Fall Upperclass: Quick Hits

Paul Panaccione
Arizona Scouting Director

On Oct. 17, Prep Baseball Report Arizona held the Fall Upperclass Showcase at Grand Canyon University. The Fall Upperclass Showcase is an annual open showcase accessible to the class of 22/23 players in the state of Arizona, granting players the opportunity to be evaluated by the PBR Arizona staff while their tools were analyzed by state-of-the-art technologies on-site. 

Today, we’ll begin to publish our findings from this event in the form of this Quick Hits post. In no order, we will state some of our initial takeaways and highlights from last Sunday’s showcase. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more post-event coverage.

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Quick Hits

OF Jack Ellsworth (Highland, 2022)

6-foot-2 200 pounds, Jack Ellsworth was arguably the biggest standout at the Fall Upperclass Showcase. The hit tool stood out the most on this day. The Central Arizona commit turned in what could've been the best two rounds of batting practice on Sunday. Strong and athletic build, with a simple and balanced setup. Ellsworth has a quiet load and stays strong in his legs, with above average hand and bat speed, he was producing consistent hard contact that resulted in line drives and home runs. Ellsworth consistently worked to the middle of the field and showed some real pull side power. The size and strength translated to his outfield work as well, touching 87 mph during the defensive segment. Jack Ellsworth is just another talented athlete that Central Arizona has added to their roster, we're excited to continue following him over the next couple years. 


1B/3B Dante Turgeon (Benjamin Franklin, 2022)

6-foot-3 205 pounds, Dante Turgeon, recent ASU commit, did what we've all grown to know about him at the Fall Upperclass Showcase on Sunday, and that's hit. The size and strength of Turgeon is what makes him a standout in the 2022 class. On Sunday, Turgeon put up event highs for exit velo (104 mph), max distance (389 feet), and bat speed (80.5). Turgeon showed his power to all fields, putting balls out to left center, and banging a couple off the big wall in center at Grand Canyon University. All the tools and stats are there for Turgeon, we will see how it translates when facing upper level pitching in the PAC-12. Turgeon was recently seen playing with the Mets Scout Team against Yavapai CC with some good arms on the mound, and he turned in some quality at bats. With a touch more of athleticism, reps, and good coaching, Turgeon could be a middle of the order bat at Arizona State. 


3B/1B Max Leyva (Tucson, 2022)

6-foot-1 185 pounds, Max Leyva is an interesting 2023 prospect coming out of Tucson. Leyva has a strong build, with strength in the lower half. Corner infielder with some project-ability, simple actions in the infield with direct routes to the ball. The glove works well, has a little give into the body and reads hops well. Showed he has the ability to stay at third base at the next level, recorded an 85 mph infield velocity. The bat showed some upside as well. Leyva possesses quick hands with some bat speed. Quick to get out and around the ball at times. If Leyva can consistently stay tight with the hands and show more of a consistent approach to the middle of the field he could be a solid piece for a club at third base. The strength and size is there, drove a couple balls out to left center at Grand Canyon University, the consistency in approach is the next step for Leyva. 

OF/RHP Demario Faison (Estrella Foothills, 2023)

5-foot-10 145 pounds, Demario Faison opened some eyes on Sunday showing athletic ability and fundamental actions. Faison turned in a top 60 time on a slow track during Sunday's workout, 6.98. He was a standout in the outfield portion of his workout, attacking balls aggressively while staying under control. Footwork was clean and consistent with some arm strength and low throws that were on the bag, recorded an outfield velocity of 84 mph. Faison has a loose and short swing with a clear inside path to the baseball, could benefit from more top hand involvement in his swing path. With added size and strength, Faison could be an athlete to watch. He also got some work in on the mound, and showed as a strike throwing right hander with average stuff. Fastball was 78-80 mph and he was in the zone with all three pitches. Will have the ability to get outs at the high school level, but Faison projects as a top/bottom of the order bat in the outfield with some speed and defensive ability. 

SS/2B Jacob Charlson (Canyon Del Oro, 2023)

5-foot-9 160 pounds, Jacob Charlson is a guy that keeps getting better as the time goes. Good build with strength in the lower half. Smooth fielding SS with baseball instincts. Charlson possesses great body control in the infield, feet are very active and puts himself in the right spot to field clean hops. Glove work is smooth with an average arm from the left side, but has the ability to stay on that side. Upright setup at the plate with a direct path to the baseball. Swing works best to the middle/right center, tends to come out and around balls to the pull side at times. Balls on the outer half were all driven to right center for line drives. Charlson is a definite follow in the 2023 class as a sure handed shortstop with some upside at the plate. 

OF/RHP Ruben Villaescusa (Tucson, 2022)

6-foot-2 200 pounds, Ruben Villaescusa showed some upside as a potential two was prospect during Sunday's event. Below average speed for an outfielder, but the strength and size were a definite trait of his. Villaescusa has a direct bat path with some bat speed out front. Balls were impacted very well with true flight to the outfield. Posted an exit velocity of 101 mph and a max distance of 360 feet. His flat swing produced a 50% rate of line drive contact. He also showed well on the mound with a good fastball, sitting 81-83 mph and topping out at 86 mph with a 16.1 max horizontal break, and induced verticle break of 18.7. We will be following the development of Villaescusa, showing more upside with the bat as of now with room to grow on both sides of the ball. 

RHP/C Deegan Cordova (Lake Havasu, 2023)

6-foot-2 175 pounds, slim and athletic build with wiry strength. Cordova participated in Sunday's event as a two way player, upside showed most on the mound. Cordova looks the part on the mound, he's got a good mound presence and posture with a clean arm action from a high 3/4 slot. The FB sat 86-88 mph topping at 89 mph. He features a CH/CB/SL. CH stayed majority arm side but showed the ability to make adjustments with it throughout the bullpen. The CB has more downward break, and the SL has cutterish action, potentially can turn it to a cutter by throwing it with more velocity, as he mentioned this is a new pitch in his repertoire. The CB sat 68-70 mph and SL was clocked at 76 mph. CH sat 78-80 mph. Cordova is a great follow in the 2023 class, and the FB could be up in the 90s here soon with added strength. 

RHP Santiago DiBene (Nogales, 2022)

At 6-foot-2 160 pounds, Santiago DiBene has a very projectable build with still a ton of room to grow. Has room to add some strength/weight and seems to still have some maturing to do. Long limbs with a high waist. Showed the ability to command three pitches for strikes down in the zone. DiBene sat 81-83 with the FB, and topped at 84 mph. What stands out most with DiBene is his pitch-ability and the upside with the body. This seems like a guy that can really take off down the road, but until then he will be getting outs with his strike throwing ability. 



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