest and breaks at the waist. Dips and drives off the back leg, getting down the mound well, using a quick, short arm stroke with a high ¾ arm slot.

FB- 78-81, 82 MPH, straight with some ride

CB- 66-67, short 12-6 break

CH- 75-78, late fade


Mulholland has a physical 6-foot-1 198-pound frame. At the plate, Mulholland showed his power in the box with a strong exit velocity of 97 mph. Began in an athletic stance, had a quick load and used a toe tap before his swing. Displayed an uphill swing plane and electric bat speed, and he ended his swing with extension on his finish. Created a lot of loud contact and found multiple barrels during the round. Gap to gap approach. In the infield, showed ability to throw up to 81 mph across the field; had smooth footwork, a clean exchange and raw hands. He showed advanced arm strength as his throws to second reached velocities of 78 mph; had quick footwork and a clean exchange. While catching, pop time was 2.01-2.06. he fielded the ball out front and showed athletic movement laterally. Showed consistent accuracy to the base with quick arm action and a high ¾ slot. During the event, he clocked a 60 time of 7.72. On the mound, showed quick arm speed used a loose arm action and a high ¾ angle. He is a tall-and-fall type pitcher and uses some effort. Has a tall balance point and uphill shoulders. Lands square with an athletic finish. Displayed an athletic finish and lands square. Sat with his fastball at 80-81 mph with a max of 81 mph; shows some action. His 11/5 curveball (71-72) has low in the zone command. His changeup (75-77) has command around the zone and fading action. Mulholland was a top overall performer at the event.


Mullholland has a lean and athletic build at 6-foot-1, 198-pounds. At the plate, the right handed  hitter showed his power ability with an exit velocity of 94 mph. He showed plus arm strength as his throws to second reached velocities of 75 mph. In the infield, showed an ability to throw across the field at 70 mph.  Behind the plate, pop time was 2.14-2.18. During the event, he recorded a 60 time of 7.51. Mulholland was impressive offensively, showing his advanced strength and bat speed with consistent loud contact. Certainly a high follow and riser in the next update of 2022 rankings.


Mulholland has a 6-foot, 185-pound athletic frame. The right-handed hitter had a max exit velocity of 80 mph. Begins in athletic open  stance, has a smooth load and uses a toe tap just before his swing. Bat speed is above average, has an upward swing plane and a high finish. His best position velocity while throwing to second was registered at 74 mph; had quick footwork and a fluid exchange. While catching, he produced a pop time of 2.16-2.30; Showing consistent accuracy to the bag, he used an-over-the-top slot with a compact arm action. During the event, he ran the 60-yard dash in 7.76.


Durable frame at 6-feet 185-pounds. Ran the 60 yard dash in 7.69-seconds and recorded an exit velocity of 84 MPH. At the plate, starts in a wide stance and in a crouch with hands creating rhythm pre pitch. Uses a small foot stride to start swing as hands load up and back. Barrel lag through the zone, creates some line drive pop with big power potential. Behind the plate, throws topped at 73 MPH down to 2B with pop times ranging between 2.20-2.34. Throws were on the bag with some carry behind them.


2019 Preseason All State showcase

Mullholland has a lean and athletic build at 6-foot, 185-pounds. Ran the 60 yard dash in 7.81 seconds. Recorded an exit velo of 81 MPH. Offensively, starts in a wide, athletic stance. Creates pre-swing rhythm. Brings his elbow to parallel with the ground during his load. Minimal stride, always on time. Gets hands through the zone. Advanced ability to hit the ball the other way. Behind the plate, recorded a top velo of 71 MPH and pop times ranging from 2.01-2.11 seconds. Quick feet, stays low and athletic while making throws to bases. Feet slightly open towards his target. Typical catcher’s arm slot, with a short, compact arm action. 

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