Prep Baseball Report

Colorado Top Prospect Games: Corners Analysis

By John Cackowski
Director of Scouting

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On August 5th and 6th PBR Colorado hosted their 4th annual Top Prospect Games at historic Cherry Creek High School. 70 prospects from the 2019-2021 classes showed up for the two day event that featured both a pro-style workout and games each day. The other day we started with the Catchers Analysis. Today we cover the corners. 

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Best of the Best

Sam Ireland 1B / RHP / Mountain Vista , CO / 2019

6-foot-3, 195 pounds. Bats and throws right. Ireland has a high ceiling on the mound. Motion is fluid and smooth. Kinda lulls you to sleep. Comes from different arm angles, is quick and usually at a 3/4 arm slot. Fastball was highest we have had him. Lived 83-85 touching 86 twice. Slider is a plus pitch with tight spin and late depth at 69-71 mph. Advanced hitter who barreled balls all weekend, crushed base hit off 86 mph fastball. Open stance, good approach. Upper and lower half work fluid. Gap to gap power. 94 mph exit velo. Looks like he has a few more inches to grow as well. To see video click here and click here





Nathan Mitchell RHP / 1B / Cherry Creek, CO / 2019

6-foot-4, 170 pounds. Bats and throws right. Open stance, closes down. Everything quiet and smooth. Uses leverage well to generate power. Swings long and thru and finishes high. Very solid round of hitting with consistent gap to gap power. Highest exit velo on day at 95 mph. Ran a 7.0 flat 60. Threw 81 mph from 1B. On the mound pitches at 81-82. His delivery is athletic with good extension and he pounds the strike zone. His curveball has 11/5 shape at 68-70. Will be a riser in the Colorado 2019 rankings. 



Best of the Rest: Listed Alphabetically


CJ Blaskowski C / 3B / Eaton High School, CO / 2019

6-foot-0, 180-pound right hand hitting 3B who ran a 7.20 60.  At the plate he stands tall and balanced.  He uses a double toe tap on the pitch for timing.  Swing path is uphill and he showed good power to the pull side.  He has a strong weight transfer with his lower half and exit velocity was 85 MPH.  In the field he has quick reactions and good instincts.  He moves well on balls to this backhand side.  He delivers from an over the top arm slot and was 75 MPH across the diamond with accuracy.






Trey Flores 1B / LHP / Greeley West, CO / 2019

5-foot-1, 202-pound left hand hitting 1B/LHP who ran an 8.30 60.  At the plate he stands tall and balanced.  He uses a high quick leg kick to start his swing and drives hard through the zone with his lower half.  Swing path is uphill and he shows good power to the pull side.  Exit velocity was 80 MPH with several line drives during the live round.  In the field he played a solid first base all weekend.  He squares up on the ball and delivers from a high ¾ arm slot.  He showed good action tuning the front half of a double play.  Arm velocity was 71 MPH.  On the mound he is quick tempoed to the plate.  He sinks and drives hard and comes across his body on the delivery.  Delivery is over the top and he showcased a 74 MPH fastball that he spotted in and out.  He finished his day with a 68 MPH curve with sweeping break.






Ethan Martinez 1B / 3B / Columbine , CO / 2019

6-foot-1, 220-pound right hand hitting 1B/3B.  At the plate he showed quick hands that produced a 93 MPH exit velocity.  Swing path is uphill and during the live round he hit several balls deep into the left center gap.  He shows a strong lower leg drive through the zone on contact.  In the field he showed good awareness and instincts at first base.  He moves well on balls in the hole and delivers an accurate 67 MPH ball across the diamond.






Chase Olivier 3B / RHP / Highlands Ranch, CO / 2020

6-foot-1, 170-pound right hand hitting 3B/RHP.  At the plate he starts open and uses a long stride to become square on the pitch.  Lower half shows good drive through the zone and wing path is slightly uphill.  During the love round he showed good bat control and produced several line drives into the gaps.  Exit velocity was 79 MPH at this event.   In the field he showed soft hands and good athletic actions throughout the weekend at third base.  He displays good feet and a quick transfer.  Arm is over the top and accurate.  Arm velocity was 79 MPH.  






Braden Thomson 1B / OF / Arvada West , CO / 2020

5-foot-10, 155-pound right hand hitting 1B/RHP who also showed well in the outfield at this event.  At the plate, the swing is simple with limited moving parts.  He starts balanced and uses a small stride to begin moving forward.  He drives hard through the zone with his lower half and shows good extension out front on contact.   Swing path is slightly uphill and his ball had good carry during the live round.  Exit velocity was 86 MPH.  In the field he showed good athletic instincts and gets into the right position.  From the outfield he delivers straight over the top and had an arm velocity of 75 MPH.  At first base he showed good range on balls in the hole.  He has a quick transfer and was accurate to both 3rd and 2nd.  Arm velocity across the diamond was 72 MPH.  On the mound he gets to a good balance position and falls to the plate.  He stays in-line on his delivery and stays square on the follow through.  Arm is over the top and his fastball was 72 MPH with good location.  He also added a 64 MPH curve with 11/5 break.






Carson Yearous 1B / LHP / Pine Creek , CO / 2019

6-foot-0, 185-pound left hand hitting 1B/LHP.  At the plate he starts on his back side and uses a lift and place stride to start his swing.  He drives hard against his front side and swing path is slightly uphill.   He showed good power to the pull side and good bat control in the games.  He had several hard hit line drives during the live round of BP.  In the field he shows quick actions and covers good ground.  He has a good glove to hand transfer and delivers from a high ¾ arm slot.  Arm velocity was 78 MPH across the diamond.  On the mound he uses a high leg kick and slight hip turn before driving to the plate.  He showed good extension out front on his delivery and showed good command of the zone.  Arm angle is high ¾ and he uses the outer half of the plate well.  Fastball was 83 MPH with some sink.  His out pitch was a 71 MPH slider he used to back door several hitters.