Denver Metro Prospect ID: Middle Infield Analysis

By Jeff Markle
Assistant State Director

The Prep Baseball Report’s Denver Metro Prospect ID took place Tuesday June 23rd at Grandview High School. 25 prospects completed a pro-style workout for the PBR Colorado's Scouting Staff, several of whom are new to the staff.

Over the course of this week we will break down the performances of the prospects by position.  Continuing our look is the middle infield position.

Middle Infield Analysis: Best of the Best

Jimmy Holinger, 2017, Regis Jesuit High School, SS/2B
Holinger has shown good improvement since we saw him in January, he ran a 7.20 60-yard dash, the 3rd fastest time of the event and he showcased the top arm among middle infielders on throws of 78 mph across the diamond. The 5-foot-11, 150-pound prospect showed quick hands and good feet on balls hit at him and up the middle.  At the plate he hits from a crouched athletic stance.  A double toe tap for timing puts his hands at the top of the hitting zone.  He has a long bat through the zone with an exit velocity of 77 mph and made solid contact up the middle and to the left side of the field.

Ethan League, 2016 Grandview High School, SS/2B
League a 6-foot-0, 174-pound senior ran a 7.63 60-yard dash and threw 74 mph across the infield. League displayed soft hands, athletic actions and a good release with accurate throws from his middle infield position.  At the plate League stands tall with a short stride and load.  He shows good weight transfer at contact and has quick hands that produced an 82 mph exit velocity.  He drives the ball well to left field and the left-center gap.

Best of the Rest Listed Alphabetically: 

Nathan Morris, 2020, Falcon Creek, SS/RHP
Morris showed well for his first showcase event with PBR.  The 5-foot-1, 64-pound 8th grader has tools and will just need time to grow into them.  He ran an 8.47 60 and recorded a 59 mph arm velocity from short.  He has good feet and does a nice job getting himself into proper throwing position on balls both left and right.  At the plate he hits from a balanced stance.  Hands start high and drop slightly on the swing.  He has good weight transfer and hits off a stiff front side.

Erik Ohman, 2017, Valor Christian High School, SS/3B
Ohman is a 5-foot-11, 140-pound prospect who showed potential. He ran a 7.63 60-yard dash, threw 74 mph across the infield with accurate throws on balls at him and to his left.  He showed clean hands and quick feet to balls up the middle.  At the plate he displayed a 76 mph bat exit velocity from an open stance with a toe tap for timing.  Weight begins to transfer at contact but he stays on his backside and shows good pull power.

Amari Smith, 2019, Grandview High School, SS/OF
Smith ran a 7.70 60-yard dash, tops for 2019’s at this showcase.  He threw 63 mph across the diamond and showcased good hands and feet that worked together to get into proper throwing position.  At the plate Smith starts from an open stance, a double toe tap followed by a high leg kick gets him in hitting position.  An upward swing path produced a 66 mph exit velocity.

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