Prep Baseball Report

Norcal Underclass Games: Pitcher Reports (2025)

PBR CA Scouting Staff

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ISLANDERS FIELD - LATHROP, CALIF. - A total of 39 position players were in attendance, 21 of whom competed on the mound.The event was comprised entirely of 2024/2025 grads, with one reclassified 2026 in attendance.

In addition to the traditional showcase (60 yard run, BP round, defensive workouts), the pitchers competed in live game action where their data was gathered, and each position player had four at-bats during the game they played in. The deeper TrackMan data is within the sortable player stats link below.

(Note: All showcase videos have been edited and added to the players' profiles)



Ben Kreizenbeck, Granite Bay (CA), 2025
Positional Profile: RHP
2 IP; F8, 1B, K, 1B, >I, >I, K, F9
Body: 6-0, 175-pounds. Strong legs. Athletic frame.
Delivery: Offset stance in windup. Simple and compact. Balanced leg lift. Stays over the rubber. Sits on his back side moderately as he travels closed downhill. Lands on a strong front side. Finished 1B side of the mound.
Arm Action: RH. Strong over the top release point To go with a simple repeatable separation that gets him into a healthy scap load.
FB: T80, 77-79 mph. Arm side horizontal run. Commands the bottom of the zone
CB: 68-69 mph. Medium size break with late bite
SL: 67-70 mph. Tighter, harder version of his curveball. Good depth down. Swing and miss pitch.
CH: 69 mph. Works down in the zone. Has a parachute effect down. Comes out of the hand looking like a FB.

Ayden Dringenberg, Oakmont (CA), 2025
Positional Profile: RHP
2 IP; 1B, F7, K, K, 1B, >I, 1B
Body: 5-11, 140-pounds.
Delivery: wind up- slow rocking motion as he takes his first step. Brings hands down towards his back leg as his front leg gets to his balance point. Separates over the rubber hiding the ball and arm by slightly closing front upper half. Sitting on his back leg as he travels down the mound. Good front foot contact.
Arm Action: RH. Separates slightly behind his back leg. Separates down allowing his body to travel forward. Goes into an inverted W as he gets to front foot contact. Works into 3/4 to a low-3/4 at times.
FB: T77, 72-75 mph. Deceptive (delivery hides the ball) has late horizontal arm side run. Commands the zone well and challenges bats early.
CB: 60-63 mph. Put away pitch. Works great off his fastball. Knows when to use it. Has good depth and he throws it of his FB. Puts hitters on their front foot consistently. Has a big version and a shorter tighter version.

Brandon Kleyman, (TBD (CA), 2026
Positional Profile: RHP
2 IP; 3-1, F3, F7, K, E1, 1B, 2B, L6
Body: 6-1, 160-pounds. Tall athletic frame
Delivery: stretch- comes set and pre-loads his back side. Hands set belt high with no movement. Leg lift just above belt. Stays closed down the hill landing on a stiff front leg. Upper body really works over front leg with his back leg finishing high.
Arm Action: RH. Low belt high separation, reaches back and forward with glove side working into a low-3/4 release
FB: T78, 74-77 mph. Stays pretty true with some downhill action.
CH: 63 mph. Best pitch. Has a lot of movement with the makings to be a bugs bunny change-up.
CB: 62-64 mph. Big action. 12/6-ish, complements his change-up with action away from the RHH.

Dylan Letke, Washington (Fremont, CA), 2025
Positional Profile: RHP
2 IP; 1B, K, 1B, >I, K, 1B, F4, E6
Body: 5-10, 130-pounds. Lanky build on smaller frame.
Delivery: Wind up hands set high. Stays tall throughout delivery. Starts on 3B side of rubber and as he makes his first movement he plants his back foot closer to 3rd. Stretch has no lift, right to slide step with a slight bend in the knee. Lands on a stiff front leg.
Arm Action: RH. Long arm circle back that works into a strong-3/4 release. Healthy and repeatable
FB: T75, 72-74 mph. Attacks zone. Shows some depth. Horizontal arm side run.
CB: 62-63 mph. Big break with a hard bite. Gets hitters on front foot
CH: 68-69 mph. Not much of a minus but the action makes up for the lack of minus. Will continue to get better as he gains strength and subsequent velocity.

Carson Davis, Marin Catholic (CA), 2025
Positional Profile: RHP
2 IP; K, >I, E5, 3B, 4-3, 5-3, E3
Body: 6-0, 152-pounds. Average athletic frame for his age. Will fill out.
Delivery: windup- quick compact movements almost with no side to side. Rocks front heel back towards second base. Gets downhill very quick and stays closed with his front side. Finishes upright on the first base side. Stretch has similar movements and is quick to the plate.
Arm Action: RH. Breaks hands high, gets ball down to his thigh and back up to the top of his head all while working down the mound fairly quick and closed with late rotation.
FB: T74, 72-73 mph. Commands both sides of the plate. Flashes arm side run.
CB: 60-62 mph. Big curveball that has a deceptive bite at its apex. Can throw it for strikes early and use as a put away late.
SL: 64 mph. Tight with good late depth. Helps keep hitters honest.
CH: 63 mph. Carries the same plane as his fastball. On average is -10 from his FB. Gets hitters out on their front foot. Flashes some late depth.

Gavin Huffmaster, Dougherty Valley (CA), 2025
Positional Profile: RHP
2 IP; K, K, >I, 5-3, 2B, E3, 6-3, 1B
Body: 5-10, 145-pounds.
Delivery: Quiet. Waist high leg lift with minimal hand movement. Sits on back side with his shoulders slightly tilted as he works downhill. Glove side adds deception out in front of his body up to front foot contact.
Arm Action: RH. Short compact inverted W path. Loads scalps, opens front shoulder to clear a high-3/4 release.
FB: T71, 68-70 mph. Has a cut to it with late depth. Hitters tend to swing over the top of it or beat it in the ground. Commands the outer half of the plate very well.
CB: 61-65 mph. Big break. Can locate early for strike one. Keeps hitters off balanced
CH: 66-68 mph. Acts as his fastball but has a parachute effect with horizontal movement to his arm side. Makes his FB play faster than it is. Commands both sides of the plate.


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