Colorado Fall I.D. Quick Hits

Mike Anderson
Colorado Scouting Director

Colorado Fall I.D.


On October 3, 2021 , PBR COLORADO team hosted the Colorado Fall I.D. at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs(UCCS) The event featured  uncommitted Colorado prospects from all over the state.   Our staff collaborated to highlight the biggest takeaways and highlights from Sunday’s event.  

Top Players from this event will have opportunities to be invited to future invite-only events such as the PBR Colorado Preseason All-State, the PBR Future and Junior Future Games

Today, our quick focuses on Top Hitters for the event:

2023, Eli Athanas, SS, Douglas County.  Eli had a strong defensive performance with quick feet and hands that played through the ball Arm Velo 75.  Middle of field approach with strong balanced position and plus bat speed. Produced 88.3 Exit Velo  Strength will come  

2024, Jonathan Robledo, OF, Cherokee Trail. Ran a 6.75 60 and showed athleticism defensively. Strong OF Arm 81.  Great base with + Bat speed.  Showed easy load with direct path and middle field approach.  Exit Velo 88

2023, Ryan Griffin, SS, Lutheran.  Griffin continues to show consistent skill development. Ran a 7.12 60.  Wide base creates good rotational acceleration.  Good barrel contact in showcase.  Quick hands. Exit Velo 85.9  Strength will come.  

2024, Joey Yetter, OF, Valor Christian.  Strong performance for Yetter. As a hitter, has narrow, open stance.  Has lower/upper strength and produces strong rotational acceleration.  Attacking quick hands with middle of field approach.  7.21 60.  Arm Velo 81.  Exit Velo 92.4  Impressive skill set.  

2024, Ian Kersten, OF/C, Valor Christian.  Past Colorado Jr Future team member. Strong athlete.  OF who ran 6.93.  Pop Time of 1.90-2.02.  Shows good receiving and blocking skill set.  OF Arm Velo 88.  Aggressive swing with strong quick hands.  Have seen gradual development in all of his skills.  Exit Velo 90.4 

2024, Tommy Mirande, C, Valor Christian  Strong build with long levers.  Pop time 2.26-2.30.  Can envision him as 1B or OF as well.  Produced a 90.4 Exit Velo  Simple base, has pull side tendency.  Showed good barrel contact.  

2026, Silas Meuli, 1B, Legend    Good introduction for this 2026.  Very good athleticism as 1B and possible OF.  7.22 60.  Very good bat speed.  Pull side tendencies with solid barrel contact.  Developing athlete.  Exit Velo 86.5