Prep Baseball Report

Unsigned Senior Spotlight: Har-Ber High School

By: Zac Bottoms
Arkansas Scouting Director

As the high school season approaches, we want to take a look at some of the top players around the state. Today we look at four players from Har-Ber High School in Springdale. Each of them bring a different set of tools and all will be considered at various levels of colleges

Caleb Gray, INF, Har-Ber HS
The 6-foot 180 pound 3B showed good athleticism running a 6.9 in the 60 and a 3.95  home to first. Defensively, Gray showed fluid footwork and an accurate arm. His exchange could be speed up if he would shorten his arm action. He plays through the baseball and average hands. Offensively, he showed a short compact swing with little movement. During his exit velocity he registered 81 mph three times. His batting practice rounds showed the ability to hit the ball to all fields with a line drive swing and good balance. Gray gets his lower half involve but as he swings he comes up and out of his legs, I would like to see him stay in them longer and the power/ exit velocity would increase. I believe Gray may move to the outfield as he transitions to college

Spencer Lloyd, C, Har-Ber HS
Lloyd is a 5-foot-10, 185-pound catcher.  He receives well with correct glove angle. He blocks quickly from a low stance on balls straight ahead. He has good hip flexibility allowing him to move freely. Lloyd throws 2.21 pop times. He does a good job gaining ground toward second on his delivery. I would like to see him shorten his arm circle and make his exchange closer to his body. His arm has carry he loses time in his exchange. Offensively he starts from an open stance and strides into the plate becoming slightly closed. He fires his lower half and stays balanced through the entire swing. His bat path is short and too the ball but lacks extension to his finish. He produces 81 mph exit velocity.

Zach Stanley, OF, Har-Ber HS
Stanley, a 6-foot-3 210-pound outfielder, has the size and frame that will catch any talent evaluators eye. Athletically superior, running a 6.65 in the 60, and a 3.85 home first from the right side.  Defensively is sound with fluid footwork and clean exchange. He throws from a High ¾ arm slot that is accurate and has carry. He registered 83 mph during outfield velocity testing. Offensively, he is raw. He starts from an athletic stance and has a short stride. He has fast bat speed 94 mph exit velocity and a level line drive swing. He has choppy rhythm and struggles to use his lower half. Offensively he has a ways to go but he finds barrel and is coach-able.

Josh Stephens, MIF, Har-Ber HS
Stephens is a 5-foot-9 165 pound middle infielder that has a good approach to the game with solid measurable tools. He ran a 6.69 in the 60 and a 4.2 home to first from the right side. Offensively he has a very quiet swing with very little movement. He starts from an athletic stance, from there he has a slight load back, which leads into a short stride. His bat speed is average, with level bat plane that produces line drives on a consistent basis. I would like to see him have a more distinct load and use the lower half more, overall he understands who is and stays to his game, hitting line drives to the middle of the field.  Defensively he plays through the ball with soft hands and fluid footwork. His exchange is long and his arm strength measured 81 mph from short stop.

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