2024 Fergie League Showcase




2024 Fergie League Showcase - Welland, Ontario

On the weekend of August 24 & 25, we're excited to be at Welland Stadium for the first annual Fergie League Showcase. This event is geared towards All Fergie League Players in the 2025 to 2028 Graduating Classes.

Position players will take part in a showcase on Saturday, while Sunday will be spent playing games under the sun. Players will be divided into teams while getting in-game coverage from our staff. Pitchers will have Trackman metrics and video recorded in-game.

Prep Baseball Canada's goal is to ensure every player has an amazing experience at our events. So whether you're trying to boost your numbers, get noticed by schools, or get some swings and pitches in on Trackman, this event is for you. There's also a chance this is the first time our staff identifies you, so we can watch you play again to provide more opportunity within the Prep Baseball ecosystem.

While this is a great way to get on the map, start building a digital footprint and begin your college recruiting path, it's also a great way to gauge where your talent is relative to your peers.

August 24 & 25

2025-2028 Grads

Welland Stadium
90 Quaker Rd, Welland, ON L3C 7G6

*8:30AM - All Position Player Registration

*9:00AM - Defense & 60s
12:00PM - Batting Practice (Trackman)


 Refund Policy
The Prep Baseball Canada refund policy is that of a transfer nature. Prep Baseball Canada will permit the transfer of your payment to another Prep Baseball event that may be used during the following year of scheduled events. Again, registration fees are of a transfer nature and will not be refunded. If an event is cancelled for any reason, players will be issued a full credit to a future event. 

Scout Day Events - Organizations are notified during event creation that Prep Baseball requires a minimum of 25 players to host a Scout Day. If the minimum is not met, Prep Baseball reserves the right to transfer players into Open ID events or send a full credit to use for a future event. 

Every prospect's recruiting process starts and ends with the Prep Baseball Profile and our showcases revolve around that player profile. For first time attendees, a new Prep Baseball profile will be created, hosting all of your information, videos, head shot, metrics and more, making it one of your single most important tools in the recruiting process. Repeat showcase performances will continue to update your Prep Baseball profile, creating a history of prospect progress and ensuring the most up-to-date information is easily accessible throughout the fast-paced scouting community. These profiles are also searchable by a range of data points and metrics through our advanced search engine, making it a one stop shop for recruiters and scouts.

All events ran by Prep Baseball Canada are also going to include the most active and unrivaled real-time social media in the country.

**ALL participants are NOT guaranteed to have a social media post. ALL social media post are left to the discretion of our staff or scouts.**

All showcase prospects will receive a numbered Prep Baseball jersey.

Prep Baseball stats are the industry standard in the scouting community, carrying the highest credibility in actionable data. Prep Baseball profiles are the most reliable resources for prospect information due to this reason alone. Stats are collected using only the highest of standard equipment including Trackman and Stalker radars. All stats are hosted in player profiles accompanied by recently launched Performance Tiers that show where a prospect ranks among his peers.

All prospect performances will be professionally video taped, edited and uploaded into their Prep Baseball Profile within three to five weeks of the conclusion of an event. Videos will consist of multiple angles and record all aspects of the showcase including 60’s, live batting practice, and defensive performances. Videos are hosted in Prep Baseball Profiles and used for video spotlights, content, social media and more. Videos are accessible to all Prep Baseball+ subscribers.

The Prep Baseball Report is built at the hands of some of the most tenured and respected scouts in the industry. We pride ourselves on our level of prospect knowledge, most of which is gained through Prep Baseball events. Showcases are designed and engineered by state Scouting Directors with the goal of collecting as much information about a prospect as possible and relaying our findings to the public through data collection and scouting reports. 

One of the many results of a Prep Baseball showcase is getting all the information collected to the public in a timely and digestible manner. Every showcase will be featured on the Prep Baseball Report website and social channels through various forms of post-event content, leaderboards, video spotlights and more. 

In an effort to elevate the post-event experience for players who attend a Prep Baseball Showcase, the Account Dashboard is now your one stop shop to view all of your post-event deliverables, including your Video, TrackMan, and more.

Following a Prep Baseball Report event, players will receive unrivaled access to their advanced ball-tracking and swing metrics through the TrackMan metrics. Furthermore, key metrics will live inside your Prep Baseball Report profile to help players in their recruitment process.   

TrackMan is the global leader in ball-tracking accuracy. Following a Prep Baseball Report event, all players will get unrivaled access to their performance data in the Trackman interactive app. Players can create custom dashboards that unlock both hitting and pitching data.

Pitching Features Include

  • Release speed
  • Spin rate, spin axis, release height, extension, horizontal and vertical break, and location on each pitch
  • See each pitch trajectory in 3D from multiple viewpoints
  • Create defined tags to label and compare pitches
  • Pin pitches together to create tunneling visualizations between different pitch types
  • Visualize each pitch location

Hitting Features Include

  • Exit speed, distance traveled, launch angle, launch direction, spin rate, contact depth and contact side/height for each swing
  • Visualize plate coverage
  • Pairing of all data points on each swing

Key ball flight metrics will also live inside player profiles at PrepBaseballReport.com for the benefit of college coaches and recruiters, which will help prospects advance to the next level. TrackMan’s advanced data metrics will augment what players already receive from a Prep Baseball showcase, which includes an edited video of their performance, personalized scouting reports, verified statistics, run times and positional velocities.

My name is George Halim - I'm the Director of Prep Baseball Ontario. If you're unfamiliar with what we do, hopefully this provides some clarity.

We're the platform that populates your player's Prep Baseball profile whenever they choose to update it, and we have the opportunity to invite your kids to some really cool events in Georgia, Vegas, Florida and more. I'll use 2025 Barrie Baycat Ty McGuirk (Ontario) as an example.

Ty attended Barrie Scout Day in 2021 where we first saw him play. He came back to the Future Games Frenzy in June last summer, and received an invite to represent Canada at the Junior Future Games in Georgia that August, the best underclass event in two countries. He was one out away from throwing a no-hitter down there, and he's now recognized as one of the top prospects in Canada in his graduating (Grad) class. Sure, he may have attended an event later on, but we saw him early at Barrie Scout Day, and now we know who he is for the rest of his career. We recognized him early enough to afford him the opportunity to get to Georgia. Type his name into Twitter and it'll make sense.

How did that happen? Players attend our showcase events and their photos, numbers, stats, videos, metrics and reports are uploaded into the player's individual profile. Hundreds of college and professional scouts have access to that profile. From there, the players have the opportunity to be ranked provincially and nationally while also potentially receiving invites to other events across Canada and the U.S. (such as the Future Games) for the rest of their high school career.

With our Prep Baseball staff in attendance, we use social media (Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook) better than anyone to essentially make them famous. I use that terminology deliberately because the more people know who the players are, the larger their digital footprint becomes. The more we see the players (in-season and at events) the better educated we are when creating our rankings system.

Now they have a personal highlight reel online, and a Prep Baseball Profile that houses everything where colleges can click on to get the full picture, if they have interest. That's why our staff risks it all for the best angles.

I recommend that players attend events just enough to keep their profiles current.

That number is relative to the player and how he grows/develops, while he opens himself up to further opportunities.


Welland Stadium
90 Quaker Road
Welland, ON
L3C 7G6
Date Title Commitments  
Name High School State Class Pos. Commitment
Jimi Bowman Holy Cross Secondary ON 2026 3B
AJ KING Caledonia High School MI 2029 C