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South Summer Championships Day Two Recap

PBR Florida
PBR Florida Staff

On June 13th-16th, 2019 at the Baltimore Orioles complex at Twin Lakes Park, PBR Florida will host the 2019 South Summer Championships. This years event features 25+ teams in an underclass and upperclass division. The event will feature four pool play games for the upperclass division and three pool play games for the underclass division followed by single elimination bracket-play until the first champion is crowned. Today we take a look at some of the standouts from day two of the South Summer Championships.

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Bases Loaded Diamond Club 

Marcus Leffall C / 3B / Alexander, GA / 2021

Uncommitted 2021, playing up as an underclassmen, stocky frame at 5-foot-9, 185 pounds, keeps hands back and through the ball on his swing, has a little bit of a long stride and tends to let his weight fall forward. Upside is there.




John Oneal SS / 2B / Lithia Springs, GA / 2021

Uncommitted 2021, athletic, slender frame at 5-foot-11, 160 pounds. Moves well at shortstop with an above-average glove. Made a sliding backhand play in ⅚ hole and was able to make a strong throw to first to complete the play. Above average runner.




Empire Baseball 18U Peeples

Ethan Stephens RHP / 2B / Land O Lakes High School , FL / 2020

Uncommitted 2020, average size at 5-foot-10, 165 pounds. Right-handed pitcher comes from a ¾ arm slot with whipping arm action. Consistent through his delivery and stayed in line to the plate. Fastball sat 81-82 with a 10/4 curveball 69-70 and a sweeping slider at 73. Threw all three pitches for strikes.




John Lambeta 3B / SS / Sunlake, FL / 2020

Uncommitted 2020, tall, stocky 6-foot, 185 pound third baseman. Made a couple backhand plays at third and showed off an above average arm. Compact swing with a couple hits to the opposite field.




West Coast 9 Devils 17U

Eli Thurmond C / RHP / Bradenton Christian School, FL / 2020

Uncommitted 6-foot-2 2020 RHP was sitting 82-83 early on and consistently touching 80 throughout the game as he went the distance. The fastball featured some arm side run that helped him induce weak contact. His slider was very effective as he could throw it for a strike. It sat between 73-75. He throws across his body which caused some command issues but was able to stay in the strike zone for most of the game.




Luka Torralva SS / 2B / Palmetto, FL / 2020

Uncommitted 5-foot-7 middle infielder showed quickness at second base. He gets really good reads off the bat and is quick enough to get to almost any ball. He has above average footwork and a strong arm for his slender frame. At the plate, he shows above average barrel control and bat speed.




Cole Griffith C / 3B / Riverview , FL / 2021

Uncommitted 2020 catcher, coming in at 6-feet 185 pounds, has clean transfers and above average footwork behind the plate. Because of these actions, he delivers accurate throws to every base. 




Florida Burn 2020 Beisner

Justin Clark RHP / SS / Fort Myers, FL / 2020

2020 uncommitted, 6-foot-2 150 pound RHP showed a funky delivery that led to an inconsistent release point. When he found the proper release point, his stuff was effective. His fastball had some arm side run and sat 81-82. The 11-5 curveball was steep when he got to extension and sat 71-73.




Andrew Vieceli 1B / LHP / Bishop Verot, FL / 2020

Uncommitted 2020, 5-foot-6 155 pound LHP was able to make his fastball cut and run when he wanted to. He sat 79-81with the fastball and 69-71 with the curveball. The curveball had 12-6 break and he generated a lot of spin on that pitch. High leg kick forces him to dip and drive a little uncontrollably, throwing off his release points. As the lower half matures, he will be able to control the lower half better.




Colby Slaughter C / Lake Highland Preparatory, FL / 2020

Uncommitted 2020, 5-foot-10 200 pound catcher is an above average blocker behind the plate. He can move quicker than the stocky frame suggests, because of his strong lower half and has an above average arm. His transfers and throwing motions are very fluid and in sync.




Hunter Szewczyk OF / 3B / Venice, FL / 2020

Uncommitted, 5-foot-8 2020 has a fluid pitching motion, with little wasted movements. His fastball sat 78-80 and he featured a breaking ball with occasional depth at 68-69. 




Banditos Florida Prospects

Tyler Cissone C / Deerfield Beach High School , FL / 2020

Athletic frame at 5 foot-10-160 pounds with room for growth.  Moves athletically behind the plate when blocking and has strong hands receiving.  Clean exchange with good footwork and carry on throws to second with a 2.1 pop time.  Balanced approach at the plate and hits line drives and gets good extension.




Florida Rivals

Brandon Long LHP / North Port High school, FL / 2021

Stocky frame and throws from the left side with a low ¾ arm slot. Good arm speed and gets arm side run with the fastball which sits 77-79 and 63-64 with the curveball that has some depth. Commands the zone with all pitches and stays in line with delivery to home. Short arm action with rhythm and repeats delivery.




Banditos Florida Black

Jonathan Cofresi OF / Coral springs Charter HS, FL / 2020

Uncommitted, 5-foot-6 2020 outfielder, has a plus arm in the outfield. The ball just continues to carry when he throws it. His actions in the outfield are advanced for his lean frame. 




Tyler Valdes OF / RHP / Somerset Academy, FL / 2020

Uncommitted 5-foot-11 175 pound 2020 RHP does well in engaging his lower half in his delivery. He locks out his elbow, forcing him to pitch from a mid ¾ slot. His fastball featured some arm-side run and sat 77-79. He had an 11-5 curveball that came in at 68-69. 




Dawg Pound Elite

Nicholas Watts RHP / 3B / Carrollwood Day, FL / 2019

RHP who throws with max effort on every pitch. His fastball had some sink to it as he was sitting 80-83. He mixed in a changeup that featured some fade when we found his release point at 70-71. His 12-6 curveball had depth when he reached extension, coming across at 67-68. 




Dawg Pound Prime

Michael Rodriguez LHP / 1B / Home School, FL / 2019

Alabama State recruit. He has a big, strong frame. Has really iproved ability to throw strikes. Low effort 84-85 mph fastball with more to come. Flash an above average slider at 76 mph. Also showed some power from the left side offensively.  



Florida Burn 2021 Platinum

Anthony Ursitti RHP / Canterbury, FL / 2021

2021 Florida commit, tall, athletic right-hander, 6-foot-3, 185 pounds. Stays balanced with a high ¾ arm slot and whipping arm action. Repeats his delivery and uses his lower half to drive off the mound. Fastball sat 84-88 and topped at 89. He added an above average slider at 71. Tons of upside. A 2021 name to watch out for.




Tommy White 3B / 1B / Calvary Christian Clearwater, FL / 2021

2021 NC State commit, big, physical 6-foot-1, 2020 pound frame. Quiet load with a short stride. Above average bat speed. Moves athletically for his size. Above average arm.




Tayden Hall C / Steinbrenner, FL / 2021

Uncommitted 2021, tall, 6-foot-2, 180 pound frame. Small leg kick and short stride lead to a level left-handed swing. Left-center approach and has the ability to use all fields.




Jake Mummau SS / 3B / Palm Harbor University, FL / 2021

Uncommitted 2021, athletic shortstop, 5-foot-11, 165 pounds. Above average defender. Moves athletically at short. Discipline at the plate. Little bit of a long stride but keeps hands inside the ball. Lots of upside.



Elite Performance 17U

Gabriel Rodriguez 1B / Mater Academy Charter, FL / 2020

Athletic frame and above average movements behind the plate, blocks well and covers a lot of ground laterally. Strong hands receiving and gets around the ball and keeps pitches in the zone and gives good presentation. Clean exchange and quality foot work with throws to second with a 2.2 pop time. Balanced approach at the plate and barrels the ball, has line drive swing and gets extension.




Zach Rodriguez 3B / Mater Academy Charter, FL / 2020

Athletic and lanky frame and has above average arm with carry and accuracy. Plays though the ball and has a quality first step in the infield and has a clean exchange with fluid footwork.  Balanced approach at the plate with a line drive swing that shows some pull side power. Smooth load from the left side and gets good extension when he stays closed. Has a high ceiling for growth with a lot of plus tools.




Salvador Castellanos / N/A, FL / 2020

Physical catcher with average actions behind the plate as he struggles to move laterally as well as he should. His receiving skills are well above average and come from his physically advanced upper body. His transfers are advanced and he showcases an above average arm. 




Kevin Serrano / N/A, FL / 2020

Athletic right-hander who worked with an uptempo pace. Attacked hitters with an 84-85 mph fastball and showed a solid curveball at 67 mph.  



Saint Pete Fire 2021

Sheldon Falor LHP / OF / Northeast, FL / 2021

Athletic frame at 6 foot-2- 175 pounds fields his position well as a pitcher. High ¾ arm slot with clean arm action with fastball sitting 81-83 topping 85, 63-64 with the curveball.  Some moving parts but keeps his head still and in line to home with delivery.  Ceiling high for growth with loose arm and big frame.




Daniel Mitchell OF / C / Canterbury School of Florida, FL / 2020

Athletic frame and quality utility player, best position in the outfield. Above average first step and plays through the ball and has average arm with carry and accuracy. Balanced approach at the plate and hits gap to gap with some pull side power. Rhythm in the swing and smooth load gets extension with level bat path and good barrel awareness.





Aedan Celestino RHP / Flagler-Palm Coast, FL / 2020

Athletic and lanky frame at 6 foot-4- 180 pounds with room for growth.  Low ¾ arm slot with loose arm action sitting 81-83 with fastball with arm side run, 65-66 with the slider with late break. Smooth rhythm and stays in line with delivery to home.  




Bronson Farah SS / RHP / Fletcher, FL / 2020

Athletic and strong frame at 6 foot-2-185 pounds will room for growth. Loose arm action in the ¾ arm slot with a lot of moving parts, but stays in line with delivery to home.  Sitting 85-87 with fastball and 77-78 with slider, commands both for strikes.  Good balance point and throws with easy effort and stays in line with delivery.




Florida Burn 2020 Little

Seth Buttice RHP / Dunedin, FL / 2020

Uncommitted 2020, 6-foot 155 pound RHP who has a simple, repeatable delivery. His fastball featured some run and sat 74-77. He avoided solid contact all day.




Carson Smylie RHP / Oviedo, FL / 2020

Uncommitted 2020 RHP really engages his lower half. He comes from a very high ¾ slot and controls his fastball on the corners well. His fastball was sitting 76-78 with arm side run. His curveball had 11-5 break and sat 67-69. 




Florida Grind

Benjamin Smith C / Freeport High School, FL / 2022

Uncommitted 2022, 5-foot-9 155 pound RHP has an easy delivery and keeps everything simple. His arm strength is above average for his age as he sat 75-78 and touched 80 with his fastball. He was able to hit his spots consistently and commanded the arm side run well. His curveball had steep 12-6 movement and sat 61-65. He occasionally mixed in a changeup with depth.




Lance Levine OF / C / Enterprise , AL / 2019

Uncommitted 2019, 5-foot-10 180 pound outfielder has above average bat speed. His swing is compact and the barrel stays in the zone forever, producing some pop. Has a strong, wide base in the box. He turned on an inside fastball and hit a double to the warning track in left center. 




Chad McCann C / 3B / Deane Bozeman, FL / 2019

Uncommitted, 6-foot-3 225 pound 2019 catcher. Has above average hands and arm for the position. His footwork and receiving skills are average. His lateral movement is advanced for his stockier frame. 




Florida Burn 2020 Platinum

Daniel Vassallo RHP / 2B / Carrollwood Day, FL / 2020

Uncommitted 2020, 5-foot-10, 145 pound right hander. Repeatable delivery with a ¾ arm slot. Stays in line towards the plate. Fastball sat 76-79. Curveball at 63-69 with late depth.




Samuel Gordon SS / OF / Calvary Christian, FL / 2020

Uncommitted 2020, lean 5-foot-10, 150 pound frame. Above average quickness in the outfield as well as on the basepaths. Smart base runner, taking the extra base whenever he could. Simple line drive swing at the plate produced a couple base hits.




Bayron Acevedo LHP / Palmetto, FL / 2020

Uncommitted 2020, plays bigger than his 5-foot-6, 135 pound frame. Above average quickness tracking balls in the outfield with an above average arm. High baseball IQ in all parts of the game. Easy level swing and gets on base often.




Ramses Cordova SS / RHP / Timber Creek, FL / 2020

Stocky middle infielder continues to stand out playing a solid defensive shortstop. He has a strong frame and athletic actions. Offenisvely, the swing in simple with quick hands and above average bat speed.   



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