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South Alabama Select Scout Blog: Outfielders/Infielders

PBR Alabama Staff

Position by Position Analysis at the South Alabama Select: Outfielders/Infielders

We had many multi positional players at the South Alabama Select and all but two of those players went through our positional morning workout as an infielder. Below is our scout blog on both outfielders that went through drills and all of the infielders that participated:


Tyler Bell (2020, RHP/C/OF, Baker) Showed nice feet and good athleticism in the OF with good arm strength (87 mph OF velo) and a quick transfer. Very versatile player that can play a number of positions. Did a good job of working through ball and showed a consistently accurate arm with nice big hops to the plate.

Chadwell Coffman (2020, RHP/OF, McGill Toolen) Good athlete that showed some legit speed in tracking down and attacking balls off of the bat. Kept his momentum going through the throw as throws stayed on line and was ultra consistent. Offensively, he showed a connected swing and kept the barrel in the zone a long time with a middle/oppo approach during BP. Did a good job of getting his hands back to the launch position. Had 2 1B’s to RF during the game and can really get down the line (4.48)


Lucan Alday (2020, SS/OF, Bayside Academy) Showed big time IF actions with super “feel”. Has a good frame and showed plenty of arm strength (85 mph IF velo) across the diamond. His actions with the glove and feet are legit. Also a good runner (4.22 H-1B) that can cover a lot of ground in the middle of the infield. Has a slightly open stance at the plate with good load of the hands and can really cover the entire plate with some nice plate discipline. Showed some pull side pop and big time bat speed. He fits the bill of a baseball player- can run, defend and hit. A 2020 to follow.

Michael Hopkinson (2021, SS/3B, Faith Academy) Super impressive in the dirt with solid glove work and a quick transfer on the throw. Slick with the glove and plenty of arm strength across the dirt. Very instinctive player in the field and on the basepaths. Slightly open stance at the plate with a leg kick approach. Showed very quick hands with some tilt in the swing path. Had 3 good at bats during the game getting a hit in 2 of those AB’s which included an 11 pitch AB. Big time 2021 infielder.

Jayden Sloan (2019, 2B/SS, Brewbaker Technology Magnet) Real simple, this guy loves to play the game and he plays it the right way. Very instinctive, solidly built and can run. Can play either MIF position because the arm strength is there and he has solid defensive actions. He plays the IF very low to the ground. He has a short, compact approach at the plate as he gets plenty of power off of his backside which obviously creates juice. Starts with an even, athletic stance and has a connected swing. The definition of a baseball player!

Bryant Andrews (2020, 3B/OF, Faith Academy) 3B with nice actions on the corner with plenty of arm strength, showed an ability to throw from different arm slots. The ball has real carry out of the hand. Also looked real athletic on balls in front of him. Big, physical kid that starts with an even stance at the plate and uses his powerful lower half well. Really created backspin off of the bat.

Skipper Snypes (2019, SS/2B, UMS- Wright) Athletic looking SS that flashed solid actions in the dirt. Really smooth actions and some flash to his game with good arm strength (81 mph IF) and very athletic feet. Showed a quick turn at 2B on double play feeds as well. At the plate, he really looks the part in the LH batters box from a slightly open, athletic stance. Showed twitchy hands and power all over the field with an exit velo of 84 mph off of a tee. Showed some discipline during game AB’s and stayed off of some tough pitches out of the zone.

Nathaniel Trey Rutledge (2019, SS, Shades Valley) An twitchy, athletic SS that can easily play the OF and showed advanced skills at both. His arm strength is there and really showed some range on the dirt with a slick glove and advanced footwork. Could play a little lower on the IF. Big time CF that went a long way one one particular play and made a legitimate diving play in the gap (was the play of the day!). Offensively, he barreled just about everything all day in BP and game play. Starts from a closed stance and has a short compact swing with twitchy quick hands. Showed pull side pop and had two loud at bats in game play, while showing advanced baseball instincts. Event best 4.18 H-1B.

Cameron Snypes (2021, 1B/OF, UMS- Wright) A very good defender at 1B with a solid glove and athletic feet. Also a good enough athlete to play the OF as well. Nice arm strength to go with the glove.For the second time, he was very impressive with the bate. Has an open stance and a nice load of the hands with a flat bat path. Does a good job of keeping the barrel through the zone, creating a nice trampoline effect off of the barrel. Creates backspin with pull strength. An intriguing 2021 player.

Zack Henderson (2020, RHP/3B, Russell County) Big strong framed kid that really showed a plus arm (83 IF mph) with a quick transfer across the infield with plenty of plus glove actions. Very solid defensively. At the plate, he started with a slightly open stance and showed very good separation and a well connected approach, showing good linear movement. Was 85 mph off of a tee and showed big time juice to all fields in BP.  Had good at bats during the game.

Wilson Perkins (2021, 3B/RHP, Niceville, FL) A physical 2021 player that did some very nice things at the event. Can project to play either corner IF position as he played low to the ground with nice glove presentation.The arm strength is there (85 mph across the dirt) and he showed the ability to throw from different arm slots. At the plate, he started with an even stance and a small load of the hands. The swing had some tilt in it and he really showed big time bat speed and consistently showed juice to the RC gap.

Jacob Cravey (2020, RHP/1B, Andalusia) Big kid (6’6 190 lbs.) that projects at 1B due to his height. Nice footwork and showcased a strong arm across the diamond (82 IF MPH) and well solid with the glove. Offensively, he has major pull side power from the left side. Starts with an even stance with a leg kick approach and has some big time tilt in the swing. Really showed juice, hitting multiple balls off of the wall in LF (85 mph exit velo off of a tee). Had disciplined at bats during the game and didn’t chase out of the zone with 2 hard line outs.

Austin Embrey (2020, C/3B, Russell County) Plus defensive actions at 3B with slick glove work and solid glove presentation with advanced feet before and after the ball is in the glove. Big time arm across the diamond as he threw 91 mph across the dirt. Solid work as a secondary position (C is primary).

Ian Lupo (2019, SS/2B, Baker) An athletic IF that did a ton of good things on the day and is just a solid baseball player. Showed good feel on the IF with a nice glove and nice feet. Also did a very good job resetting his feet with a quick transfer to make the throw to 1B. Nice athleticism and a good runner (4.46 H-1B) and is a very instinctive player. Offensively he showed some pop (85 mph exit velo off of a tee) with a slightly open stance and did a nice job of keeping the hands and barrel inside the ball. The bat path was level and he showed a knack for staying gap to gap with juice. Very aggressive player with a 1B to RF and a loud 2B to LF. A grinder.

Cade Wilson (2020, 3B/2B, Faith Academy) Very solid fundamentally in the dirt. Showed very nice arm strength (83 mph IF velo) and really worked his feet before fielding the ball and was ready to throw once the ball was in the glove. Looked real athletic on slow rollers in front of him. Had an even stance and really used his lower half which resulted in power to both gaps. Had a very nice load of the hands and showed a very solid 2 strike approach in the game. Had two very competitive at bats with one resulting in a loud RBI 1B up the middle.

Cole Berry (2021, 1B/LHP, Faith Academy) A 2021 with solid actions all over the field. Very solid glove and feet on the infield with some feel with the glove.The arm strength is good (78 mph IF velo) and will only get better as he continues to fill out physically. He had an open stance with a small leg kick that allowed him to generate some pop from his high, slow load. Really kept the barrel through the zone with his tilted swing path. Really worked some AB’s during the game and showed a nice 2 strike approach.

Jacob Jernigan (2021, 3B/RHP, Saint Pauls) A 2021 that showed a solid set up and fundamentals in the dirt. Showed the ability to throw from different arm angles and the arm strength will continue to increase. Showed some lateral quickness and the ability to move side to side. His even stance approach with a nice load of the hands continually produced middle of the field line drives during BP. His bath path is a flat one and he really worked counts during his AB’s of the game.

Zac Westbrook (2021, 2B/SS, Alabama Christian Academy) Another 2021 that showed an understanding of the game and good feel for everything he did. Really showed some true 2B type actions as he played very low to the ground and a quick transfer from the glove. His even stance approach at the plate and slow load of the hands continually produced balls off of the bat to the middle of the field with average juice. His strength will continue to progress over the years. Had a nice 2 RBI 1B in the game from the left side. Also a good runner (4.43 H-1B)

Justin Paul (2021, RHP/3B, Saraland) Showed nice glove work and athletic feet with average arm strength (72 mph IF velo) that will continue to improve. A solid approach for a 2021. Offensively he had some juice to the pull side from a slightly open stance as he did a good job of separation. The bat path is flat from the left side and he does a good job of getting his hips through and solid barrel control. Flashed some solid actions on the day.

In the next few days we will release our scout blog for pitchers at the South Alabama Select. Be on the lookout for it. For more information visit and follow us on Twitter at @PBR_Alabama .