Aaron Holbrook
Aaron Holbrook
Aaron Holbrook
Aaron Holbrook
Aaron Holbrook
Aaron Holbrook
Aaron Holbrook
Aaron Holbrook




New Richmond (HS) • OH
6-2 • 185LBS • L/R
Travel Team: Ohio Elite
2021 National

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2021 State

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Scouting Notes:Good feel for his movements/delivery in general. 3/4 righty with a quick arm. Fastball comes out well and he offers two more than playable secondary offerings. Breaking ball shows slurvish action with changeup displaying quality ride/dive.
Fastball:77-78 mph.
Fastball Spin Rate:1660-2015
Breaking Ball:70-71 mph.
Breaking Ball Spin Rate:1977-2061
Changeup: 68-69 mph.


Body Type: 6-foot-1, 160-pound frame.

Mechanical/Delivery Notes: A tight arm action that is slightly late getting up on time. A dynamic lower half that is efficient.

Fastball: 75-77mph. Late arm side movement. Thrown in the zone consistently with high intent. 1,700-1,900 rpm spin rate with low 90% efficiency on Rapsodo.

Curveball: 65-66mph. 11/5 movement with late and sharp break. Thrown in the zone consistently.

Changeup: 66-67mph. Late arm side drop that pairs well with fastball. Least utilized pitch but induced swing and misses.

Pitchability: In the zone consistently.

Additional Comments: Explosive frame that should see velocity increase with added to mass.


Body Type:  6-foot-1, 160-pound athletic frame.

Swing Mechanics:  Small leg kick that keeps his hands loose and loaded.

Hit:  Level bat path with middle of the field approach.  Stays inside the baseball well, and produces backspin to the gaps.
Power: 75.3 mph off the bat in BP. Line drive pop.
Offensive Projection: Tables setter. Has some feel for contact. Sprayed line drives to pull side.
Field: Above average athleticism for the first base position. Ball skills play at the position. Solid defender.
Throw: Clean arm with more strength to come.
Defensive Projection: 1B. 


Body Type: 6-foot-1, 160-pound physical frame.
Swing Mechanics:  Small leg kick with a bat tip.  His hands remain loose and loaded through contact.
Hit: Works inside the baseball well with natural ball flight to the middle part of the field. Definitely has natural tools to work with/strength and bat speed are apparent through the zone.
Power:  Line drive guy right now.
Offensive Projection:  TBD.
Field: First baseman who moves well off the bag. Above average athlete for the spot with ball skills that play at the position.
Throw: Clean arm with more than enough strength for the spot.
Defensive Projection:  1B.


Body Type: 6-foot-1, 160-pound physical frame.
Mechanical/Delivery Notes: Average tempo delivery from the right side. Regular effort guy that throws from a ¾ slot. Fluent motions with a repeatable delivery. Arm works quick and well.
Fastball: 75-77 mph. Comes in downhill with arm side movement. Likes to primarily work away but not afraid to go inside. 1700-1900 spin rate guy with high 90’s efficiency.
Curveball: 67-70 mph. 10-4 shape with good break and average depth.
Pitchability: Consistently around the zone with both offerings. High percentage strike thrower.


Body Type: 6-foot-1, 160-pound athletic frame.

Mechanical/Delivery Notes: Quick and smooth arm action. Weight shifts towards third base during load. Still more left in lower half.

Fastball: 75-76mph. Arm side movement. Ability to locate in the zone consistently.

Curveball: 64-67mph. 11/5 movement. More depth than action. Located in the zone some of the time.  

Pitchability: In the zone most of the time.

Additional Comments: Velocity will increase as frame fills out.

Body type: 6-foot-1, 160-pound thin and athletic frame.

Swing mechanics:  Simple smooth load into back leg.  Bat tip that creates above average bat speed.

Hit:  Level bat path that works inside baseball and allows him to work to all fields.

Power:  Flashed pop during his BP.  More pop as he develops physically.

Offensive Projection:  Middle of the lineup guy.

Field: First baseman that looks comfortable and athletic over there. Poicks it well and has ball skills for the spot.
Arm profiles at the position.
Defensive Projection:


Body Type: 6-foot-1, 160-pound thin frame
Mechanical/Delivery Notes:
Slow but smooth delivery with a tight arm action.
74-76 mph. Slight arm side movement.
67-69 mph with 11/5 movement.
Throws both pitches in the zone consistently.
Additional Comments:
With an increase in strength and speed velocity will increase.


Body Type: 6-foot-1, 160-pound thin frame
Swing Mechanics:
Quick, compact, level bat path.
Hands stay inside, direct to ball. No loop in the swing.
Lacks strength to drive the ball. 68 mph exit velocity.
Offensive Projection:
Multiple roles.
5.06 H to 1st.
Sound glove, lacks fluidity and footwork.
75 mph across the diamond.
Defensive Projection:
Likely to remain at first base. Will need to improve footwork around the bag.
Additional Comments:
Solid defensive player. Will need to improve offensively moving forward.


Body Type:  6-foot-1, 160-pound frame. Skinny, lanky type.
Mechanical/Delivery Notes:  Slightly offset on the rubber in the windup. Regular tempo. Uses leg kick with slight inward turn. Tendency to land closed on foot strike. Cuts off front side. Throws from 3/4 to high 3/4 slot with short arm action.
Fastball:  Mostly straight at 70-73 mph. Not consistently in the zone.
Curveball:  Sat at 60-62 mph. Showed spin, but not two-plane action.
Changeup:  Similar to fastball. Mostly straight at 64-65 mph. Still developing consistent feel and command.
Slider: Similar shape and spin as his curveball with higher velo at 68 mph.
Summary: Needs to work towards repeatability in his delivery and overall consistency with his pitches. At present, both breaking balls showed spin, but not effective break to be quality secondary offerings. 

Swing Mechanics: Uses a mini leg kick to initiate his load with a slight cast of his barrel and a somewhat uphill bat path.
Hit: Good bat to ball ability.
Power: 77 mph exit velocity. 
Offensive Projection: Shows a fairly good swing. Swing is conducive to hitting balls in the air so he would want add strength to get more raw power to help his swing be more effective. At 3B he waits on the ball and shows decent hands.
Field: At 1B he shows average footwork and feel around the bag.
Throw: 71 mph across the diamond.
Run: 5.11 home to first.
Defensive Projection: Checks the boxes defensively for the most part at 1B. Arm strength would make him a better fit at 1B than at 3B.

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