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2020 Whalley Upperclass Open ID - PBR Bombers

Logan Wedgewood
PBR BC Scout

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We would like to thank all who participated in PBR British Columbia's 2020 Whalley Upperclass Open ID. This was a great opportunity for the class of 2021-2022 prospects to be put on college radars. Many players impressed during their individual workouts at the showcase. 

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2020 Whalley Upperclass Open ID - PBR Bombers

The quiet that overtook the amateur baseball world since the start of this global pandemic was abruptly interrupted by the sounds of barrels at Whalley Stadium in late July. We saw some familiar faces at the Open ID, as well as a lot of new ones, but overall, it was a great showcase that featured a lot of what British Columbia has to offer. We saw some two-way studs, throwing in the mid-high 80s and spraying balls all over the yard; we saw quickness and speed in the 60s, and we saw a lot of barrels once batting practice rolled around. It was clear that the masses of British Columbia players have been doing what they can to stay sharp and continue growing their skillsets throughout the halt in play. In this article, I will be spotlighting Six hitters whose bats were heard from the parking lot: the Whalley Open ID PBR Bombers.

Michael Brand 3B / RHP / GW Graham, BC / 2022

Report: Brand is our solo 2022 representative on this list, and left a lasting impression in his first showcase with PBR at the Whalley Open ID. Brand is a big bat at 6-foot-3 210LBS and had the highest exit velocity among 2022’s on the day. He has a slow and repeatable load, providing stability and consistency in his forward movement. At times on the outside pitch, he disconnects to try and drive to the left-field rather than going with the angle to fill the opposite field gap. When he does show a willingness to work in the middle of the field and opposite way, he keeps connections and drives with backspin. It was a good showing from Brand, and we will look forward to how he adjusts to Sr. PBL pitching in the upcoming Fall season.

Liam Bushey 3B / SS / MEI, BC / 2021

Report: Bushey was generating some serious sound with his bat on contact. He is a tall left-handed bat, with good size and athleticism. He employs an upright stance with a leg kick, that currently takes over his timing, making his hard contact slightly inconsistent. With maturity, strength and body control, Bushey will benefit from his slight upward swing and easy carry to right field. As of now, when he is on-time, it pops. With more consistent barrel contact, he’ll be a dangerous left-handed power bat in the PBL and onward. Bushey was second on the day in Exit Velocity at 93.

Bennett Freiter C / 1B / Foothills Composite, AB / 2021

Report: Freiter fits the bill for your power right-handed hitter catcher combination. Immediate comps around camp went towards Salvador Perez, for both size and defensive/offensive reasons. Behind the plate, Freiter showcased a 2.00-2.10 pop, and at the plate, he showed some of the best power of the day. As one of two players to leave the pitcher’s friendly, Whalley Stadium, on the day; Freiter was also tops in Exit Velocity. Freiter came to the showcase as one of the more polished and composed players at the event. His swing is clean and efficient, with a leg kick that is under control and easily adjustable around the zone. He showed good backspin and carry to all fields and the willingness to go the opposite field with power and flight. The sound off his bat was different than the pack. NDSU got a good pick up with this one, if he’s not picked up in the draft.

Skylar Lenihan C / 1B / Lord Byng, BC / 2021

Report: This kid is going to hit some baseballs very, very far before his amateur career is over. He has the size at 6-foot-2 205 LBS and the explosiveness in his swing that will lead to long balls. His Exit Velocity was right around the top at the camp on the day at 92, and that will look to continue to rise as he matures and gains more strength to his frame. At this time, he has a straightforward looking approach and swing, with little to no stride, he is a heel up heel down an attacker in the zone. There is good carry to left field in his swing and decent depth through the backside, which allows him to match plane early. His swing serves him very well at the top of the zone as he can maintain a flat bat, allowing for lift without looping, keeping him quick to get there. He does tend to get rushed at times despite his simple load and approach, which could lead to some difficulties being adjustable to different pitch types; however, his depth and quickness in the swing should lend to that being a timing fix. He is going to be a bopper, and it will fun to watch him through his graduation season. He will be a nice RHH power bat from behind the plate and potential to be the top catcher in his class, a good pick up for any post-secondary institution looking for pop behind the plate.

Brayden Mayencourt 2B / C / Fleetwood Park, BC / 2021

Report: Mayencourt impressed early with his defensive capabilities behind the plate, recording pop times right around 2.00 and getting it up to 77 mph to second base. He has a chip-on-his-shoulder type presence about him, and you can tell he wants to be the best player on the field wherever he goes. He has shown significant improvement since the last time we saw him, both defensively and offensively. At the plate, he has a quick and smooth swing, starting from a simple upright position. He employs somewhat of a hover leg kick and keeps his forward move under control and repeatable. His Exit-Velocity on the day was among leaders at 88 MPH and joined Freiter as the only hitters to leave the yard in Batting Practice on the day. Mayencourt will be exciting to watch in this upcoming season and will look to compete with a tremendous uncommitted catching class in 2021. He is a gritty get for any collegiate program looking for a lefty stick behind the plate.

Ryan McCarthy OF / RHP / Delta Secondary, BC / 2021

Report: McCarthy is one of the players that the 2020 cancellation impacted most. He had begun to show flashes of power from the left side toward the end of his 10th Grade JrPBL season, and at the February Inside Performance showcase, he showed his hard work over the offseason by putting up a PR 96 MPH exit velocity. At the Whalley Open ID, McCarthy continued to cement himself as one of the top left-handed hitters in the province, showing his smooth and compact swing, with easy loft to the pull side gap. It will be exciting to see how McCarthy hits in this modified Fall season that is beginning to kick up as BC transitions into Phase 3. As of right now, McCarthy has a dead-pull approach and looks to get the ball into the air; this season will be enjoyable to see if he can expand on that approach and become a more complete and dynamic hitter. McCarthy also had the highest positional velocity at 84 mph from the outfield and showed good instincts and movement around the ball defensively.