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Geneva College
Springfield Local (HS) • OH
6' 0" • 146LBS
R/R • 22yr 11mo
Travel Team: Ohio Glaciers


2019 National

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Middle infielder that attacks the baseball off the bat on plays in funnel. Feet are more athletic/fluid on the move. Solid defender with soft hands and easy transfer. A right-handed hitter at the plate that starts in a balanced stance. Simple load that leads to a balanced launch. Compact stroke with a nice path. Tables setter bat that can spray it to both sides. Sneaky pop for frame especially to pull side. Two-way prospect. On the mound the right-hander has an uptempo, athletic delivery that requires some effort. Arm moves through a near over the top slot with noticeable quickness to it. Fastball works downhill at 77-81 mph. Spins a tight, sharp breaking ball at 72-73 mph. Throws it firm with good spin giving it depth on an 11/5 plane.
Infield Velocity: 80
Exit Velocity: 80
H-1st: 4.75


6-foot, 146-pound right handed pitching prospect who brings an athletic presence to the mound. Good tempo to a delivery that is able to be repeated consistently. Aggressive off of his backside with almost a small jump down the mound. Long, loose arm works through a high ¾ slot. Shows pitchability with a sense of knowing what he does well and how to attack hitters. Fastball stays true through the zone at 76-79 mph. Complemented by a breaking ball with 11/5 bite and good depth at 69-71 mph. Two-way prospect. At the plate he shows a slight back load with hands during short stride for timing. Balanced swinger with a level path. Offers a comparable combination of strength and speed through the zone. Contact type bat with sneaky pop at times. In the infield he showed above average hands with smooth feet. Solid defender with an accurate arm across the diamond.
60-yard dash: 7.52
Infield Velocity: 72
Exit Velocity: 84


A right-handed hitter that starts in a balanced setup. Shows a slight back load with hands during his toe turn with lower half. Nice, level path with some loft. Quick hands with strength at contact. Line drive type guy with gap abilities. In the infield he showed fluid actions with smooth feet. Ball skills are on par for class and transfer is quick. Solid defender with a second baseman skill set.
Home to 1st: 4.43
Infield Velocity: 78
Exit Velocity: 77

A 5-foot-10, 138-pound prospect. Swings it from the right-side of the plate, starting in a balanced setup. Mechanically simple, slight back load during knee pich. Stride is short and controlled. Path is downhill with average to slightly above average bat speed. Contact type guy who made consistent hard contact on the ground or with line drives. Behind the plate, he starts in a low athletic crouch. Hips are flexible and footwork is mechanically sound. Exchange are average at this stage, and his biggest opportunity for improvement. Arm action works for the position and he threw with accuracy. In the infield he uses fluid, athletic footwork. Plays from heels when working inside funnel. Does a nice job staying low through the baseball on the move. Ball skills are average at this stage. Has more than enough arm for the second base position.
Home to First: 4.59
Pop Time: 2.17-2.27
Catcher Velocity: 71
Inf Velo: 75
Exit Velo: 78

5-foot-9, 125-pound prospect. Ran a 4.69  from home to first.Behind the plate he does a nice job of gaining ground and creating direction with his footwork on his throws to second base. Transfer skills are there and arm strength is well above average for his age. Pop times ranged from 2.17-2.33 and he threw to second base with 72 mph arm strength.  A righty that uses a toe turn to load his lower half while taking his hands to launch. Takes a flat path to the ball with impressive whip through the zone. Barrel direction and flat path create a large margin for error in timing. Found the barrel often and consistently produced line drives to both gaps. Top exit velocity was 72 mph.

5-foot-9, 125-pound prospect. At the plate he uses a simple approach to create a compact swing and consistently find the barrel. His knee pinch load gets adequate use out of his lower half hands stay simple before taking a downhill path to the ball. Contact type hitter. Reached a top exit velocity of 75 mph. Behind the plate he has efficient footwork with some quickness to his transfer. Pop times ranged from 2.25-2.31, and he threw with 65 mph arm strength. Ran a 7.7 60-yard dash.

A very young prospect with a 5-foot-7, 100-pound thing build. He is fluid and solid mechanically from the right side at the plate. Does a good job of gathering and transferring his weight through a leg kick load. Keeps his hands simple and gets the bat through the zone on a level path. Found the barrel consistently in batting practice and had an exit velocity of 65 mph. Behind the plate his transfer showed some quickness as he got in line to second base. His pop times ranged from 2.35-2.51, and he threw with 66 mph arm strength. Ran a 4.72 from home to first.

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