Mizuno Monday - Prospect of the Week

Paul Howarth
BC Area Scout

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Mizuno Prospect of the Week: Kole Turner

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Kole Turner 2B / SS / Elgin Park , BC / 2020

Report: Recently reclassified to the 2021 class, Turner has solidified himself as one of the top uncommitted true two-way prospects in the country. With his ability to play all four positions on the infield at a high level, a strong arm and clean fielding actions, Turner is a player college coaches at all levels should keep tabs on. Turner is strong at the plate as well; with an exit Velo in the 90’s and a consistent line-drive producing swing, he could be a staple in a college lineup come next season. On the mound, Turner has been as high as 89mph with his fastball, complemented well with a sharp slider and a good changeup. He has shown the ability to get hitters out with his stuff, and his ability to pitch, hit, and pick it makes him a very intriguing prospect for lots of college coaches.   

Future: True two-way players are a commodity at the college level, and if Turner can prove he can compete in the batters box and on the mound in college, he will have options moving forward in his career, whether it’s a transfer opportunity to a D1 school or a sniff at pro ball. If Turner continues to trend upwards with his hitting and athleticism and sees a jump in velo from the mound, he could be on a lot of D1 recruiters and pro scout radars. 

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