Prep Baseball Report

Catching Analysis Underclass Games

Brian Walker
Scouting Director

Underclass Games (Invite Only)
In depth Catching breakdown from the Underclass Games in alphabetical order from Arvest Park July 17th, 2018
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Orey Chandler, 2020 C Horatio HS, 5-foot-9, 135-Pound frame, slender body, ran a 7.82, offensively; toe tap to stride, closed land line at foot strike, shoulders turned at foot strike, leverages to contact, pull side approach, bat speed to middle of field, short finish, 80 mph exit velo, defensively; sideways to get out of stance, head clear to throw, minimal carry, right foot stays underneath, transfer to right side, arm side run to throw, 66 mph arm strength.

Tristan Drennan, 2020 C Bryant HS, 6-Foot-1, 175-Pound frame, Physical frame, ran a 7.6, offensively; open stance, closed stride landing, great direction, linear swing, back knee works underneath, hip turn to load, stable in ground at contact, flat finish, power to stroke, 81 mph exit velo, defensively; turned set up, quick with feet, right foot goes sideways out of stance, short slot, arm strength, clean transfer, quick hands, low slot, slight arm side run, arm strength, 74 mph arm strength.

Allen Farrish, 2021 C Hector HS, 6-Foot-2, 165-Pound frame, long and lean, ran a 7.82, offensively; simple set up, minimal stride, minimal space, leg lift to land, good rhythm, over rotates to contact, repeatable swing, middle of the field approach, 80 mph exit velo, defensively; short transfer short release, good set up, solid target, backside underneath to throw, slight head lean to clear head, limited backside push, minimal carry to throw, 67 mph arm strength.

Connor Flagg, 2020 C Greenbrier HS, 6-Foot-0, 165-Pound frame, athletic body with room to add strength, ran a 7.01, offensively, leg lift to hit, simple stride, open stance, clean land line with stride, liner hitter, slightly over rotate front knee to contact, leverage to contact, loft to swing, big extension, pull side power, 86 mph exit velo, defensively; slight turn to set up, clean transfer, slight runaway from arm, short stroke, quick release, legs outrun arm slightly, minimal backside drive, good carry to throw, 70 mph arm strength. 

Gavin Graham, 2022 C Russellville HS, 5-Foot-9, 160-Pound frame, ran a 7.36, offensively; leg lift to stride, even stride, barrel flat at foot strike, back side works underneath past contact, front foot loses contact with ground at contact, pull side leverage, flat stroke, hands hitter quick barrel to pull side,  75 mph exit velo, defensively; simple set up, clean movements, minimal backside leverage, hip line moves left, clean transfer, minimal carry, short stoke, pure slot, 69 mph arm strength.

Pierson Gunnell, 2021 C Fayetteville HS. 5-foot-9, 160-Pound frame, ran a 7.72, offensively; simple set up, open stance, hands are stacked, lower half works underneath to contact, slight uphill to contact, strength at impact, face leaves contact at times, gap to gap approach, pull side power, 86 mph exit velocity, defensively; simple set up, transfer  clean to middle, right foot underneath, knee turn before catch, slight shoulder turn after transfer, legs out run arm, carry is pure, 70 mph arm strength.

Cooper Oliphant, 2021 C Searcy HS, 5-Foot-9, 185-Pound frame, physically mature body, ran a 7.86, offensively; leg lift to hit, back side collapse to contact, loses leverage with ground to contact, minimal space between feet at foot strike, front knee opens to contact, big extension, pull side power, 90 mph exit velo, defensively; athletic actions, quick feet, transfer to right side, feet outrun arm swing, legs go sideways, arm strength, minimal carry, better in game thrower, 75 mph arm strength.

Jace Presley, 2020 RHP/C Greenwood HS, 6-Foot-5, 183-Pound frame, Long levered, ran a 8.15, offensively; open stance, leg lift to stride, quick front hip, minimal backside to contact, back hip tilts to contact, loses leverage with the ground to contact, back heel down to contact, uphill finish, power to contact, pull side power, 79 mph exit velo, defensively; narrow feet sits on right leg, transfers to right side, quick exchange with clean transfer, short stoke, little push to throw, feet work underneath body, short front side to throw, 71 mph arm strength.

Austin Scritchfield, 2020 C Cabot HS, 5-Foot-10, 175-Pound frame, square body with strength, ran a 7.55, offensively; simple set up, leg lift to stride, grooved to swing, slight raise to contact, good pace to swing, controlled movements, good extension to middle, easy stroke, repeats positioning, pull side power, 91 mph exit velo, defensively; leak to left side out of stance, hips outrun arm, short stroke, clean slot, arm side run, quick release, minimal carry, arm strength, athletic, 71 mph arm strength.

Hayden Seldomridge, 2020 C Rogers HS, 6-Foot-0, 195-Pound frame, physical frame, ran a 7.68, offensively; open stance, even stride, hand loader, backside leverages ground, flat stroke, uphill to contact, short in back uphill to finish, loft to swing, middle of field approach, 88 mph exit velo, defensively; over the top slot, raise to throw, transfer up and to the right, minimal backside push, minimal carry to target, 72 mph arm strength.