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June 4 Jr Futures/Futures Game Trials Scout Analysis: Catchers

PBR Alabama Staff

June 4 Catcher Scout Analysis:

Five catchers went through the workout for the Jr Future/ Future Games Trials with all of them showing some individual strengths from behind the dish. Let’s take a look at what each one of the catchers showcased at the event. We will continue to look at the different positions from the showcase and each player that was present over the next few days. (Note: Players that went through the workout at multiple positions will only have one analysis with all of their notes together.)

2021- 2022:

Vinnie Bosio (2021, C/OF, St. Paul’s Episcopal) 5’11 165 lbs.- Athletic catcher that can easily double as an OF. Strong frame translates well to the game and he does a nice job using his lower half in the swing. Does a nice job getting is hands loaded and getting them to the contact point on time. There is some strength in the hands and some tilt in the path with a pull side approach. The footwork and arm are solid in the OF and the ball really explodes out of the hand and stays on plane. Solid setup behind the plate with nice a nice low presentation of the mitt and did a superb job of expanding the plate to “steal” strikes. Solid catch and throw guy with nice arm strength and a very quick transfer. Beats the ball to the spot and was relaxed in the legs. Creates momentum to the 2B bag on his throws. Solid looking ‘21 grad with an event best 1.88 pop to 2B.

Devin Polk (2022, C/RHP, Gulf Shores) 6’1 170 lbs.- Does a nice job of creating explosion at the plate from an open stance and a leg kick approach which allows him to get timed up with the swing. Showed a middle of the field approach with some juice. Hands showed some quick twitch through the zone. Fluid actions behind the plate with nice flexibility in the hips and was set low. Showed nice athleticism. Had no trouble receiving the pitch down in the zone and looked very comfortable blocking balls in the dirt. The transfer is quick and he does a nice job of getting momentum moving toward the 2B bag. A definite ‘22 to follow.


Pierce Edwards (2023, C/OF, Russell County) 5’9 145 lbs.-  Behind the plate he showed very flexible hips with nice mitt presentation. His set up was very relaxed and the arm works. Showed a quick transfer and the pop time will go down as he takes the “hitch” out. Moved side to side very well and was quick to recover. In the OF, the actions were solid and he showed nice “feel” with the feet before and after the catch. The arm is solid and the ball stayed on plane out of the hand. At the plate he started with an open stance and showed gap t gap power and did a nice job keeping the barrel through the hitting zone. Produced consistent line drives with a level swing path.

Noah Blackburn (2025, C/1B, Mobile Christian) 5’7 130 lbs.- Showed some juice at the plate with some serious tilt in the swing path from a high leg kick approach. He did a nice job staying through the zone with the barrel. Nice set up behind the plate with a very quick transfer and a quick arm action. The fundamentals are very solid and the arm strength will improve as he matures physically. “Stuck” pitches very well and was very quiet behind the plate. Presented a nice target to the pitchers. An interesting young catcher to watch.

Jacob Allen (2025, C/OF, Walker LA) 4’0 85 lbs.- At the plate, he did a very nice job of keeping his head and still and kept the barrel through the zone. The swing path was level and he showed the ability to use all fields. Showed a very athletic swing with fluid actions in the set up and finish from an even stance. Did a nice job getting the hands back to the launch position of the swing. Solid set up behind the plate and received pitches very well and was very quiet with the mit. Does a nice job of beating the ball to the spot. The transfer was quick and simple and the arm strength will continue to improve as he gets older.  

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