Fall Prospect ID: Corners Analysis

By Jeff Markle
Assistant State Director of Scouting

The Fall Prospect ID Showcase took place on Sunday October 19th, at Dakota Ridge High School in Littleton, CO.  This event featured several talented players in Colorado’s 2015 through 2018 classes. Next in line for analysis are the corners.

Here’s a look at the top corner prospects at this year’s Fall Prospect ID Showcase:

Thomas Nagel, 3B/RHP, Dakota Ridge, 2016  
6-foot-1, 175-pound right-handed third baseman/right-handed pitcher/right-handed outfielder.  Defensively, has a good frame for third base, throwing 81 mph across the diamond from short, over the top arm action with accuracy. On the mound, utilizes long, loose, high ¾ arm slot.  Easy effort, slow tempo, tall-and-fall type delivery produces 78-80 mph fastballs from the windup and stretch.  Slows arm a bit on 68-69 mph breaking ball with 12/6 shape that was also thrown for strikes.  Nagel is starting to develop into his body and is an interesting follow over the next two years, especially if his velocity takes a jump into the mid to upper 80’s. with lanky, athletic frame.  Hits from a tall, balance set-up, hands wrap back, utilizes a short stride with leg kick. Produces an inside out swing with gap-gap power. Shows good bat speed that produces 79 mph exit velocity.

Marcelo Sanchez, 3B/RHP, Lakewood, 2016    marcelo
5-foot-10, 165-pound right-handed hitting third baseman/right-handed pitcher with strong athletic build. Defensively, has a good frame for third base, throwing 75 mph across the diamond from short, over the top arm action with accuracy.  On the mound, utilizes a compact, ¾ arm slot and comes squared to the plate throwing off two feet. Easy effort, slow tempo, landing square than falling off delivery that produces 76-77 mph fastballs from the windup and stretch that showed good downward movement.  Curve ball ranged from 64-69  with 11/5 shape that was also thrown for strikes and had good late bite at times.  Hits from a fluid balanced stance, has a quiet load and utilizes a short stride with a toe tap. Shows fast bat speed with a good approach hitting line drives up the middle producing 81 mph exit velocity off the tee.

Trevor Wilson, 1B, Lakewood High School, 2016   trevor
6-foot-1, 215-pound right-handed hitting first baseman.  Defensively at first base, threw 67 mph across the diamond with accuracy from short, high ¾ arm action. He would add more velocity if he closes is front side down as he tends to open up front hip before he throws. Hits from a closed, balanced setup, and dives out with his stride. His hands are positioned low and loads in an upward path. He has a short path to the ball with extension that produces line drives at 80 mph exit velocity that allows him to hit well to the gaps, but swing tends to favor right field.  Has some good power potential.

Cole Binder, 3B/RHP, Dakota Ridge High, 2018  cole
5-foot-9, 110-pound right-handed third base and right-handed pitcher.  Tall and lanky for a freshman with plenty of room to continue to grow.  Defensively, he shows good feet and a lanky arm produced 62 mph velocity across the diamond.  As he grows his arm will get more whip which will increase velocity in the field and on the mound.  As a pitcher Binder topped out at 66 and lived between 64-66.  Good command of the strike zone with all pitches, curve 56 mph and change 59.  At the plate he hits from a straight balanced upright stance.  Exit velo was 65 mph at the showcase and he showed good ability to hit the ball the other way.  Time will help Cole continue to grow and develop.

Sam Busche, 1B/RHP, Highlands Ranch, 2017  sam
6-foot-0 148-pound right-handed first base and right-handed pitcher.  Defensively, he covers good ground at first base and uses a long over the top arm motion to generate 70 mph velocities across the diamond.  Good size for a sophomore and his body and arm at getting in time with each other.  On the mound he lives between 72-74 mph fastball and compliments this pitch with 63 mph curve and 66 mph change.  As he grows he will develop more leg drive and velocity to the plate.  Good downward movement on all pitches and strong command of both sides of the plate.  At the plate, he hits from a slightly open stance with 60-40 balance.  Does not always close up the front side.  Exit velo was 69 mph.  Hits the ball well to the right center gap and will develop more power to left field with time. 

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