Arkansas ProCase Catching Analysis

Brian Walker
Arkansas Scouting Director

PBR Arkansas - ProCase

Below is a list of the Catching Analysis in class order from the Arkansas ProCase at Arkansas Tech May 22nd. 

Jack Stroth

Crowder College commit, 2018 C, Jack Stroth, ( 5-Foot-10), 170-pound frame, athletic frame with present strength, ran a 7.1, offensively simples set up with narrow base, clean land line, contact approach with line drive swing, back side works underneath body with slight over rotation past contact, exit velo 91 mph, defensively, clean transfer, slight raise to body to throw, steep at times to release, minimal carry, accurate throws on target, position velocity 72 mph.

Garrett Dennis

Connors State JC commit, 2018 C, Garrett Dennis, ( 5-Foot-9). 178-pound frame, room to fill, offensively, open stance to early stride, weight transfer to contact, back elbow above top hand with barrel cock at landing, uphill finish with backside raise, exit velo 80 mph, defensively, simple set, clean transfer, slight sideways movement to clear arm, carry to throw, easy hands, clean blocking in game, positional velocity 73 mph.

Cason Tollett

Arkansas commit, 2019 C, Cason Tollett, (6- Foot- 2), 205-pound frame, advanced body with room to fill with strength, ran a  7.4, offensively hits from slightly open stance, rock to load, barrel tall at land with rhythm to barrel, aggressive back leg, comes up out of back leg at times, leverage to swing, extension with leverage, exit velo 91 mph, defensively, simple set up, easy actions, pure slot with pure carry, strong hands with easy receiving, instincts to block, positional velocity 81 mph.

Sam Golden

2020 C, Sam Golden, ( 6-Foot-1), 218-pound frame, square body with present strength, ran a 7.27, offensively hits from a slightly open stance, closed landing, barrel cock at toe touch, some length behind body in swing, line drive approach with power to gaps, lower half in ground with slight raise out of ground, short finish with loft to swing, exit velo 93 mph, defensively, strong hands, efficient transfer, comes up out of stance early to throw, carry at times, arm strength with positional velocity at 70 mph.