Prep Baseball Report

Top Prospect Games Catchers Analysis

Brian Walker
Scouting Director

Catchers analysis in alphabetical order from the 2019 class Top Prospect Games at Little Rock.

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Troy Flowers, 6-Foot-0, 175-Pound frame, ran a 7.40, offensively; open stance toe tap to closed stride, barrel stayts flat, backside leverages underneath body, simple stroke, short finish, with extension, 81 mph exit velo, defensively;  transfers to midline, open front foot at release, back foot underneath arm, limited leg drive out of stance, slight head lean to clean arm, 74 mph arm strength.

Rylee Huie, 6-foot-1, 230-Pound frame, big frame, ran a 8.44, offensively; open stance to closed stride, leg lift to close hip, barrel cocked at foot strike, lower half leverages with back leg, big extension to middle, high finish, power to pull side, 84 mph exit velo, defensively; quick feet clean transfer, transfer in midline, repeats transfer, feet work underneath, carry to throw, 78 mph arm strength.

Devin James, 6-Foot-2, 220-Pound frame, strength to body, ran a 7.05, offensively; open stance to leg lift , barrel cocked at foot strike, tall to hit, over rotate past contact, short finish with extension, pull side gap power, defensively; narrow set up, hop to throw, limited space between feet to throw, transfer clean, short stance, carry to throw, 78 mph arm strength

Nick Jones, 6-Foot-0, 192-Pound frame, ran a 7.62, offensively; simple set up, barrel rhythm, gather with lead leg, mini leg lift, even foot strike, barrel cocked at landing, flat swing, quick recoil, power to pull side, repeats swing, feel for the barrel, 88 mph exit velo, defensively; simple set up, clean transfer, simple feet, slight push to throw, short front side, quick feet, long stroke with slight wiggle in back, carry to throw, 72 mph arm strength.

Jayden Liszewski, 5-Foot-6, 200-Pound frame, ran a 8.08, offensively; open stance to open stride, leg lift to load, barrel tall at foot strike, back side leverages, front foot loses contact with ground, repeatable swing, good bat path, barrel works out in front, good extension to middle of field, 81 mph exit velo, defensively; short feet,  clean transfer, transfer in midline, length in back of arm stroke, short front side, little backside drive, minimal carry to throw, 66 mph arm strength.

Hunter Nay, 6-Foot-0, 165-Pound Frame, ran a 7.82, offensively;  simple set up line drive swing, upper half works away from contact, back hip slightly tilted at contact, over rotates upper half to contact, short finish thru extension, 83 mph exit velo, defensively; narrow set up, raise to throw, limited carry to throw, clean transfer, short feet, clean feet, limited backside push, 70 mph arm strength.

Will Chaz Poppy, 6-Foot-1, 195-Pound frame, athletic frame, ran a 7.29, offensively; toe tap to stride, quick front hip, barrel drop to cocked position at foot strike, come up out of swing at extension, backside leverages ground to impact, power to pull side, 92 mph exit velo, defensively; simple set up, quick transfer, hips leak at times out of stance, short release, carry to throw, 79 mph arm strength.

Ben Roach, 6-Foot-0, 220-Pound frame, ran a 8.56, offensively, open stance, stays open to stride, quick front hip, barrel rhythm with strength to middle, loses backside leverage at times, pull side power, extension to middle of field, pull side approach, 90 mph exit velo, defensively;  simple set up, uphill out of stance,clean transfer, short right foot out of stance, gains limited ground, push to throw, minimal carry, 68 mph arm strength.

Austin Shipman, 6-Foot-0, 165-Pound frame, ran a 7.61, offensively; simple set up, little load, hand rhythm pull side power, backside leverages ground, alight arm bar in back of set up, backside leverages limited, loses barrel behind at times, line drive pull side, pull side power, 83 mph exit velo, defensively; transfers ball up, short feet, gains limited ground with footwork, limited carry to throw, 70 mph arm strength.

Roderick Stinson Jr, 5-Foot-10, 185-pound frame, athletic body, ran a 6.72,  offensively; wide base, high barrel, hand load, simple , stride, fall to stride, simple swing, compact hand path, backside leverages linear, line drive approach middle of field,  84 mph exit velo, defensively; athletic set up sits on left side slightly,  quick transfer athletic footwork out of chute, carry to throw, short stroke with carry, 77 mph arm strength.

Nick Vaughn, 6-Foot-1, 220-Pound frame, physical frame, ran a 7.93, offensively; slightly open stance to leg lift to stride, barrel rhythm ,barrel cocked at foot strike, backside leverages to contact, big finish out in front, pull side power, 86 mph exit velo, defensively; transfers up, long release, feet work before transfer, footwork clean, outrun arm with lower half, arm strength with carry when on time with lower half, 73 mph arm strength.

Jacob Wright, 5-Foot-11, 170-Pound Frame, athletic body, ran a 6.94, offensively;  simple setup reach to stride, hand drop to barrel cock, lower half leverages ground, line drives approach, power pull side, repeat swing, 93 mph exit velo, defensively; quick transfer, quick feet, active feet, right foot sideways out of stance, arm strength with carry, repeats action, 74 mph arm strength.