Colorado Preseason All-State: Outfield Analysis

Mike Anderson
Colorado Scouting Director

The PBR Colorado Preseason All-State took place on March 8th at Double Angel Ballpark. Nearly 50 prospects were in attendance, many of whom still remain uncommitted. 

Yesterday, we began rolling out our scouting reports by taking a look at a talented group of catchers. We continue our position-by-position analysis today with the Outfielders. 

Sorted Alphabetically. 

Joel Anderson OF / 3B / Rocky Mountain , CO / 2021

Positional Profile: OF/2B

Body: 5’9” 205

Run: 7.20  60

Hit: RHH  Wide base.  Rhythm load back.  Leg kick with momentum to front on stride. Creates great torso velocity synced into hands.  Hands have length, but barrel gets to ball. Short levers create quick bat. Some pull side tendency.  Continued to demonstrated ability to create great contact. Confident in his swing!! Exit Velo 91

 Power: Raw upper and lower body strength.  Great potential for power.

 Arm: Quick arm and strength.  High ¾ release and accurate.  OF Velo 86

 Defense:  Cuts the distance well, athletic movements. Would see Joel as corner outfielder, potential for corner INF and many may see great arm strength as potential as a catcher.  Joel may not “measure” out compared to top prospects, but has ability to out perform. Top Prospect. 

Connor Cooney OF / LHP / Holy Family, CO / 2021

Positional Profile:  OF/LHP

Body: 5’11”  155  

Run: 6.7  60

Hit: LHH  Shoulder width upright stance, long quiet stride to slightly closed launch position. Easy rhythm with hands. Path is direct with hands above ball. Plus bat speed with Line Drive habits.  Good feel for all fields and zones. Demonstrated great timing and barrel to ball. Exit Velo 92

Power:  Leadoff type hitter that can hit for AVG  and turn 1B’s into 2B’s. Speed. 

Arm: OF Velo 83  High ¾ Left handed with slight tail on ball   Quick shortened arc on the backside

 Defense: Aggressive approach and cut the distance on ground balls. Athleticism. Great catch to release and finish. Will make a great Lead Off/CF. 

Hunter Gotschall OF / RHP / Calhan , CO / 2023

Positional Profile: OF/RHP

Body: 5’11”  170

Run: 7.24  60

Hit: RHH  Wide stance slightly open.  In line stride with some transfer to front.  Hands high, bat head parallel to ground at launch.  Arm angles maintained. Very good rear side acceleration, some retraction on upper half.  Path has some length and lift. Hunter displays raw strength. Middle of field approach. Had very good contact round in event.  Exit Velo 82 Excellent potential and great follow for the 2023 class

 Power:  Projectable power as he refines his baseball skills.  

 Arm: OF Velo 81 High ¾ release

Defense:  Again, raw athleticism with big strong body.  Demonstrated good catch to release and actions as OF. Corner OF guy.    Past JR Future Games participant.

Hunter Graham OF / C / Rock Canyon, CO / 2020

Positional Profile: OF/C

Body: 6’ 1”  190

Run: 7.09  60

Hit: RHH  Wide stance.  Has attacking quick up/down stride.  Weight to the front side at launch. Hands have minimal load and arm angles are maintained.  Path of hands are direct and quick. Follow through with hands get cut off. Some retraction at the point of contact.   Exit Velo: 86

 Power Hand speed and good path for Line Drive hitter, as he develops lower half balance, can see ability to drive ball in gaps

Arm: OF  Velo. 80   High ¾ release.  Long extended arc on back side.  Good Follow through

 Defense Cuts the distance in OF.  Great fielding position and gather.   Can work on shuffle to throw and quicker Catch to release

Roenikk Hernandez SS / 2B / Pine Creek, CO / 2021

Positional Profile: SS/OF

Body: 5’9” 170

Run: 6.92  60

Hit: RHH  Wide base, front side tilt.  Sway load to backside. Minimal movements with good Rhythm.  Small heel lift for stride. Attacking and aggressive hands Quick bat speed.  Very good rear side acceleration and torso acceleration. Live drive pull side tendency.  Full follow through with one hand finish. Exit Velo 85.  

Power:  See Roenikk as Gap to Gap 1B’s and 2B’s hitter with ability to turn 2B’s into 3B’s with his speed.    Athlete with strong desire. Good Colorado Infield Follow!!

Arm/Defense:  OF Velo 78 Cut the distance and good athleticism.  Catch to release transition shows athleticism. INF  Velo 73 Great energy. Quick feet into fielding position.  Hands played through ball to gather and great rhythm and momentum to throw.

Brolin O'Connell OF / 3B / Eaton , CO / 2021

Positional Profile: OF/3B

Body: 5’7” 

Run: 6.91 60

Hit: RHH  Shoulder width base with easy up/down stride. Hands are very simple, stay stacked and arm angles maintained. Path is direct “to it and through it” with long extended finish,  Bat speed is Excellent! Barrel to Ball often in this event. Middle of the field spray chart. On time and balanced. Exit Velo 85 +Grades!! His development of baseball strength will be beneficial   

Power: Undersized player with talent, not a power hitter.   

 Arm: OF Velo 75  Quick catch to release, some push.  Has more arm strength in there

Defense:  Have seen Brolin in game action.  Good routes and covers ground with good instinct and speed.

Brayden Pfeffer OF / 1B / Legend, CO / 2023

Positional Profile: 1B/OF

Body: 5’10”  160

Run: 7.22

Hit: RHH Upright and narrow open stance. Low coiled leg lift to stride,  Stride stays open at launch. Rhythm load with hands, Slight front arm extension.  Aggressive with hands with above avg bat speed. Swing is short to short with one hand release.  Tendency is middle to pull side. Hand good contact round. Exit Velo 85

Power:  Demonstrated strength.  As he refines balance and swing mechanics, can see power potential  

 Arm: OF Velo 69  High ¾ release with some tail in OF.  Will benefit by creating solid throwing base  

 Defense:  OF/Good catch to release and quick.  1B/Very good movements and actions at 1B.  Arm Quick and good footwork on throws to 2B.  Fielding position close to body

Aaron Rice OF / Colorado Academy, CO / 2021

Positional Profile: OF

Body: 6’0” 170

Run: 7.07  60

Hit: RHH Stance is wide and ope, sway to load.  Toe tap with leg lift to extended stride. Weight distribution to front.  Hands stay even to back shoulder until launch. Hands are aggressive and attacking with intention to lift.  Good Bat Speed and had Exit Velo of 87. Tendency is pull side 

Power: Definite intention to lift.  Creates very good torso rotation and linear movement to ball.  Aaron does not hold back on swing.

Arm: OF 73  Shorter arc with high ¾ release.  Would benefit creating solid foundation and long toss. 

Defense: Good movements to ground balls. Fields ball in front of body.

Chase Thomas 2B / OF / Severance , CO / 2023

Positional Profile: 2B/OF

Body: 5’8”  155

Run: 6.99

Hit: RHH  Narrow stance slightly open, Leg lift timed with sway for load.  Stride is in line. Rear side acceleration creates torso acceleration.  Synced and on time generates good bat speed. Did a really good job of controlling the barrel in different zones.  Follow through was balanced. Comfortable in box. Exit velo 87

 Power:  Max effort and attacking hands.  Undersized, but maximizes movements.  Gap to Gap as FR, could see power later in HS   

 Arm: OF 70 Some push to throw, will benefit with long toss throwing program.  Needs quicker catch to release

 Defense:  Sat back on ground balls to OF.  Can attack ball and cut distance.  Athletic movements will develop


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