November 3 Central Alabama Fall Invite Scout Analysis: Catchers

PBR Alabama Staff

November 3 Central Alabama Fall Invite Scout Analysis: Catchers

Five catchers went through the morning workout and afternoon game play at Faulkner University on Sunday, November. As has become a trend in the state, the catchers that were present did a nice job of showcasing their abilities. Here are the notes on those catchers:

Ryan Revera (2022, C/OF, Bob Jones) Revera continues to impress behind the late each time we see him. The catch and throw skills continue to progress as he was consistent high 1.9’s- low 2.0’s on throws to the 2B bag and every throw was on the bag. Very athletic behind the plate and does a nice job extending the plate for pitchers. Also has a nice understanding of the game. Offensively, slightly open with the feet with some crouch in the stance. Handles the barrel very well to all fields. The hands and barrel work well inside the ball and there is some tilt in the bat path. Really kept the barrel through the zone. 

Wyatt Miskelly (2020, C/RHP, Shelby County) Miskelly worked extremely quick on the mound and was very impressive. From a low ¾ arm slot, he showed a FB that came out of the hand very well and was up to 83 mph. The slider was a very nice pitch as well, taking nice shape at 68-68 mph. The change up showed late tumble and he pounded the bottom half of the zone with all 3 pitches. Behind the plate, throws to the 2B bag were very accurate and the transfer was very quick. Consistent pop times as low as 2.05. Handles pitchers very well and does a nice job receiving the pitch down in the zone. At the plate, he started with the feet even in the stance. The hands were loose and he did a nice job with the top hand through the swing. He showed a definite middle of the field approach with slight tilt in the bat pat. He’s just a gamer that knows how to play the game and is extremely versatile on the field. 

Caleb Campbell (2022, C/3B, Brooks) Young catching prospect that had a very productive day at the event. Shows a very quick transfer behind the plate and the arm strength is continuing to progress. Throws to the 2B bag were very accurate and throws stayed on line. Was very impressive blocking balls in the dirt and showed nice lateral actions. Threw out 2 runners attempting to steal a bag during game play. Offensively, the set up and approach is very simple as he uses a small leg kick approach to generate some pop. Showed a mainly pull approach during BP but did show the ability to handle the pitch on the outer half as well. Nice looking ‘22 catcher.   

Hunter Wyse (2020, C/1B, Faith Academy) Very athletic set up and actions behind the plate as he did a nice job receiving pitches and stealing a few strikes for his pitchers. Strong, physical build and he uses his strong lower half in all aspects of his game. Blocking balls in the dirt came natural for him and he also showed a fairly quick transfer on the throw to the 2B bag. Received pitches very well behind the plate. At the plate, he started with an open stance with the feet and utilized a leg kick approach to create some pop off the barrel. As mentioned earlier, the strong lower half was used very well in the swing as the swing seemed to be well synched. The approach was mainly middle to oppo and the swing plane showed some tilt through the zone.  

Eli Langlands (2022, C/3B, Smiths Station) Young ‘22 catching prospect that has some very solid fundamentals behind the plate. The defensive actions were clean and the catch and throw skills showed a solid foundation. The arm strength should continue to progress in the next few years. Did a nice job on balls in the dirt and seemed to have a clue on what pitches to call during game play. Showed nice flexibility in the hips. At the plate, he showed some present strength in the hands and the approach during BP was mainly to the pull side. Did a nice job of finishing the swing and showed a very compact approach. The bat path stayed through the zone a long time and the swing path was mainly flat throughout.

We will wrap up our coverage of the event tomorrow as we look at the positional players that were present at the event.  

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