Top Prospects: LHP Analysis

Les Lukach
State Scouting Director

The inaugural Top Prospects Showcase took place on Wednesday, August 1st at O'Malley Field, home of the Harvard Westlake Wolverines. The event attracted over 100 players in the 2019 class many of whom are in our Class of 2019 Top 100 rankings. With over 20 colleges and seven (7) MLB clubs in attendance, the participants were put through a pro-style workout to showcase their abilities.

As part of our continuing coverage of the event we will continue to break down all the data, roll out stats, content, and videos from the event. In this edition we present the left-handed pitchers analysis from the Top Prospects Showcase.

NOTE: Players are listed in no particular order. Be sure to click on player name for full individual statistical performances and video.

Cooper Benson, San Luis Obispo HS, 2019

Six-foot, 190-pounds, large frame with strength throughout particularly through the backside and thighs with a barrel chest and strength in the shoulders and arms/forearms. Full arm path in the back with a hint of wrist wrap. Arm is fast with regular effort. Drops and drives down the mound with quick & free hips and his strong lower half through to a high ¾ arm slot with ball exploding out of his hand. Lands square to the target in an athletic position. Fastball shows late life and is heavy as it enters the hitting zone with plus command while spotting it at or below the knees consistently. Pitch is deceptive in that it's on hitters quickly. Changeup shows cut action from the same arm speed and slot as fastball. Curveball shows plus pitch potential with its sharp, late biting action and 11/5 shape. Commands curveball very well and keeps it down. Benson shows plus secondary stuff making his fastball play up. His active delivery adds a bit of deception as he hides the ball well in the back.

Seth Spencer, Canyon Springs HS, 2019

Six-foot, 175-pounds, medium frame with strength in the lower half, squared shoulders with strength through the arms. Compact arm motion in the back with follow through coming from a high ¾ slot . Arm is quick with some effort. Stays tall on the backside with loose hips. Lands a bit cross body with some recoil in the arm. Fastball shows armside run with some whip to it. Command is fairly consistent. Slider shows sharp action with 11/5 shape from same slot and arm speed. Command was consistent in terms of strike throwing - potential plus pitch. Wipeout slider. Changeup comes from the same slot and nearly the same arm speed as fastball and shows gloveside run and sinking action. Command was inconsistent while working down below the knees.

Trevor Ernt, Beckman HS, 2019

Six-foot, 200-pounds, strength in lower half through calves, squared shoulders with long arms. Starts with hands at chest and maintains them there until separation. Bit of a tall-and-fall pitcher. Throws strikes with three pitches - fastball, curveball, and changeup. Fastball shows late run as it enters hitting zone from a near over-the-top slot. Curveball shows 2/8 shape with sharp, biting action from same arm speed as fastball. Changeup shows fading action while keeping it below the knees. Ernt maintains same slot with every pitch and shows quick hand/arm speed. Arm and body project for future velocity gains.

Jimmy Urban, Orange Lutheran HS, 2019

Six-foot-7, 205-pounds, large, lean, wiry strong frame with squared shoulders, long limbs, high waist and large feet. Urban uses a high leg kick before getting full extension and driving down the mound with his lower half. Coming from an over-the-top arm slot he generates excellent downhill plane on all pitches before finishing upright. Arm action is long in the back and his rhythm can get rushed at times. Fastball shows slight running action on a downhill plane. Slider is sweeping and he keeps it down below the knees with late life to the glove side. Curveball shows gradual breaking action with 1/7 shape. Urban shows the ability to throw strikes with all pitches.

Tony Jacob, Saugus HS, 2019

Five-foot-11, 175-pounds, medium frame with noticeable strength in lower half and squared shoulders. High waist with large feet. Starts with hands at chest before dropping to waist and back up to his ¾ release arm slot. Uses lower half to drive down the mound towards the target landing square to target with an athletic finish. Fastball shows slight late movement and some armside run which he spots to both sides of the plate. Curveball is a present above average pitch with sharp, biting action and 11/5 shape. Changeup is a sinking pitch with run back across the plate. Jacob throws all three pitches for strikes.

Anthony Chiaramonte, Mater Dei HS, 2019

Five-foot-9, 145-pounds, small frame with lean, wiry strength throughout, squared shoulders with strength down through the arm to the wrists. Fast, drop & drive delivery with a short, compact arm in the back through to a high ¾ arm slot. Lands square to target in an athletic position. Fastball shows tailing action from the left side that he spots to both sides at the knees. Curveball, when thrown with conviction and proper mechanics, is a strong pitch with 11/5 shape and late sharp, breaking action. Changeup shows riding action with late fading action. Chiaramonte projects as a backend reliever at the next level.

Ryan Hernandez, La Mirada HS, 2019

Five-foot-9, 135-pounds, small frame, high waist with squared shoulders. Hands stay at waist as he gathers and has a slight turn and pause at the peak of the delivery; arm action is short before getting to a high ¾ slot. Rhythm is smooth while keeping his shoulders level and square while inline. Fastball shows run to the armside which he throws for strikes while his curveball shows 2/8 shape with gradual break from the same arm speed and slot. Changeup has a hint of cut action with armside run more consistently. The effort in his delivery is regular while the arm speed is average to a tick above.

Zachary Veen, Roosevelt HS, 2019

Six-foot, 195-pounds, medium frame with proportional strength and a strong lower half. Squared shoulders and average length in limbs and large feet. Veen stays tall on the backside before driving down the mound and landing squared and inline to target. Falls off toward the third base side at times. Shows a full arm path in the back before releasing from a high ¾ slot on all pitches. Fastball shows armside run while working black-to-black. Curveball is a sweeping downer pitch with late break as it enters the hitting zone which he commands very well. Changeup is a potential out pitch with its armside run back across the plate. Veen shows a good slider/fastball combination and a slightly above average changeup while commanding all three.

Cameron Waechtler, Rocklin HS, 2019

Five-foot-8, 170-pounds, small frame with strength proportionally distributed. Strength in shoulders and lower half. Short arm path in the back with a wrist wrap. Drop-and-drive delivery with an over-the-top arm slot. Arm speed is average while slot is consistent on all pitches with some effort. Fastball is straight with command to both sides. Curveball shows 1/7 shape with late breaking action as it approaches the hitting zone. Slider shows sweeping downward action with late action. Slot is consistent as is the effort and arm speed.

Alec Holmes, San Marcos HS, 2019

Five-foot-11, 190-pounds, medium frame with strength in the lower half and through shoulders down into the chest. Works exclusively from the stretch with a long arm in the back and wrist wrap. Drives down the mound with a drop and drive delivery through to a high ¾ arm slot. Arm speed is average with loose action and regular effort.Fastball shows run to the armside with slight action as it enters the zone. Curveball shows 11/5 shape with gradual break from the same slot and arm speed as fastball. Command was inconsistent with the curveball. Changeup shows slight late movement from the same arm speed while showing good command spotting it black-to-black.

Jansen Lublin, San Pasqual HS, 2019

Five-foot-11, 225-pounds, large frame with a strong lower half and broad shoulders. Short arm action in the back with a wrist wrap. Tilt-and-topple delivery as he falls off to the third base side after release at a high ¾ arm slot. Arm speed is average with recoil after release. Fastball is heavy and shows run to the armside which he commands and is able to throw for strikes. Curveball shows sweeping 2/8 shape with gradual break from the same arm slot and speed. Shows the ability to throw the pitch for strikes. Lublin shows some pitchability and is a deceptive left-hander that projects as a bullpen arm.


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