Prep Baseball Report

Arkansas ProCase Outfield Analysis

Brian Walker
Arkansas Scouting Director

PBR Arkansas - ProCase

Below is a list of each outfielder from the Arkansas ProCase in class order, A very athletic group with big upside individually and collectively. As they mature in their careers there is much to watch as they continue to play and improve.


Lucas McCain

Allen CC Commit, 2018 OF,  Lucas McCain, (5-Foot- 9) 155- pound Frame, ran a  6.75, offensively, slightly open stance, lands athletic, wants to pull, some uphill to contact, lower half works underneath body properly, line drive type hitter with some pull side power, 88 MPH exit velo, defensively, efficient movements, clean transfer, carry to throw, 85 mph arm strength.

Curtis Washington Jr.

Uncommitted 2018 OF, Curtis Washington Jr., (6-Foot-3), 164-pound frame, athletic body with length to levers, ran a 6.9, offensively, simple approach, line drive swing, over rotate with upper half at times, length to the front with levers will produce power with strength, 74 MPH exit velo, defensively, athletic movements, clean funnel to midline, carry to throw, 84 MPH arm strength.


Brandon Ulmer

Arkansas State Commit, 2019 OF, Brandon Ulmer, (5-Foot-10), 170-Pound athletic body, lean frame, length to body, ran a 6.80, offensively, open stance, slight over stride to closed landing, bat speed, simple swing, line drive approach, slight loft to pull side, over rotation on ball away at times with back leg, 85 MPH exit velo, defensively, fluid actions, clean transfer, arm strength with carry, pure slot, 80 MPH arm strength.

Landrey Wilkerson

Uncommitted 2019 OF, Landrey Wilkerson, (5-Foot-9), 185-pound frame square build with present strength, ran a 7.4, offensively, slight open stance, loses barrel behind contact, present strength, spray hitter with pull side power, lower half works under body, over rotation of back leg to contact, 87 MPH exit velo, defensively, athletic actions, clean field, clean funnel, slight arm side run to throw, carry minimal, 77 MPH arm strength.


Clayton Gray

Arkansas Commit, 2020 OF, Clayton Gray, (5-Foot-11), 155-Pound Outfielder, athletic frame with room to fill out,  ran a 6.69 , offensively, left handed hitter with simple swing, lands athletic, slight uphill at times with backside, loses contact with ground occasionally, line drive hitter with gap to gap power, table setter type player with doubles power, 91 MPH exit velo, defensively athletic actions, attacks to field, carry to throw, arm strength 78.

Houston King

Kentucky Commit, 2020 OF, Houston King , 5-Foot-11, 155-Pound frame, wide shoulders with athletic frame, room to fill out, ran a 6.76, offensively, Hits from open stance, athletic land position, arm bar at times, loses barrel behind contact, pull side power with loft to swing, upside to swing as strength is gained, 86 MPH exit velo, Defensively, efficient movements, clean field, clean funnel, at times showed carry, 76 MPH arm strength.

Matthew Magre

Uncommitted 2020 OF/LHP, Matthew Magre, ( 6-Foot-0), 185-pound frame, wide shoulders with present strength, ran a 7.57, offensively, slight open stance, will close line at times at landing, all field approach, line drive with occasional loft to pull side, slight over rotation to contact, barrel release to pull side, 87 MPH exit velo, defensively, clean actions, good movements to field, transfer to midline of body, throw with true carry, 88 MPH arm strength.


Braylon Bishop

Arkansas commit, 2021 Braylon Bishop, (6-Foot-1), 170-pound athletic build, strong frame, ran a 7.1, offensively, simple set up, fluidity to movements, simple load, solid base, leverage the ground, loses contact with ground at times, pull power, over rotates at times losing extension, big power potential, exit velo 87 mph, defensively fluid actions, works through ball, funnel to mid line, over the top slot with minimal carry, 78 mph arm strength.