Prep Baseball Report

PBA Scout Day Quick Hits

Les Lukach
State Scouting Director

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Forty-eight players divided into groups of 4-6 came through the baseball diamond over a three day period to be worked out by PBA coaches while PBR provided coverage and data capture through Trackman and Blast Motion. 

Players were put through their workouts designed by coaches and PBR took measurements and analyzed/evaluated players. We will roll out more in-depth coverage of the workout soon, but we wanted to take a dive into some of the players that left a lasting impression. These players all represented multiple tools that warranted mention. 

Players are listed in no particular order.

Andrew Citron OF / RHP / Harvard Westlake, CA / 2022

Physically built at 6’ 170-pounds, Citron started his day with a 6.83 laser timed 60 to immediately grab our attention. His second run wasn’t that far off at 6.91. An outfielder by trade and a right handed pitcher of late, Citron didn’t throw from either spot on the day as he’s just working his way back to that after the layoff caused by COVID. What we didn’t see from him on the field we saw at the plate where he peppered gaps with line drives using a simple and explosive path to the ball. Showed fantastic feel for the barrel during his two rounds of BP that saw him favor a middle-middle approach. 

Miles Ghossein SS / Chaminade College Prep, CA / 2024

While only a 2024, this is our second opportunity to see Ghossein in a showcase type setting and the change he’s made physically from the first time to this is significant. At 6-1, 180-pounds, he’s a barrel chested, high waisted infielder who can move well and picks it. Where he ends up defensively long term is anyone's guess, of course. But what he showed during the defensive portion of the workout was a nimble footed infielder with plenty of arm strength (75mph) that can make throws from multiple angles with accuracy. It’s at the plate where Ghossein will likely make his name known. It’s a simple, strong swing that showed flashes of its power potential. He’s quick to-and-through the zone with somewhat of an abbreviated finish. There’s still a LONG way to go with Ghossein, but he’s definitely a name to know now. 

Toussaint Bythewood OF / Harvard-Westlake, CA / 2022

At 6-2, 170-pounds, the long, lean Bythewood immediately catches your attention. After running a 6.78 laser timed 60 he had our complete attention. While he didn’t throw from the outfield during the defensive portion of the workout, Bythewood made up for it during his BP session. His first round was a tick inconsistent with the best portion being the latter half that resulted in three line drives deep into the right center field gap. His second round he barreled everything he saw flashing some pull side power potential going off the fence in deep left field. Will be important to watch Bythewood in-game to see how his power and swing/approach will play.

Nick Hawkins 3B / 2B / Agoura , CA / 2021

The Agoura HS 3B/2B is 5-10, 168-pounds of strength coming at you in every sense. Hawkins was aggressive in everything he did all day. Defensively he pairs soft/quick hands with speed/instincts on the dirt with a strong (81 mph) accurate arm across the diamond. It’s at the plate though that Hawkins really captured everyone’s attention. He was a loud line drive machine consistently hitting hard gappers while showing a pull side approach that saw him show off his power a bit more. It’s easy, natural power generated from a small coil but draws mainly from his present strength to generate above average bat speeds per Blast Motion.

Maddox Latta SS / 2B / Chaminade College Prep, CA / 2021

After running a 7.19 60 on his first attempt, Latta improved his in his second time to a 7.14 before showing athleticism on the dirt from shortstop with average to above range and soft, quick hands. Arm strength 83 mph across the diamond with accuracy and not a lot of effort. At 5-10, 155-pounds, Latta sports squared shoulders and some length in the arms that will easily handle more mass/strength. At the plate he sets with low hands before exploding into the ball with easy lift. Squared up more than he didn’t in his two rounds, favoring the pull side but showing the ability to go the other way. Currently uncommitted, Latta provides flexibility on the dirt and big power potential and present high hit total ability at the plate.

Kai Caranto SS / 2B / Harvard Westlake, CA / 2023

It’s simple to sum up Carranto’s performance defensively by saying it was the best I’ve seen him there. He was smoother on his footwork than I’d seen before and the hands appear softer in certain scenarios. Carranto’s arm has never been an issue and he once again showed why with ropes (77 mph) from all spots on the left side of the infield with his customary accuracy. There are always things to work on and it’s good to see Caranto putting in that work. His swing appears more controlled and direct to the ball than in past viewings. His overall improved strength helps, I’m sure, but Caranto is showing better control of the barrel and maintaining the barrel on plane through the zone longer is resulting in more barreled balls.  

Blake Schroeder 3B / OF / West Ranch, CA / 2022

I saw Blake Schroeder DH for West Ranch in an Opening Day double header and came away impressed with what I saw from the junior-to-be. Fast forward and he now is at least 10 pounds stronger and that has translated to more power at the plate. He consistently got the barrel on the ball with quick hands resulting in loud line drives to all fields from a short/compact swing and a somewhat upright stance. There’s untapped potential with the bat and the power should continue to come as his long 5-11 165-pound frame continues to fill out physically. Defensively he showed very good footwork around the bag at third. Arm strength is present (81 mph) and it’s accurate. The hands were soft and his transitions quick/clean. HIs range was fair to both sides while playing under control of his body.

Ryan Speshyock RHP / 3B / Dos Pueblos, CA / 2023

The rising sophomore will be a household name in recruiting circles in short order. The stout 5-10, 185-pound Speshyock is a long armed righty with as high a ceiling as any player in the 2023 class that I’ve seen. Assuming that at 15 years old he’s not done growing, he’s only going to get bigger and stronger and presumably better. He swung the bat well enough during BP to show some athleticism and he fared well at the third base during the defensive portion of the workout, but it’s on the mound where he will have the opportunity to play baseball beyond high school. Speshyock threw a heavy, downer fastball that touched 89 mph and lived 86-88 mph during his entire bullpen. It’s a moderate spin (2242-2328 rpm) pitch that showed Induced Vertical Movement (IVM) number of 17.7 - 21.2 inches well above average for a high school pitcher and above average for a couple levels up too. His changeup shows a reverse action - think sliderish - as it breaks away from righties a tick and has a little bit of a hump to it. It’s a serviceable pitch presently and should undoubtedly be at least average in a couple years. His slider shows late tilting action on more of a curveball trajectory with high IVM numbers (-11.6) and lower horizontal movement (-7.8) numbers than you might normally see.