Prep Baseball Report

Preseason Underclass Preview 2017, 2018, 2019 Grads (Invite Only) 2.22.15

Name State School Class Pos Commitment
Caleb Aaron IN Eastern (Greentown) 2015 LHP Owens CC
Marko Adams IN Park Tudor 2013 C
Evan Aders IN Jasper 2017 OF Evansville
Chase Allen IN Vincennes Rivet 2014 2B Olney Central JC
Zyon Avery IN Ben Davis 2018 1B Parkland College
Roman Baisa IN North Central 2014 OF Ball State
Cole Barr IN Yorktown 2017 3B Indiana
Cole Bartlett IN Hagerstown 2013 RHP Missouri
Logan Beaman IN Cardinal Ritter 2014 1B
Riley Bertram IN Zionsville 2018 2B Michigan
Caleb Brenczewski IN Fishers 2017 3B Lipscomb
Michael Brewer IN Snider 2018 RHP Eastern Kentucky
Nick Brier IN Zionsville 2018 RHP
Mark Brown IN Lawrence North 2013 OF
Brenden Bube IN Lanesville 2017 RHP Taylor University
Tyler Burthay IN Western 2017 C Parkland College
Caleb Burton IN Columbus East 2018 C
Kyle Callahan IN Zionsville 2018 OF DePauw University
Ryan Cates IN Yorktown 2013 SS
Jacob Christie IN Batesville 2017 C
Adisyn Coffey IN Delta 2017 SS Wabash Valley JC
Dalton Combs IN Adams Central 2013 OF Huntington University (IN)
Keaton Conner IN Plainfield 2014 OF Danville Area CC
Adam Cornwell IN Bloomington North 2013 OF Indianapolis
Nick Coudret IN Castle High School 2013 C Parkland College
Sam Coudret IN Castle 2013 RHP
Corbin Cox IN Pendleton Heights 2017 OF Heartland CC
Nathaniel Coy IN Center Grove 2015 C
Nicholas Coy IN Center Grove 2017 C
Benjamin Crawford IN Calvary Christian School 2014 Pitcher
Isaiah Davis IN Ben Davis 2017 SS Vincennes JC
Nick DeFreese IN Concord 2014 SS
Tristan DeHaven IN Pendleton Heights 2014 SS
Brayden Deweese IN Western 2017 1B Indiana University Kokomo
Colin Donahue IN Carmel 2017 C DePauw University
Jade Doyle IN Center Grove 2015 OF Anderson University (IN)
Jordan Doyle IN William Henry Harrison 2014 LHP Kankakee CC
Ryan Dugan IN Rising Sun 2014 C
Matt Dvorscak IN Whiting 2014 RHP
Wesley Edwards IN Washington 2018 OF
Aaron Ernst IN Carmel 2017 RHP Dayton
Brady Fentress IN South Dearborn 2018 LHP Earlham College
Kyle Fiala IN Carmel 2013 SS Notre Dame
Tyler Finke IN Columbus North 2018 SS Southeastern Louisiana
Tyler Frank IN Lake Central 2017 C
Kyle Freel IN Lake Central 2017 RHP Purdue University-Northwest
Chris Fundich IN Lake Central 2017 1B Danville Area CC
Matt Fundich IN Kahler Middle School 2019 C
Riley Futterknecht IN Elkhart Central 2013 LHP DePauw University
Matthew Gatewood IN South Decatur 2013 LHP Valparaiso
Nick Geisen IN Crown Point 2019 RHP
Jake Gholston IN Boone Grove 2014 OF
Stephen Gilbertsen IN Chesterton 2018 LHP Illinois State
Jacob Gilcrest IN Center Grove 2018 LHP St. Charles CC
Bryce Ginder IN FW Carroll 2019 C Indiana Wesleyan University
Charlie Grahem IN Zionsville 2015 RHP
Kordell Green IN Penn 2014 RHP
Matthew Greenwell IN Lawrence Central 2013 Catcher
Ryan Gulledge IN Evansville North 2014 RHP Southern Indiana
Thomas Hall IN Pendleton Heights 2015 OF Heartland CC
Kevin Hammond IN Franklin Central 2014 RHP Marian University (IN)
JC Hanley IN Carmel 2017 C Stevens Institute of Technology
Pierce Hardacker IN Park Tudor 2014 SS
Josh Hart IN Center Grove 2015 OF
Brad Hartman IN St. Joseph's 2013 SS Vincennes JC
Matt Haskell IN North Central 2013 1B
Connor Hermesch IN South Decatur 2013 RHP
Andrew Herrman IN Lawrence North 2014 3B
Evan Hickman IN New Palenstine 2015 C Marian University (IN)
Garett Hill IN Center Grove 2018 C
Jordan Hochstetler IN Fairfield High School 2013 SS
Conner Hoffman IN Lake Central 2018 1B Purdue University-Northwest
Nick Horvath IN Carmel 2013 RHP DePauw University
Zach Huffins IN West LaFayette 2017 OF Arizona Western JC
Evan Huffman IN Southern Wells 2017 OF Parkland College
Dillon Hughes IN Plainfield 2013 SS
Griffin Hulecki IN Fishers 2014 C Ball State
Aaron Hunt IN Center Grove 2014 OF
Ethan Hunter IN Terre Haute South 2017 SS Southern Indiana
Davie Inman IN West Vigo 2015 SS Indiana State
Chandler Jacks IN Jay County 2016 RHP Wabash College
Alex Jones IN Noblesville 2017 SS
Evan Kahre IN Evansville Central 2017 SS Olney Central JC
Nikolos Kavadas IN Penn 2017 1B Notre Dame
Jack Kellams IN Center Grove 2017 OF
Clay Keltner IN Highland 2015 RHP Cornerstone University
Jake Lautenschlager IN West Vigo 2019 RHP Purdue
Ty Lautenschlager IN West Vigo 2017 1B Louisiana-Monroe
Andrew Lawvere IN Eastbrook 2017 C Purdue University Fort Wayne
Eli Lawyer-Smith IN Center Grove 2018 C
Lucas Leiner IN Hamilton Southeastern 2015 1B
Conner Lengerich IN Adams Central 2014 SS
Josh Lindeman IN Crown Point 2019 SS Purdue University-Northwest
Max Linton IN Roncalli 2018 RHP
John Lux IN Shelbyville 2017 C
Drew Madden IN Lawrence North 2014 2B
Caleb Maddox IN Daleville 2014 3B
Corbin Maddox IN Daleville 2017 OF Anderson University (IN)
Allbry Major IN North Central 2017 OF Xavier
Blake Malatestinic IN Cardinal Ritter 2017 RHP Eastern Illinois
Grant Malott IN New Castle 2014 OF Western Kentucky
Joey Martoccio IN Griffith 2017 SS Wabash College
Drew Mathies IN Shelbyville 2017 SS Indiana University-South Bend
Dallas Matlock IN Southport 2018 LHP Saint Francis (IN)
Michael McAvene IN Roncalli 2016 RHP Louisville
Jake McCarty IN Cathedral 2014 SS
Glen McClain IN Fremont 2013 C Xavier
Nicholas McCormick IN Speedway 2014 SS Lincoln Trail JC
Zach McKinstry IN Fort Wayne North Side 2014 SS Central Michigan
Nolan Metcalf IN Penn 2017 C Kansas
Caleb Milner IN Martinsville 2014 SS Olney Central JC
Wendell Mosteller IN Avon 2017 LHP
Aaron Murray IN Greenwood 2013 RHP Vincennes JC
Daylan Nanny IN Plainfield 2017 1B Arizona Western JC
Noah Navarro IN Avon 2017 SS Ball State
Evan Nixon IN Carmel 2014 3B
Brayton Nyland IN Avon 2015 SS
Alec Olund IN Lake Central 2014 OF Purdue
Nicholas Owen IN Center Grove 2013 LHP Wabash Valley JC
Alex Panaro IN Lawrenceburg 2013 SS
Dalton Peerman IN Evansville Central 2017 SS
Bryce Pennington IN Speedway 2013 SS Parkland College
Jake Petrusky IN Columbus North 2018 RHP
Eric Petruzzi IN Brebeuf Jesuit 2014 OF Regis University
Colin Phelps IN Shelbyville 2015 OF
Drew Phillips IN Yorktown 2013 RHP
Travis Pickard IN Goshen 2013 C
Gregory Pietsch IN North Montgomery 2017 C
Andrew Pluckebaum IN Bishop Chatard 2013 SS St. Joseph's University - Brooklyn
Mitchell Powers IN Castle 2013 RHP
Jay Prior IN Center Grove 2014 RHP Lincoln Trail JC
Kahi'au Quartero IN Avon 2017 C Marian University (IN)
Bryce Randolph IN Noblesville 2018 OF
Gabe Reel IN Hamilton Heights 2018 C Marietta College
Sam Reel IN Hamilton Heights 2014 OF
Zach Reinig IN Snider High School 2013 LHP
Kevin Rex IN Park Tudor 2013 LHP Harvard
Trevor Reynolds IN Greensburg 2017 LHP Indiana University-South Bend
Nathaniel Rhodes IN Fishers 2014 RHP Marshall
Brevan Rivers IN Wapahani 2019 RHP Thomas More College
Lawon Rollins IN Evansville Harrison 2014 OF Indianapolis
Mitch Roman IN Hamilton Southeastern 2013 2B Sinclair CC
Michael Ryan IN North Central 2017 OF
Joshua Sampoll IN Lawrence North 2015 LHP Lake Land JC
Garret Schlotter IN Fishers 2013 2B
Tyler Schneider IN South Spencer 2015 SS
Alex Schoettmer IN Jac-Cen-Del 2014 LHP
Austin Schultz IN Greensburg 2013 C
Garrett Scott IN Fairfield 2013 RHP
Jeff Scott IN Clinton Central 2014 C Coastal Carolina
Harry Shipley IN Cathedral 2014 SS Purdue
Greg Simpson IN Plainfield 2013 SS
Austin Slover IN Terre Haute South 2014 3B
Hunter Smith IN Plainfield 2014 C Indiana Institute of Technology
Andrew Sparks IN Plainfield 2014 RHP
Collin Stanifer IN Penn 2018 1B
Caleb Stayton IN Elkhart Christian Academy 2013 C Ball State
Trenton Stoner IN South Bend Clay 2017 3B Purdue University Fort Wayne
Quentin Stuart IN Muncie Burris 2013 C
Zac Styka IL Mount Carmel 2018 C Washington University (MO)
Andrew Taylor IN Franklin Central 2013 SS Butler
Jack Thompson IN Carmel 2013 OF DePauw University
Marcus Thorne IN Washington 2018 C
Roy Thurman IN North Central 2017 OF North Iowa Area CC
Riley Tirotta IN Mishawaka Marian 2017 3B Dayton
Conner Tomasic IN Lake Central 2018 SS Purdue
Anthony Travelsted IN Brownsburg 2015 OF Olney Central JC
Jacob Troxell IN Lapel 2013 C Franklin College
Tanner Tully IN Elkhart Central 2013 LHP Ohio State
Nathan VanDeventer IN Columbus North 2017 RHP
Trevor Waite IN Penn 2017 OF Dayton
Tommy Waites IN Cardinal Ritter 2015 OF
Evan Warden IN Western 2014 SS Purdue
Dakota Ware IN Seeger Memorial 2013 3B Kankakee CC
Nolan Watson IN Lawrence North 2015 RHP Vanderbilt
Demetrius Webb IN North Central 2013 C Indiana
Logan Weins IN Frankton 2014 1B Western Kentucky
Garrett Welch IN New Castle 2017 OF Southern Indiana
Zach Wells IN Center Grove 2017 1B
Ben Wewe IN Franklin County 2013 2B
Brian Wichman IN Columbus East 2013 LHP Murray State
Christian Wichman IN Columbus East 2014 C
Jacob Wilkerson IN Center Grove 2014 3B
Anthony Williams IN North Central 2015 2B
Devin Williams IN Evansville North 2013 RHP
Chandler Wilson IN Pendleton Heights 2014 OF
Rhett Wintner IN Carmel 2017 3B Ball State
Matthew Wolff IN Fishers 2018 3B Navy
Michael Wyman IN Center Grove 2018 1B Saint Leo University
Brandon Yoho IN Fishers 2015 SS Purdue University Fort Wayne
Jordan Young IN McCutcheon 2014 RHP Vincennes JC
Robert Young IN North Central 2015 OF
Jacob Zeller IN North Central 2013 OF Wheaton College (IL)