Blaine Lidsky
Blaine Lidsky
Blaine Lidsky
Blaine Lidsky
Blaine Lidsky
Blaine Lidsky
Blaine Lidsky
Blaine Lidsky




Stonehill College
South Kingstown (HS) • RI
6-1 • 200LBS • R/R
Travel Team: Rhode Island Prospects


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6-foot-1, 200-pound, strong athletic frame, shoulders and back are wide, well proportioned, strength throughout. A right-handed hitting catcher and third baseman. At the plate, swing is strong, shows to have above average power to the pull side, had a tee exit velocity of 91 mph, had solid contact in batting practice and game play. The hand are loose and work with easy effort, barrel stays in the zone a long time, swing is flat. Runs a tick above average at 4.37 down the line. Defensively, had a pop time of 1.95-2.0 and the arm was clocked at 76 mph, throws from a higher slot, throws are downhill on or close to the bag. At third base, moves well to both sides especially to the glove side starting the double play. The hands are soft out front, catch is clean and feet move throughout. The arm was clocked at 81 mph, with plenty of carry. Big follow, can play either spot and has a chance to hit at a high level.

Home-First: 4.37

Exit Velocity: 91 MPH

Arm Velocity: C-76 MPH, 3B-81 mph

6-foot-1, 200-pound, strong, thick, durable frame. He has good feet and the arm works out of a high ¾ slot. The pop time was clocked at 2.00-2.06 seconds while the arm velocity was clocked at 74 MPH from behind the plate. Throws were on the bag, showed easy effort. At third made all routine plays look easy, good flow,  with carry to arm clocked at 79 mph. The footwork is quick and he gains ground well. He runs well for a kid his size, ran the sixty-yard dash in 7.43 seconds. At the plate, he is a right-handed hitter with good hands. The stance is wide and slightly open, and the hands stay low. The swing is level and has a gap to gap approach. He uses a short stride for timing and the swing is very quick to the ball. He has some serious power, the tee exit velocity was clocked at 91 MPH. Showed above power average to the pull side, has enough juice to beat the outfielders, looks to be a doubles machine. Great follow, is offensive and will be able to play all over the field,  both corners in the infield and could probably help in left at some point.

Sixty-Yard Dash: 7.43

Exit Velocity: 91 MPH

Arm Velocity: 74 MPH


6-foot, 190-pound right-handed hitting catcher and corner infielder. Continues to develop well, swinging the bat extremely well at the event.   Threw 77 mph down to second base during the catcher’s workout. The pop time is 1.99 as he continues to improve his footwork and shortening the release. The receiving is trending the right way as his glove continues to get softer and the blocking is improving. Also showed a solid glove at third base, the prep steps need to be added in. Threw 74 mph across the diamond from  third base. Ran a 4.47 down the line on his dig to first base. The bat has a tee exit velocity of 90 mph. The path is long and flat to the ball. Hits out of a wide base, and uses no stride. The hands work and he showed top spin on his line drives during batting practice. Had two hits in game play. Solid prospect that continues to work to improve.

Tee Exit Velocity- 90 mph

Catching Velocity/Pop Time- 77 mph/1.99

INF Velocity- 74 mph

6-foot, 185-pound right-handed hitting catcher and third baseman. Threw 76 mph from behind the dish with long arm action. The feet work but the arm needs to be shortened down on the backside to improve his chances of staying back there. Pop time of 2.0. The receiving is getting better, as he secures the catch and blocks appropriately. At third, showed a solid glove, throwing 80 mph across the diamond with accuracy. Ran a 4.47 down the line on his dig to first base. Tee exit velocity of 86 mph. Sets up with a wide base and has an idea of trying to stay inside the ball at contact. There is length to the swing but he gets the barrel there and the hands work well at the dish.
Tee Exit Velocity-86 mph
Catching Velocity-76 mph
Pop Time- 2.0
INF Velocity-80 mph


6-foot-185-pound, strong, thick, athletic frame. A well proportioned athlete, the hands and wrists have above average strength to them. One of the better players around, is a right-handed hitting catcher, with ability to play third base as well. The stance is balanced throughout, feet are wider than shoulder width, slightly open, the hands are loose set right at shoulder height. For timing uses a minimal stride, more of a buckle with front knee. The swing path is level through the zone, finishes at shoulder height with two hands. The swing is short, direct to the baseball, approach is gap to gap, with one line drive after another. The tee exit velocity was clocked at 89 mph, ball jumps off the bat. The sixty-yard dash was clocked at 7.15, runs well for a catcher. Behind the plate, setup is balanced, feet slightly wider, the hands and feet work well together, the transfer is quick and in line. The arm works out of a higher slot, it's clean, with good strength from the chute, clocked at 75 mph. The pop times were 1.96-2.16. The hands are strong when receiving, receives the low pitch well. At third base, prep steps are good, gets around the baseball with momentum moving towards his target. The arm action is short and clean, clocked at 74 mph, plenty of strength with touch across the diamond. Projects for me as more of a catcher, receiving interests from division one schools from the northeast.

Sixty-yard dash: 7.15

Exit Velocity: 89 mph

Arm Velocity: C-75 mph, INF-74 mph


6-foot, 175-pound, solid athletic frame, hands and wrists have strength to them. The shoulders are square and wide, has room to fill out. One of the better hitters at this workout. This right-hander, hits from a slightly open stance, gets back to even on contact. The hands are loose and set just at shoulder height with bat flat. The hands and weight get back and stay back, the path is level across his chest. The lower half is under control, uses a minimal stride, turns foot in and replaces it. The tee exit velocity is advanced at 90 mph and ran well at 4.5, athletic. In game performance collected a hit and made solid contact. Defensively, has very strong hands when receiving, transfer is good across his face, the throwing action is short. The pop time was 1.97-2.12, has strength in his arm, clocked at 74 mph from chute. Also plays the corners in infield, was invited to the 2016 Future Games, big time follow for me.


At 6-foot, 175-pounds the frame is wide, strong and has room to fill out, in two years will be extremely physical. At the plate hits from the right side, stance is wide and slightly open, turns front foot and knee in for trigger. The bat has some lift to it, tee exit velocity 84, needs to finish his swing more cuts it off. Ran 4.65 down the line. Behind the dish, feet are wide in set up, footwork is good, right foot replaces left foot. The front side glove needs to get stronger and keep it up, loses strength, causes direction to be inconsistent. Times to second were 2.18, arm strength was 72. Blaine has some tools to work with, natural strength, pop and has some fast twitch in him, needs coaching and reps, follow for me.

Good looking young player, showed good athleticism and feel for hitting, and catching. Threw 73 from behind the dish, showed a workable glove and the makings of a good transfer. Pop time was 2.09, as the feet and transfer are still developing. Handled the pitches and blocked in the game. Ran a 4.54 down the line. At the plate, shows good strength in the swing. Tee exit velocity of 86. Hits out of a wide base and even hands. The hands work well, need better direction to the ball as the path is long and flat. Pulls the top half of his body to left prior to contact, losing bat and coverage of the outer half. Good looking young catching prospect who can swing the bat. 

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