Prep Baseball Report

Class of 2016 Top INF Velos

By Jeff Markle
Assistant State Director

Over the next couple of weeks we are going to recap some of the best statistics we have on record at our events since our launch in April of 2014. We have covered the top 60 times in the 2017 and 2018 classes, and the 2016 Class  We have covered top OF Velos for the 2017 and 2018 classes and the 2016 Class, top INF Velos for the 2017 and 2018 classes, here are the top INF Velos for the 2016 class.

Jake Eisler, 3B/RHP, ThunderRidge 
INF Velo: 93
Commitment: Texas Christian University
Scouting Report: 6-foot-2, 210-pound right-handed hitting RHP/3B. Eissler had to impressive outings in the Junior Sunbelt Classic. In his first start against Arizona Eissler went 4 innings only giving up 4 hits leaving the game tied 2-2. Fastball touched 88 mph. In his second start in the tournament on 3 days rest he only went two innings due to the coaches taking care of his arm against Mississippi. In this start Eissler gave up 1 unearned run, but fastball reached 90 on a few occassions. Eissler made the Junior Sunbelt All-Tournament Team. During the tryouts for the team, Eissler registered a 7.21 60 time. At the plate, the right-handed hitter produces solid contact. He uses a smooth load, short stride, and explosive lower half.  90 MPH exit velocity, top 3 at the tryout.  Shows good pull power and good control to the opposite field gap. Not much movement in swing. Lets hands do the work. Did not pitch at the tryout. From third moves towards ball well, fields out in front. Had highest position velocity at the tryout at 93 mph which could be one of the top corner velos in the country.

Dane Grounds, SS/OF, Ponderosa 
INF Velo: 85
Commitment: Uncommitted
Scouting Report: A 6-foot-0, 150-pound right hand hitting short stop, who displayed an 83 MPH arm across the field from short stop.  He showed good feet and hands and delivered an accurate ball.  At the plate, he hits from a slight crouch and bend at the waist.  He had strong leg drive and a swing that comes through the zone on an upward plane.  His exit velocity was 81 MPH off the pitch, but he displayed good bat control and power to the right center gap.  He ran a 7.35 60.

Tommy Gillman, SS, Columbine  
INF Velo: 86
Commitment: Texas A&M

Scouting Report:
5-foot-10, 170-pound switch-hitting shortstop.  Hits from a wide base with a short stride and simple approach from both side. Left-handed swing is fluid, short to the baseball, with several line drives to the opposite field gap during batting practice. From the right side Gillman has one handed high finish with good extension, hands go right to ball with short stride. Same approach from left but stands taller.  Gillman shows more bat speed from the right side then the left then the right. Was 90 mph exit velo off tee from right, and 82 mph from the left off the tee.   Defensively, threw 83 MPH across the diamond from short, loose, ¾ arm slot with accuracy and more in the tank arm strength wise.  Possesses plus fielding actions for the middle infield, with a good feel for when to use full arm. Good actions.  Hands are soft, quick footwork, ranges well both up the middle and in the hole, solid body control on run through ball.  Ran a flat 7.00 60 time. Gillman is as versatile player there is in Colorado. Was chosen for the Junior Sunbelt Classic Team.

Billy Moreland, SS/RHP, Heritage  
INF Velo: 85
Commitment: University of Northern Colorado
Scouting Report: 6-foot-0, 175-pound right hand hitting two way player, who had one of the top arm velocities at the USG of 85 MPH from short.  He has quick feet and hands and gets rid of the ball quickly.  He moves well on balls up the middle and has good skills on the two ball.  On the mound we saw three pitches from Moreland, his fastball was 81-84 with good run, his curve was 67-70 with sharp break in on the right hand hitter and he showed a 71-73 MPH change that worked away from the right hand hitter.  At the plate he is balanced with a slight leg kick for timing.  He has a long swing path through the zone that creates a ball with good flight.  He has an exit velocity of 82 MPH off the pitch and lived in the left-center gap.  He ran a 7.32 60.

Arron Dammel, 2B/OF, Highlands Ranch 
INF Velo: 83
Commitment: Uncommitted
Scouting Report: A 6-foot-0, 170-pound left hand hitting middle infielder, who has improved each time we have seen him.  The USG was no different; he was one of the top MIF at the event.  At the plate he hits from a balanced stance that loads up with good power.  He hits against a strong front side and get great leg drive through the baseball.  His exit velocity off the pitch was 93 MPH.  Tops for the USG event.  In the field he has smooth action and does a nice job of getting rid of the baseball.  Strong accurate throws to first were gunned at 83 MPH. He ran a 7.47 60.

Ty Lightley, SS/RHP, Dakota Ridge 
INF Velo: 83
Commitment: Uncommitted
Scouting Report: A 5-foot-9, 160-pound right hand hitting two way player, who had a great USG.  He displayed good glove and footwork at short during the weekend, delivering on target throws at 83 MPH.  On the mound he delivers in a straight line with his lower body, but his upper body will deliver a pitch from low ¾ to straight over the top.  His fastball was 82-85 on the weekend and showed well on both sides of the plate.  He rounded out his pitches with a 68-70 MPH 11/5 breaking curve.  At the plate he is slightly open with a leg kick for timing.  At impact he is moving forward and hits off a firm front side.  His exit velocity was 80 MPH off the pitch.  He ran a 7.48 60.

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