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Colby College
Scarborough (HS) • ME
6' 0" • 185LBS
L/L • 22yr 3mo
Travel Team: Maine Lightning 17U Showcase
2020 National

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2020 State

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Winter Pitcher Analysis 3.5.19
Mar 5, 2019
Max FB
80 - 82
66 - 67
71 - 72

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6-foot, 185-pound left-handed pitcher who threw the ball well again. He throws the ball well each time we see him, still waiting on the spike in velocity. The fastball touched 82 mph, minimal arm side action but has command of the ball. The spin pitch is a breaking ball, sat a 66-67 mph with a good shape to it. Would like to see him shorten it up and add velocity to the pitch. The changeup is a good pitch for him, sits at 71-72 mph. The delivery is online with the feet and above 3/4 in action. The lift is repeated, simple and athletic. The arm works free and clean. I like the stuff and the potential, best days are in front of him,.


6-foot-1, 185-pound left-handed pitcher. The progression of his stuff on the mound is trending upward. The delivery is online with the feet, above 3/4 in slot. The lift is repeated, small amount of glove pull to the delivery. The lift is good in tempo and repeated throughout. The fastball touched 82 mph, late action to the pitch. The spin pitch is correct in shape and at times, very good. Sat at 69 mph. The changeup is a good pitch for him, should be a plus pitch as he matures, sits at 74-76 mph. The arm works well and the bottom half is durable. I think he will be a D1 arm in a matter of time.


6-foot,180-pound left-handed hitting outfielder and pitcher. On the mound, the fastball touched 81 mph, arm side action to the pitch. The spin pitch touched 68 mph, still big in shape but getting better, needs more fastball hand speed to the pitch. The changeup is a solid pitch for him and could be an out pitch for him at the next level, 67-69 mph with fade. The delivery is easy in tempo, plus ¾ arm. The delivery is online with his feet, does a nice job in posting the glove as he makes his way into foot strike. Tracks the front shoulder appropriately and has a feel for pitching. Positionally, threw 80 mph from the outfield. The approach is athletic and done appropriately. Is a corner outfield at the next level, ran a 4.75 on his dig to first so the foot speed will have to improve as he matures. The bat is solid, tee exit velocity of 88 mph, it continues to get better each time we see him. The set up is wide in base, steps into the pitch as he begins the swing. The path is long and flat through the ball, showing the potential for power.

Tee Exit Velocity- 88 mph
OF Velocity- 80 mph


5-foot-10, 180-pound left-handed hitting outfielder and pitcher. The defense is solid in the outfield as he approaches the ball athletically. Threw 78 mph from the outfield with carry and accuracy. The bat has strength and whip in it, tee exit velocity of 87 mph. Sets up with his feet even, and uses a pick up and put down of the front foot as the ball approaches. The path is flat and strong through contact. Good life in hands. On the mound, he is a good prospect for me, fee for all 3 pitches. The fastball touched 79 mph and has good arm side run to it. The spin pitch is 66 mph and has a very good shape to it. The changeup has a chance to be a plus pitch for him, sits at 67 mph. Ran a 7.3 sixty. Good looking player to follow

Tee Exit Velocity- 87 mph
OF Velocity- 78 mph


5-foot-10, 180-pound left-handed pitcher and outfielder, did a very nice job at the event. The feel on the mound is advanced, has a chance to be a good one down the road. Defensively, threw 74 mph from the outfield. Showed an athletic approach to the position and plenty of athleticsm to play out there. Ran a 7.5 sixty at the event. The bat has a tee exit velocity of 80 mph. The set up is wide in its base, uses a knee to knee timing mechanism on the bottom half. The path is long to the ball, flat through the zone. Coverage of the plate is good when he stays on the ball. On the mound, where I think his future lies, the fastball touched 77 mph, minimal arm side run out of a plus ¾ slot. The spin pitch has a great shape to it, sat at 65-66 with plus depth. The changeup is an excellent pitch for him, fade and sink, sat at 67-69 mph. The delivery is online with his feet. Uses an athletic lift and go to the plate. The glove is kept inside the body frame appropriately. The arm work clean, small head lean, causing the slot to raise, but that should clean up as he matures. All 3 spins are very advanced for his age, physicality needs to catch up now. Solid prospect on the mound.  

Tee Exit Velocity- 80 mph
OF Velocity - 74 mph


5-foot-10, 180-pound left-handed hitting outfielder, first baseman and pitcher. Very versatile athlete with a tremendous upside. In the outfield, threw 77 mph witch carry and accuracy. The approach is appropriate to the ball. The glove and footwork at first base is solid, he can handle the position as well.  Threw 70 mph across the diamond. The bat has a tee exit velocity of 82 mph. The swing is clean and the path is continuing to improve. Sets up with his feet wide, pick up and put down of the front foot as the ball approaches. Slight dip in the back shoulder as he initiates the swing. The hands work well and he barreled up the ball vs live pitching. 
The bottom half is under control throughout the swing. On the mound, showed very well. The delivery is online and athletic. The arm works very well out of a plus 3/4 slot. The direction of his front side and feet are done appropriately. Projects very well on the mound for me. The fastball touched 77 mph with arm side run and a good downhill plane to it. The breaking ball has the correct shape to it, sitting at 63 mph. The changeup has the makings of being an excellent pitch for him, sits at 64 mph.

Tee Exit Velocity- 82 mph
INF Velocity- 70 mph
OF Velocity- 77 mph

5-foot-10, 160-pound, average athletic frame. The upper torso is long, shoulders are squared off, has plenty of room to fill out, strength is a must. A left-handed hitter, feet are even, slightly wider than shoulder width. The hands start at shoulder height, with the bat in a flat position. The swing is loose, flat through the zone, with the approach being more to pull side. The tee exit velocity was clocked at 82 mph, with a ton more in there. The swing creates some lift and loft to it, has good potential to hit for power down the road. Defensively, showed good flow on routes and angles to the baseball. The arm was clocked at 72 mph, arm action was longer on the backside, with the ball coming out of a higher slot. Off the mound, this left-hander has a smooth delivery, hands start low work up with leg raise. The separation is on time, stride leg is inline and has length to it, gets extension on release. The arm action is longer on the backside, works out of a higher slot, fastball was clocked at 73-75 mph, the breaking ball was clocked at 62-64 mph, showed proper spin and shape to it. The changeup has good arm side action to it.
Sixty- Yard:7.54
Exit Velocity: 82 mph
Arm Action: 72 mph

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