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Ramapo (HS) • NJ
5' 11" • 185LBS
R/R • 23yr 8mo
Travel Team: Teel Ravens


2019 National

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2019 State

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NJ State Games 7.24.18
Villanova University recruit. Whooley has a strong and athletic build at 5-foot-11, 185-pounds. Ran the 60 yard dash in 7.32 seconds. Recorded an exit velo of 87 MPH. At the plate, begins in a slightly open stance with his weight evenly distributed. Hands start around shoulder height, away from his body. Creates pre-swing rhythm. Minimal stride. Hands stay locked in position. Showed twitchy action at the plate, spraying line drives to all fields. Present barrel awareness. Took defensive reps behind the plate, recorded a top velo of 75 MPH on his throws to bases. Makes his transfer away from his body at midsection height. Stays low and athletic through his throws. Short, compact arm action. Recorded pop times ranging from 1.97-2.16. 
2017 Future Games (August 2-5, 2017)
Whooley has an athletic build at 5-foot-11 180-pounds. Ran the 60 yard dash in 7.45-seconds, exit velocity topped at 83 MPH. Offensively- starts in a neutral stance and in a crouch with hands just above back shoulder. Short, simple approach, uses a small foot stride to start swing. Hands load back slightly. Finishes balanced with some lift to swing on back leg. Defensively – one of the best catch and throw catchers in the 2019 class. Soft hands, quiet set up behind the plate. Handles plus velocity with ease with strong hands and wrists. Threw a runner out at second base with 1.89-pop time. Explodes out of the crouch and exchange is quick and seamless. 74 MPH to second base – ball is in and out of glove swiftly. Athletic and quick with blocking technique, recovery is fast.

New Jersey State Games (July 26-27, 2017)

Last Chance Open I.D. Showcase (November 5th, 2016)
Whooley has an athletic build at 5-foot-10 175-pounds. Offensively- recorded an exit velocity of 79 mph. Starts in a wide stance with feet slightly opened and in a crouch. Hands are relaxed resting on back shoulder with bat flat. Uses a foot stride to start swing. Hand load is small, hands come up off shoulder to even with shoulder and back elbow sticking outward. Quick hands to the ball give him some power.

Underclass Games (September 18, 2016)

Whooley has an athletic build at 5-foot-10 170-pounds. Stood out as one of the quicker catch-and-throw catchers at the event. Offensively- Has a wide stance with a slight crouch. Uses weight transfer first then a small stride to start swing. Hips and hands work well together. Already has gap to gap power, added strength to frame will increase power potential. Defensively- advanced receiving skills for age. Quiet upper body and head, receives ball with relaxed glove hand. Athleticism shows in blocking ability. Is able to move laterally very well. Very quick catch-to-throw transfer. 

PBR Future Games (August 4-6, 2016)
Whooley a lean 5-foot-10 170-pound catcher with an athletic frame. Ran a 7.6 60, but has been as low as a 7.1 in the past. Offensively- starts slightly opened, uses a short stride to start swing. Quiet under controlled approach to the baseball. Gets power from quick hips and hands. Line drive hitter with gap to gap potential as he continues to get stronger. Exit velo 84. Defensively- advanced receiving and blocking skills. Quiet hands that get pitchers strikes. Moves well laterally with blocking. Skills portion pop times were topped at 2.08. However, Whooley threw out a runner in game play from his knees that was a 1.97. 74 mph to 2B in the skills portion of the event.

Futures Preview (6/4/16)
Whooley is a 5-foot-10 170-pound 2019 catcher with broad shoulders and a solid, athletic frame, ran the 60 in 7.16 seconds, an exceptional time for a catcher. Offensively- starts with his stance slightly opened and uses a big stride with a fluid hand load. Took one of the better batting practices of the day, with line drives deep into both gaps and down the left field line. Whooley viciously torques his hips for power, and his hands are controlled to start, but explosive toward the baseball, Exit Velocity: 78. Defensively- Whooley showcased superb receiving skills and a quiet body. Pop Times were consistently at 2.00-flat, at a Velocity of 73 to second base. Quick exchange and sound footwork with momentum carrying toward the second base. 

9/20/15 --
Whooley, only a 2019 graduate, already has broad shoulders and a great frame. He is a switch hitter and has quick hands from both sides. From the right side, he occasionally gets wide with his hands which increases the length of his swing but that is an adjustment which he should be able to make as he has solid athleticism (already a 7.38 60-yard dash). His stance is more narrow from the left side and doesn't control the barrel quite as well. He already possesses some arm strength and it projects out to be above average when all is said and done. He was on the bag, posting a 2.09 best time. His feet work quickly and he stays largely directional throughout. There is a lot to like about the young prospect. He will be one to follow closely.

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