2018 Senior Games Catcher Analysis

PBR Colorado Staff

The Prep Baseball Report’s 2019 Senior Games took place Wednesday June 20th at The University of Colorado Colorado Springs Prospects from the 2019 class came together in a pro-style workout and a 9 inning game to strut their stuff in front of the PBR scouting staff.

Following is a look at top performances in a number of measurable categories. Click Here for a statistical breakdown of this event.

Over the course of the next week we will break down individual performances.  We begin our look today at the catching position.

Catchers Analysis


Chase DeMier C / OF / Rock Canyon, CO / 2019

A 6-foot-1, 185-pound right hand hitting catcher who ran a 7.65 60. Right-handed hitter, balanced setup, smooth load, short stride and maintains balance through contact. Compact, fluid, repeatable swing, creates bat speed, consistent hard contact; 73 mph exit velocity from a tee. Behind the plate he controls the game.  Handled all the pitchers well at the senior games.  Quiet behind the plate with soft hands for framing.  Arm is high ¾ short slot at 69 mph.  Pop-times were 2.13-2.15 with accuracy to the bag.






Nathan Madrid C / 2B / Bear Creek High School, CO / 2019

An athletic 5-foot-11, 165-pound catcher/MIF who ran a 7.16 60. At the plate he hits from a balanced stance with a slow load on the pitch.  Good lower leg drive on the swing.  Hands come through the zone and create good whip.  Exit velocity was 84 mph. Behind the plate he showed good athletic actions and soft hands while framing.  Moves well on balls in the dirt and arm is accurate to the bag.  Showed a quick glove to hand transfer and arm velocity was 73 mph.  Pop-times were 1.97-2.03.






Garrhett Woolums C / 3B / Grandview High School, CO / 2019

A 5-foot-11, 190-pound switch hitting catcher/3B who ran an 8.44 60. From the left side he stands balanced with a long stride and quick load.  Hands whip through the zone with a strong weight transfer.  Swing path is uphill and exit velocity was 75 mph.  From the right side he is open with a big leg kick to come square.  Swing path is uphill with an 81 mph exit velocity.  Behind the plate is showed smooth actions while blocking balls.  Arm is short and over the top.  Arm played at 69 mph with a 2.16-2.20 pop-time.  At third base he showed good feet and a quick glove to hand transfer.  Moves well to the line.  Arm is short and from a high ¾ slot.  Arm was 71 mph across the field.