Prep Baseball Report

Tucson Champs Scout Day: Quick Hits

Shea Sbranti & Jason Forari
Arizona Scouting Director

On Sunday, July 23rd, Prep Baseball Report Arizona hosted the Tucson Champs Scout Day at War Memorial Stadium in Nogales AZ. The Tucson Champs Scout Day is a closed event held for USA Prime prospects in the 2028-2024 classes in the state of Arizona. Giving the players the chance to showcase their skills in front of the PBR Arizona Staff using state-of-the-art technology on field. 

Today, we’ll start by giving you the Top Performers from the Tucson Champs Scout Day, which we like to call Quick Hits. In Quick Hits you will be able to see how these players tested and were evaluated by the PBR Arizona Staff throughout the showcase. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more post event coverage.


Juan Hernandez OF / RHP / Tucson, AZ / 2025

One of the top uncommitted prospects in the 2025 class in the state of Arizona is Tucson Native Juan Hernandez. At the plate Hernandez produces high level bat speed with flat to slight uphill path. In Sundays workout Hernandez produced an EV of 98.5 with loads more in the tank for the righty. Defensively Hernandez moved well in the outfield with an impressive 91 mph arm. While Hernandez is a standout offensively on the mound is where we likely see him in the long term. With a fastball that ranges 87-89 touching 90 with good ASR, Hernandez has the ability to sit in the low 90’s in the coming years. Hernandez will be the game 1 starter for team Arizona in this weeks Future Games.

Damian Lorta 3B / 1B / Walden Grove , AZ / 2025

The uncommitted corner infielder showed well at the plate on Sunday with a 99mph EV with major pull side power. Lorta has a large frame and is likely to stay on the corners with the threat of losing a baseball whenever he comes to the plate. We look forward to following Lorta this fall for the Champs. 

Gennaro Brito OF / LHP / Tucson Magnet, AZ / 2025

Another representative of team Arizona in this weeks Future Games is left handed pitcher and outfielder Gennaro Brito. Brito has been a high follow for the Arizona staff as he is one of the more projectable 2-ways in the 2025 class. While Brito has lots of room to still fill into his body he always seems to be one of the best athletes on the field in any scenario. At the plate Brito has a flat contact driven swing with above average foot speed. On the mound Brito has a clean arm action from the left side with effortless velo ranging 84-87. 

Orlando Cobarrubias OF / Sunnyside, AZ / 2024

The big juice of the day came from uncommitted 2024 grad and left handed hitter Orlando Cobarrubias. Cobarrubias took home the gold in EV with an impressive 103MPH and 391ft Max Distance. Defensively Cobarrubias moved well in the outfield with an 84 mph arm. We look forward to following Cobarrubias as he is a high follow for the Arizona staff as he goes into his fall season with the Tucson Champs. 

Colton Johnson C / 3B / Sahuarita, AZ / 2025

At the plate Johnson shows plenty of tools with an athletic projectable build. His swing creates plenty of line drive contact with the ability to drive the ball gap to gap but tended to produce best contact on the pull side. Behind the plate Johnson had a quick catch and release with an accurate arm the the bag. Johnson had an event best 1.89 poptime. 

Christopher Humphreys SS / OF / Canyon del Oro, AZ / 2024

At the plate Humphreys showcased a short compact load and swing that creates plenty of power and consistent line drive contact. Within his swing is consistent bat speed and the ability to create solid pull side power. Strong compact build that produced some of the higher exit velocities throughout the event. Behind the plate Humphreys had a strong arm with quick movements that produced quick pop times while accurately throwing the ball across the field. Overall shows plenty of athleticism within his game and will continue to produce solid line drive contact as he matures physically and at the plate.

Rodrigo Olivares 2B / RHP / Nogales, AZ / 2026

On the mound Oliveres showed consistent mechanics and solid control of the zone with a three pitch mix. His fastball showed control in the zone while being able to create some carry up in the zone. The curveball showed late long vertical break into the zone with some running action, pitch shape can vary at times but overall shows plenty of swing miss potential. The changeup shows decent arm speed and some late fading action and potential ability to create plenty of groundball contact and swing miss. Shows a decent feel for his pitch mix and will continue to develop velocity as he matures physically and on the mound.

Manny Bracamonte C / OF / Cienega, AZ / 2024

At the plate Bracamonte showed a well balanced load in which he was able to create line drive contact through effective use of his lower half. At times showed a tendency to get into his legs too much which created limited mobility within his swing. Overall Bracamonte shows plenty of athleticism within his lanky build that projects well as he develops his future physical game. Behind the plate showed decent arm strength and quick movements that produced effective pop times. Overall at the plate showcased plenty ability to drive the ball throughout the field but showed consistent pull side power and line drive contact. Solid overall athlete that demonstrated ability to utilize his tools throughout his game.

Jaden Leon SS / 2B / Tucson, AZ / 2024

Leon was another standout from sundays Tucson Champs scout day especially at the plate. Leon worked a short quick stroke that showed above average pop to the middle of the field with some extra juice to the pull side. Defensively Leon has easy footwork and the ability to read the correct hops up the middle. We look forward to following Leon as he goes into his fall season with the champs. 


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