Prep Baseball Report

Unsigned Impact Seniors on Canada's West Coast

Jordan Broatch
Director, PBR British Columbia

With the BC New Year Open behind us, as well as Spring Training and some live-game action right here in B.C., our staff has already had a look of plenty of players across the province already.

With the summer fast approaching, there's still plenty of uncommitted talent that remain on the board in the senior class. Below, scouting director Jordan Broatch takes a look at four of those names who would provide impact and value at the next level.

Jared Hall OF / NA, BC / 2022

Jared Hall, a left-handed hitting 2022 out of the Chilliwack Cougars program, has an athletic build, moves well at 6-foot-1 and runs a 6.8 60-yard-dash. In the field, Hall reads and anticipates the direction of his route well based on pitch location and closes in firmly with his athleticism. Hall has a short and quick swing to the ball with minimal movement through his posture at the plate. His contact approach and the whole field mentality are impressive but lead to a dip in potential power output. With a few minor adjustments and a focus on lateral power through stride and foot strike, Hall could see significant increases in swing speed and exit velocity.

Wylie Waters SS / 3B / Sentinel Secondary, BC / 2022

All Waters has done this spring has hit. Barrels at showcases and events are consistent and fluid. Not to outdo himself, Waters went down to PBR Spring Training and won the MVP for the tournament after swinging a hot bat all week, including a couple HRs and a handful of XBHs. The exit velo has been 100+mph at showcases. To help improve his impact, Waters has focused on his lateral ability, quickness, and speed this off-season, with the results being improved thus far. A consistent threat at the plate that could immediately impact a college lineup today – a must-get. 

Christopher Olafson RHP / 3B / Charles Best, BC / 2022

Olafson might be the sleeper pitcher of the year candidate here in BC this spring; as he stands at a 6-foot-1 and 175-pound frame, there is ample room for added growth and strength. Currently, Olafson FB is 85-87 with a spin rate of 2100-2250rpm with a little arm-side run. CB is an over-the-top 11-to-5 break, with a velo range of 72-74. CH is developing and would be a legitimate out-pitch to his arsenal with more depth as the CH is 73-75, a 12-14mph drop off his FB. Mechanically, Olafson generates his power through drop-drive while staying in line with his target well using a balanced square landing. Movement and velocity can easily be added with minor adjustments and focusing on nutrition and athletic strength. Lots to like and plenty of room for growth here.  

Joe Hanning RHP / SS / Sir Charles Tupper, BC / 2022

Hanning jumped out at our New Year Open this February, and on a cold night, Hanning was tossing darts for early February in Canada. Standing at a physical 6-foot-4 and 180-pounds, Hanning is a power arm with tons of upside. Hanning uses his stature for a tall and fall delivery with a long, loose ¾ arm slot, offering a three-pitch mix; FB, SL, and CH. The FB was 86-88mph in February, and come June, we can expect to be low-90s with a downward angle as the weather warms. The SL has a power 11/5 action to the break and comes out of the hand with the same speed and slot as the FB, a very effective breaking ball at 75-76mph. Overall, Hanning is a quality arm now and could be a top-end arm as he continues to improve his athleticism and hon his craft. Sneaky get this late and could be an ace by fall with continued growth. 



2022 Island Open BC 04/28 Wilson's Group Stadium at Royal Athletic Park
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