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Oct. 6 Mobile Prospect ID Scout Analysis: Pitchers

PBR Alabama Staff

October 6 Mobile Prospect Scout Analysis: Pitcher Only's

There were 14 pitchers that threw at the Mobile Prospect ID but 12 of those players also went through the event as a position player. Today we will look at the 2 PO's that attended the event, both were from Mobile Christian School. The other 12 pitchers will have their pitching write-up as part of their positional analysis. 

Camden Diamond (2022, RHP, Mobile Christian) Diamond showed a quick, efficient delivery while in the wind up. He commanded the FB very well down in the zone and was able to pitch to both sides of the plate as well. The FB showed armside run that sat in the upper 70’s and touched 80 mph. The breaking ball showed sharp bite at 67-68 and he was able to locate this pitch as well as a change up with nice tumble at 72-73 mph. Lean frame with projection and a clean arm slot

Matthew Dimmick (2021, RHP/C, Mobile Christian) Long, wiry build on this ‘21 RHP that used his 6’2 frame to create good downhill action on his FB that topped at 72 mph. There is more velocity in him as he continues to develop physically but the mechanics on the mound are simple and efficient. Showed nice feel for both offspeed pitches. The breaking ball was 61-64 mph and he was able to throw this pitch for strikes with nice, late depth on the pitch. The change up was thrown from the same arm speed and created deception out of the hand at 66-67 mph.

Check back tomorrow as we take a look at the catchers from the event. 

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