Fall Prospect ID: Middle Infield Analysis

By Jeff Markle
Assistant State Director of Scouting

The Fall Prospect ID Showcase took place on Sunday October 19th, at Dakota Ridge High School in Littleton, CO.  This event featured several talented players in Colorado’s 2015 through 2018 classes. We have already taken a look at Catchers and Corners next in line for analysis are the MIF.

Jared Chick, MIF, Roosevelt High School, 2016jared
5-foot-10, 160-pound right-handed middle infielder.  Defensively, threw 73 mph across the diamond with some accuracy from short, high arm slot. Showcased soft hands and played through the baseball. Chicks feet are what turn heads, he has quick feet on balls up the middle and in the hole.  6.9 60 speed aids him in patrolling the middle infield.  At the plate he  hits from a tall setup with a short stride stride combined with a leg kick, hands move back during load producing 80 mph exit velocity off the tee. Has a good approach at the plate with a level swing producing gap to gap power.  Has shown well in both the Colorado Top Prospect Games and the Southern Prospect Games.

Austin Chouinard, MILF, Regis High School, 2017 austin
5-foot-11 180-pound right-handed shortstop/third base.  A solid looking player from the class of 2017.  Chouinard is fluid at the shortstop position always putting himself in proper fielding position.  An over the top arm motion and quick release produced a 75 mph velo from shortstop.  Has good range up the middle and moves well in the hole.  May make his mark at third base as he continues to grow.  At the plate, he hits from a 60/40 wide stance.  Great leg drive through the ball produced the third best exit velo of 83 at the Fall Prospect ID.  Swing plain is slightly up allowing him to create good back spin and good carry on the baseball.  Chouinard lived in the gaps and showed excellent power to left center.

Jacob Eppers, MIF/RHP, Chatfield High School, 2018eppers
5-foot-6 135-pound right handed middle infielder/pitcher.  Defensively he is solid on balls hit at him and growing into the position for balls left and right. Threw 60 mph velo across the field from shortstop and delivers an accurate ball from an over the top arm angle.  On the mound has shown good growth from the beginning of the fall.  Consistent fastball at 64 mph and topped out at 65 mph.  Has a 56 mph curve ball and 58 mph change to round out his pitches.  As he grows he will develop more drive to the plate.  As a hitter, his stance is up-right and balanced.  Exit velo was 69 mph, which will improve as he get better weight transfer and drive with his lower body.

Landen Gomez, MIF/RHP, Roosevelt High School, 2016landen
6-foot-0 160 pound, right handed second base/pitcher.  Tall, athletic looking middle infielder who ranges well.  His long stride allows him to cover ground quickly and above average feet put him in good position to make accurate throws.  He throws from a low 3/4 angle just like on the mound and produced 76 mph velo across the diamond from short.  On the mound he topped out at 76 mph and lived consistently 74-75 mph on his fastball with good run back on the plate.  Gomez displayed a 10/6 63 mph slurve that moves sharply away from right-handed hitters.  65 mph change/split with good sink rounds out his pitches.  At the plate, he has a very balanced stance with a small load on the pitch.  Bat stays on plane and in the hitting zone.  Hits the ball well to left field and left center gap.  Exit velo was 76 at the Fall Prospect ID.

James Kester, INF/P, Regis Jesuit, 2017james
5-foot-11, 165-pound right-handed hitting MIF/RHP.  Threw 75 mph across the diamond from shortstop from a loose, high arm slot, with accuracy.  Kester has a good feilding base with good feet that get his upper body in proper throwing position.  On the mound threw 78-79 mph from loose, high slot with a max fastball at 80 mph. Threw strikes with fastball and had a  68-69 mph change-up. Curve ball had good 12-6 action that sat at 63 mph. Mechanically, showed some rhythm to delivery, with level shoulders, toe pointed down at balance point, with squared level shoulders, and in-line towards home plate landing, and is working on falling off to first base since the last time we saw him.  Has opened up his stance at the plate and drives the ball to the left side better.  Exit velo was 82, but quick hands generate good pop off the bat.  Showed well in the Southern Prospect Games and in the Colorado Top Prospect Games.

Ben Schecter, MIF/OF, Lakewood, 2016ben
5-foot-10, 140-pound is an athletic shortstop/outfield/RHP. Throws from a long slinging arm slot with some accuracy. In the infield, threw 74 mph across the diamond from a short arm action, impressing with average hands and clean exchanges playing through the baseball. From the outfield with same arm action he threw 77. Hits from an slightly open setup, loading hands back smoothly with a good approach up the middle of the field. Level bat path produced several line drives from gap-to-gap with 72 mph exit velocity. Versatile baseball player that we have seen have a lot of quality at-bats during the Colorado Top Prospect Games, and The Southern Prospect Games.

Thomas Sautel, SS, Dakota Ridge, 2015tommy
6-foot, 170-pound right-handed hitting shortstop impressed with strong build and good approach at plate. Defensively, threw 78 mph across the diamond from short, showcasing good hands and accuracy while playing through the baseball. Consistently shows the ability to range in hole and use quick hands to throw runners out with a quick jump throw from deep in the hole.  Hits from a tall stance with minimal load, producing short uphill bat path with extension and 84 mph exit velocity off tee. In two other showcases he has produced 89 mph exit velocity.  Ball jumps off bat with gap to gap power with carry. Has shown well in both the Colorado Top Prospect Games and the Southern Prospect Games.

Mike Vessa, MIF/OF, Lakewod, 2016vessa
5-foot-7 145 athletic second baseman gets the most out of his size and frame. He has good range on balls both left and right and uses quick feet to get himself in proper throwing position.  He posses a a very accurate arm from second base and has quick, soft hands when turning a double play. Vessa threw 70 mph across the diamond with a quick release.  At the plate he looks athletic and balanced with an open stance, his short stride allows him to generate great hip drive though his swing which produces exit velocities of 78 mph at this showcase. He is very comfortable hitting the ball the opposite way and posses good power to the right center ally.  We have seen Vessa make some very hard plays look easy at third and second. Has shown well in both the Colorado Top Prospect Games and the Southern Prospect Games.

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