Top 4 2020 Uncommitted Left-Handed Hitters

Logan Wedgewood
PBR BC Scout

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Top 4 2020 Uncommitted Left-Handed Hitters

Brody Alexandre 3B / 1B / NA, BC / 2020

Report: Most caught their first glimpse of Alexandre after his 2018 T12 homerun at the Rogers Centre as a grade 10, where he began to impress coaches with his quick and powerful left handed stroke, as a raw Saskatchewan stud. Fast forward a year and Alexandre impressed for a second straight year at T12, as this past year he competed in the HR derby and drove in 7 runs in 11 at-bats. Defensively, the ceiling is unknown as the short Saskatchewan season limits defensive reps and only so much can work can be done in a turfed batting cage. Alexandre made the commitment to his future by moving West and joining the Langley Blaze organization for his grade 12 season. Despite having a rough Canada Cup, Alexandre has impressed Junior National Team coaches enough to earn an invite to Spring Training with Jr. Team Canada this March in St. Petersburg, Florida. This year will prove to be a important year for the big lefty corner infielder and will be a steal for whatever college program snatches him up first.

Jude Hall OF / 3B / GW Graham, BC / 2020

Report: Hall has the physical abilities to be an impact type player and has displayed that many times. He can run, he can patrol a decent CF, he has a playable arm and good quickness with his footwork and has shown a contact approach while handling the bat as a top of the order type hitter. He was left off the Canada Cup roster last summer despite being his second year in the camp (partly due to the defensive capabilities of the eventual CF, Jack Yaremko), and we can be excited to see how he has responded to that over the 2019/20 offseason. Hall does not strike out often, and frequently finds himself on base, stealing bases and making a difference in games on the base paths. He has a high upside due to his athletic ability, and with some size on his frame could be an impact level player at the next level.

Jack Yaremko OF / RHP / Moscrop, BC / 2020

Report: Yaremko led off just about every game for the high scoring Coquitlam Reds last season, slashing .277/.396/.368, and finishing the season 5th in the PBL in runs. He swatted 10 doubles and 2 triples over 43 hits, and had 29 walks to 29 strikeouts, showing the ability to work pitchers and get on base. Though he holds his own as a lead off hitter in the PBL, his real claim to fame is his defensive capabilities. He played by far the most innings in CF in the PBL last season, and manned CF for the bronze medal Team BC as well at the 2019 BIGS Canada Cup, where he had 4 hits in 11 at-bats. Coach Eckstein of BC gave him the Heart and Hustle award on the first day of BC Selects Camp, and Yaremko continued to hustle his way into the starting CF spot for the squad. With good speed, a hard-nosed work ethic, and good instincts in the outfield, post-secondary institutions will continue to see Yaremko develop into a high-level defender, and with strength could see his extra base frequency increase turning him into a real burner on the ball field. Yaremko’s a gamer, keep an eye on him this summer.

Jayden Cull C / 1B / Belmont, BC / 2020

Report: Cull proved to be a workhorse behind the plate for the pitching strong Victoria Eagles last season, catching for talented mid-to-high-80s arms such as Gavin Pringle, Noah Takacs, and Dominic Hambley, and helping the Eagles pitching staff to a 2.95 ERA despite having only a couple seniors. Cull is a good receiver at the bottom of the zone and has a decent POP time of 2.10 - 2.24 for someone of his height. With strength, that could easily be brought down, as his hands look good and his throws have true backspin to bases, but his footwork is lengthy causing his release to wait for his legs to catch up. He has room to grow but shows a good foundation as a defensive catcher. Offensively, Cull hit at a respectable slash last summer of .276/.404/.354, with potentially his most impressive stat being his walk (26) to strike out (17) ratio. He did manage 5 doubles, 1 triple and 1 homerun over a 35-127 season. Cull would benefit greatly from the weight room, and with the proper work could turn himself into a legitimate collegiate catcher with a patient left-handed approach.