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EMERSON, GA. - One of the important tools Prep Baseball Report has implemented at its events is the use of Blast Motion sensors. During batting practice, the Blast Motion sensors measure Swing and Impact Metrics across several categories. Swing metrics measure pre-impact mechanics centered around plane, connection, and rotation while Impact metrics measure pre-impact performance outcomes based on ball contact.

Just like electricity, power is measured in kilowatts. How much power is going somewhere and how fast. Mass x Acceleration = Power in Blast Motion terms. In the simplest terms, the more power a hitter has the farther the ball is likely to travel when hit squarely. 

Below are the top performers from Team California in the Power category at the 2020 Prep Baseball Report Future Games as measured by Blast Motion sensors.


The average Power generated during the swing is found from the effective mass of the bat, the Bat Speed at impact, and the average acceleration during the downswing. Power is measured in Watts. Higher Power is achieved when a hitter is able to swing a heavier bat and accelerate it to higher speeds. For more info: Power

*MLB Avg: 3.65-5.65 kW  MiLB Avg: 3.20-5.20 College Avg: 3.83-5.08

*Per Blast Motion

1 Owen Egan Yucaipa 2023 4.94kw


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