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Underclass Games: Pitcher Only's/Catchers

PBR Alabama Staff

The Alabama Underclass Games were held on Tuesday, June 22nd at Rudy Abbott Field at Jacksonville State University. Players were put through a positional workout in the morning and then each player played in one of the two games that followed in the afternoon. Today, we begin to take a look at each player in attendance as we begin our individual scout analysis from Tuesday's event. Several other position players also pitched an inning in gameplay and their pitching notes will be included in their positional analysis. 

Throughout the week we will continue our positional breakdown of all of the players in attendance, but today let's take a look at the pitcher only's and catchers from the event.  


Pitcher Only's/Catchers

Andrew Allen, RHP/3B, (2024) Alexandria
6-foot, 160-pound projectable, solid frame. Showed above average actions on the mound with an over-the-top arm slot and a long arm action with consistent, repeatable mechanics Showed tall-and-fall type mechanics with easy effort in the delivery. Consistent balance point and even shoulders throughout and lands softly on the front side. The fastball was consistent 81-83 mph with late, sinking action and good control on the pitch. The breaking ball shows 11/5 action at 67-68 mph with tight spin and commanded the pitch low in the zone. Showed arm side command and fading action on his changeup at 70-71 mph. Impressive 2024 arm that seemed to really attack hitters. 

Ben Gann, C/OF, (2024) Chelsea, AL
5-foot-11, 145-pound slim, lanky frame. Solid approach at the plate, Gann recorded an exit velocity of 80 mph. Begins in a balanced stance with a slow load, and uses a quick stride to get the barrel to the hitting zone on time. Bat speed is developing, has a short level swing plane and good extension on his finish. Barreled up some balls during the round showing a line drive approach. Behind the plate, his best throws to 2B was clocked at 72 mph; had a natural exchange, and smooth footwork. Showed consistent pop times of 2.25-2.29 and a a flexible setup. Used a high ¾ slot with a quick arm action while showing consistent accuracy to the base. During the event, clocked a 60 time of 7.73.

Hudson Gilman, C/RHP, (2025) Oxford, AL
5-foot-11, 175-pound athletic, sturdy frame. Mature approach during batting practice as his exit velocity was up to 87 mph. Begins in a balanced quiet stance with a compact load, then uses a toe tap load. Efficient bat speed and showed a loose, uphill swing plane and high finish. Barreled up multiple balls with a lot of loud contact and showing a pull side approach during BP. Behind the plate, throw downs to 2B were up to 77 mph with a quick exchange and athletic footwork. Displayed his ability to control the run game with a pop time of 1.88-1.96 from a quiet setup with some flexibility. Showed a very quick arm action and a high ¾ slot with consistent accuracy to the base. Recorded a time of 7.49 in the 60-yard dash. On the mound, his fastball sat 79-80 mph and topped out at 81 mph with late life. Curveball at 68-69 mph was a swing & miss pitch showing late 12/6 action. Impressive young arm showing a short, quick arm and really attacks the bottom half of the zone with the fastball. 

Peyton Parkinson, C/3B, (2024) Oak Mountain, AL
5-foot-10, 150-pound proportional, athletic frame. Recorded a time of 7.6 in the 60-yard dash. Begins in a balanced, quiet stance with a quick load, while utilizing a toe tap. Has efficient bat speed, short flat swing plane and good extension on his finish. Barreled up some balls during the round with a gap to gap approach. Solid approach at the plate, Parkinson had an exit velocity of 83 mph. While catching, he showed arm strength of 72 mph during throws to 2B; has quick footwork, and a developing exchange. Recorded a pop time of 2.01-2.14. Calm setup with some flexibility. Some accuracy to the bag, used a high ¾ slot with a longer arm action.

Tripp Patterson, LHP/OF, (2024) Alexandria, AL
5-foot-9, 125-pound lean athletic frame. Solid makeup on the mound, showed some decent arm speed, also used a high ¾ arm angle and a consistent arm action. Slow-tempo type delivery using easy effort. In line shoulders and a tall balance point. Displayed a clean finish, and the changeup (51-52 mph) tumbled well off the fastball. The fastball sat 68-69 mph and topped out at 70 mph; has very consistent control and running action on the pitch. Featured a sharp curveball (57-61) with glove side command and some solid action. Smooth, easy operation with clean mechanics.

Eli Smith, C/3B, (2024) Wilson, AL
5-foot-11, 155-pound proportional, athletic frame. During the event, clocked a 60 time of 7.58. Offensively, he begins in an athletic tall stance showing a quick load using a toe tap approach. Has a rotational uphill swing plane, with above average bat speed and high finish. Showed some loud contact during his round and a pull side approach. Smith had a max exit velocity of 85 mph. While catching, his throws to 2B were up to 66 mph; has a fluid exchange, and quick footwork. Consistent pop times of 2.26-2.30 from a staggered setup. Showed solid accuracy to the bag while using a high ¾ slot and quick arm action.

Luke Songy, C/3B, (2024) St. John Paul II, AL
5-foot-9, 165-pound solid, athletic frame. Clocked a time of 7.57 in the 60-yard dash. Solid actions at the plate, Songy recorded an exit velocity of 86 mph as he began in a tall open stance with a compact load and a short stride to contact. There is some solid bat speed as he shows a simple, flat swing plane and level finish. Found some barrels in his round with an up the middle approach. Behind the dish, throw downs to 2B topped out at 70 mph with short, has choppy footwork and a quick exchange. Consistently had pop times of 2.01-2.16. Wide setup with some flexibility and showed good accuracy to the bag with a short arm action and an over-the-top slot. Really impressed during gameplay on balls in the dirt and stealing some strikes for his pitchers.

Colton Tate, C/3B, (2026) Lincoln County, TN
5-foot-7, 175-pound mature, physical frame. Physical presence at the plate, the right-handed hitter was up to 81 mph with the exit velocity. Began in a crouched open stance with a controlled load, then used a quick stride to be on time with the barrel. His bat speed is efficient, showing an uphill short swing plane and high finish. Found multiple barrels with some loud contact during his round and an up the middle approach. While catching, his best position velocity throwing to 2B was 70 mph; shows consistent footwork, and a quick exchange. Showed pop times of 2.13-2.22. with some flexibility and a quiet setup. Used a high ¾ slot with a quick arm action. Clocked a time of 8.08 in the 60-yard dash.



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