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Colorado Top 50 Countdown: No. 18 ThunderRidge Grizzlies

John Cackowski and PBR Colorado Staff


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Leading up to the start of the high school season, we will count down the Top 50 preseason teams every day as part of our comprehensive season coverage. 

Like any preseason ranking for any sport, last year our list created a lot of fun conversations, debate, and opinions among players, coaches, and families. To see what we got right, and what we got wrong in 2017 Click Here

What makes our list unique is it combines all classifications (1A through 5A), and leading up to the start of the high school season, we will count down the Top 50 preseason teams every day as part of our comprehensive season coverage.

Factors that are considered when creating the Top 50 List are the following:

- How many current players are returning that are in PBR Colorado rankings
- How many overall players committed or non-committed are returning
- How many starting pitchers are returning
- Success the previous season
- History of success in the program

* We expect the teams in the Top 50 Countdown will compete for at least a district playoff spot in 2018

Team No. 18: ThunderRidge Grizzlies

2018 Preseason Rank: 18
2017 Preseason Rank: 21
2017 Record: 11-10
Conference: 5A Continental
CHSAA Class: 5A
Head Coach: Joe White
2017 Playoff Run: Lost to Cherry Creek in 5A Region 1 District Championship Game
2017 Final Rank: 18

The Grizzlies only hit .243 as a team in 2017 with a .343 OBA. This is an area that will need to improve to reach the 5A quarter finals in 2018. 


The Grizzlies will have to rely on some young talented arms to get them through the tough Continental League. If they can hold their weight, this could be a real good team.


Head coach Joe White opened the school in 1997, and has built a foundation of success breeding success for the ThunderRidge Grizzlies program. Known as a program that gets the most out of their pitching staff, the Grizzlies have always found ways to win. If they can hit in 2018, they will find more ways because they are backed by a solid pitching staff with a mix of senior leadership, and young arms ready to go. Look for them to be in the mix as always in 2018


Quincy Ulrich RHP / OF / ThunderRidge , CO / 2017

A 6-foot-2, 175-pound right hand hitting OF/RHP who ran a 7.10 60.  At the plate he stand tall and balanced.  Lift and place stride to start his swing with aggressive weight transfer.  He shows good extension through the ball with a slight uphill swing path.  He registered an 83 MPH exit velocity and showed good ability to get around on the inside pitch.  On the mound he stays compact in his motion.  He drives hard to the plate and stay in-line through the delivery.  He showed good command of all three pitches.  He was slated to start the next day so velocity was down, but control and mechanics were there.  Fastball was 80 MPH this day with a 62-64 MPH 11/5 curve and a 68-69 MPH change. In 37 innings pitched in 2017 carried a 2.04 ERA striking out 38. 




Key Players Returning: 


Reese Lansville RHP / 3B / ThunderRidge, CO / 2018

5-foot-11, 170 pounds. Modified stretch windup. Torque in hips, short on backside and comes from 3/4 arm slot. Hides ball well. Lands inline then spins towards 1B. Fastball lives 83-84. Can touch 85. Arm is quick. Off speed pitches thrown at same arm speed as fastball. Slider is fast. Lives at 78 mph. Has some late depth. At the plate has an open stance, leg kick stride. Good lower half rotation. Swing is level through the zone but sometimes is slightly uphill. Good extension through the ball. Gap to gap power. Generated a 86 mph exit velocity off the tee. At 3B liked how his feet are prepping and moving pre-pitch. Showed good range to both sides, good glove to hand transfer, and showcased a 80 arm velo from 3/4 arm slot. Ran a 4.69 home to first.




Jake Haze SS / 3B / ThunderRidge, CO / 2018

5-foot-9, 180 pounds. Switch hitter who throws left. We really like how Haze repeats his swing from both sides of the plate. Line drive hitter to both sides of field. Exit velo was 93 mph from left side, and 90 mph from the right, and his swing repeats itself from both sides of the plate. Gap to gap power. Haze is a versatile infielder who look like he could handle SS, 3B, and 2B if called upon. Strong enough arm at 83 mph. Can help a team in a lot of ways with versatility.   


Taylor White 1B / ThunderRidge, CO / 2018

6-foot-1, 170 pounds. Bats left, throws right. Had a great approach in the live round. Stands tall at place, short stride, minimal load, and everything is simple with hands going right to ball with very good extension through the zone. Bat stays in the hitting zone a long time. 91 mph exit velo.  Impressive live round barreling everything up the middle. Has bat speed as well. Very good approach at the plate. 


Players Who Could Help


Cale Lansville RHP / SS / ThunderRidge HS, CO / 2021

Lansville’s quick, strong arm produced fastballs that ran up to 87 mph in a recent PBR Colorado bullpen. Still developing physically, it is impressive to see what the 5-foot-10, 147-pound right-hander is able to pump out. Moving athletically through a clean delivery, Lansville drives strong off his back leg enabling him to work further down the mound as his quick arm goes through a short swing before delivering out of a high ¾ slot. The ball jumps out of his hand as he gets extension towards the plate. Perhaps even more intriguing about Lansville is his ability to spin a firm, 75-77 slider that shows the makings of a swing and miss pitch. He couples that pitch with a changeup at 73-75 that he throws with fastball arm speed. Lansville is a wiry athlete who will be greatly aided by more strength in the future which should give his clean, quick arm a boost.




Cory Ritchie RHP / 1B / ThunderRidge, CO / 2019

6-foot-4, 215 pounds. Bats and throws right.  Big frame. Strong legs. Lulls you to sleep in windup and ball is on you. Fastball was 85-86 mph but seemed faster and was heavy. Looks like there is more there. Good extension out front  then lands in line, then falls off to 1B. Sometimes clears hips to get arm through. Change needs to slow down. Was same speed almost as fastball at 78-80 mph. Curve was 71-75 mph with 11/5 shape. Already over 200 pounds. Big kid with projectability.