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Prep Baseball Nebraska Summer Review

The Prep Baseball Nebraska Summer Review event is a great springboard onto the recruiting map. Whether you are unsigned going into your senior year or an Underclass player trying to gain exposure; the Prep Baseball Nebraska Summer Review event has everything a high school player with the goal of playing baseball in college needs. Put yourself in front of the Prep Baseball Nebraska staff and see what it can do for you. This event is designed to allow players to showcase their ability; allowing colleges to identify prospective student-athletes earlier in the recruiting process or find players needed immediately for the following year. Players will also be evaluated and considered for updated player rankings along with being considered for future Invite-Only events. The showcase will be featured on the Prep Baseball website, which is subscribed to by more than 900 college coaches. Scouting reports, statistics, and videos will be hosted in player profiles. Top players will be identified and ranked from this event.

This event will also be a key identifier for selections to Team IA-NE for the Prep Future Games, Team NE for Super Sophomore Games; along with upcoming Preseason All-State, Nebraska State Games & additional select events.

Sunday, August 11th, 2024

Bellevue West High School
1501 Thurston Ave.
Bellevue, NE

10:00 - 10:15am: Check In For Position Players
10:45am- Event Start
1:00pm- Check In For Pitcher Only
*Times subject to change.

Open To 2024, 2025, 2026 & 2027 Grads

• Stretching 
• Timed Running
• Defensive Evaluations w) radar velocities
• Offensive Evaluations including swing mechanics, exit velocity, and round(s) of batting practice

• Stretching 
• Pitchers’ Bullpens

Players will receive:

  • Numbered PBR Shirt & Hat
  • Edited Video of Performance Hosted in Player Profile (subscription based)
  • Scouting Report
  • Verified Statistics
  • Post-Event Content
  • Unrivaled Access to Your Data
  • Trackman & More





Every prospect's recruiting process starts and ends with the Prep Baseball Profile and our showcases revolve around that player profile. For first time attendees, a new Prep Baseball profile will be created, hosting all of your information, videos, head shot, metrics and more, making it one of your single most important tools in the recruiting process. Repeat showcase performances will continue to update your Prep Baseball profile, creating a history of prospect progress and ensuring the most up-to-date information is easily accessible throughout the fast-paced scouting community. These profiles are also searchable by a range of data points and metrics through our advanced search engine, making it a one stop shop for recruiters and scouts.


All showcase prospects will receive a numbered Prep Baseball jersey & hat sponsored by our partners at Mizuno. The Mizuno Tee is the all around tee shirt for every activity, made from lightweight textured fabric, and used to identify prospects throughout the showcase process.


Prep Baseball stats are the industry standard in the scouting community, carrying the highest credibility in actionable data. Prep Baseball profiles are the most reliable resources for prospect information due to this reason alone. Stats are collected using only the highest of standard equipment including Brower laser timers, Trackman and Stalker radars. All stats are hosted in player profiles accompanied by recently launched Performance Tiers that show where a prospect ranks among his peers.


All prospect performances will be professionally video taped, edited and uploaded into their Prep Baseball Profile. Videos will consist of multiple angles and record all aspects of the showcase including 60’s, live batting practice, and defensive performances. Videos are hosted in Prep Baseball Profiles and used for video spotlights, content, social media and more. Videos are accessible to all Prep Baseball Plus subscribers.


Prep Baseball is built at the hands of some of the most tenured and respected scouts in the industry. We pride ourselves on our level of prospect knowledge, most of which is gained through Prep Baseball events. Showcases are designed and engineered by state Scouting Directors with the goal of collecting as much information about a prospect as possible and relaying our findings to the public through data collection and scouting reports. 


One of the many results of a Prep Baseball showcase is getting all the information collected to the public in a timely and digestible manner. Every showcase will be featured on the Prep Baseball website and social channels through various forms of post-event content, leaderboards, video spotlights and more. 


In an effort to elevate the post-event experience for players who attend a Prep Baseball Showcase, the Account Dashboard is now your one stop shop to view all of your post-event deliverables, including your Video, TrackMan, Blast Data and more.


Following a Prep Baseball event, players will receive unrivaled access to their advanced ball-tracking and swing metrics through the TrackMan and Blast Connect apps. Furthermore, key metrics will live inside your Prep Baseball profile to help players in their recruitment process.  


TrackMan is the global leader in ball-tracking accuracy. Following a Prep Baseball event, all players will get unrivaled access to their performance data in the Trackman interactive app. Players can create custom dashboards that unlock both hitting and pitching data.

Pitching Features Include:

  • Pitching data access includes: release speed, spin rate, spin axis, release height, extension, horizontal and vertical break, and location on each pitch 

  • See each pitch trajectory in 3D from multiple viewpoints

  • Create defined tags to label and compare pitches

  • Pin pitches together to create tunneling visualizations between different pitch types

  • Visualize each pitch location

Hitting Features Include:

  • Hitting data access includes: Exit speed, distance traveled, launch angle, launch direction, spin rate, contact depth and contact side/height for each swing.

  • Visualize plate coverage

  • Pairing of all data points on each swing

Key ball flight metrics will also live inside player profiles at for the benefit of college coaches and recruiters, which will help prospects advance to the next level. TrackMan’s advanced data metrics will augment what players already receive from a Prep Baseball showcase, which includes an edited video of their performance, personalized scouting reports, verified statistics, run times and positional velocities.


Blast is the global leader in swing analysis and used by nearly every MLB organization. Following a Prep Baseball event, players will receive access to BlastConnect in the Blast App, that unlocks critical insights and actionable data from their performance.

Features Include:

  • Swing Analysis and Blast Motion hitting assessment

  • Professional-level swing analytics to help players improve their hitting performance

  • Free 30-day trial to Blast Premium Services subscription

Key hitting metrics and Blast Motion Scores will also live inside player profiles at for the benefit of college coaches and recruiters, which will help prospects advance to the next level.



Bellevue West High School
1501 Thurston Ave.
Bellevue, NE

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