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Eric Mingus One on One

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PBR Colorado senior writer Jeff Letofsky sat down with incoming senior Eric Mingus of Grandview High School at the PBR event June 24 at Grandview. He talked about his future in baseball and love of the game. Mingus is a 5-foot-6, 150-pound shortstop who was selected to the All-Colorado team. The right-handed hitter hit .500 during the spring season for the Wolves.

PBR: When did you start playing baseball and when did you fall in love with the game?
MINGUS: I started playing at a real young age at about 4. I started Little League and T-ball and really loved the sport. I've also played some other sports as well such as football and basketball. 

PBR: When did you discover that baseball was the game for you?
MINGUS: About 7th or 8th grade. I performed pretty well. I had a lot of coaches tell me that I was pretty good. So, I thought it make take me somewhere.

PBR: What positions have you played during your career?
MINGUS: Always shortstop. My sophomore year I played 3rd.

PBR: Because of your stature, are there any Major Leaguers you try and emmulate?
MINGUS: I love (Boston Red Sox second baseman Dustin) Pedroia. He always plays the game hard. 

PBR: What are your college ambitions?
MINGUS: I just want to play college baseball. I think the experience will be really fun. We'll see what happens. My dream school is the University of Arizona. But I'm looking at Colorado Mesa and Metro State.

PBR: What does is mean to you to be selected to the All-Colorado team?
MINGUS: It means a lot. It shows that hard work is paying off and they aren't looking past me. 

PBR: What are your strengths and weaknesses in the game of baseball?
MINGUS: Just knowing the savvy of the game, knowing where to throw the ball. I still need to be more consistent. I'm usually a pretty good hitter. If I get into a slump, I go home and hit off the tee.

PBR: What do you want to study in college?
MINGUS: Something with sports medicine.

PBR: What do you see as the future of the Grandview program?
MINGUS: We have a lot of good talent coming up. Our senior class needs to step up with our leadership. We need to really work hard. You don't have to have great talent to get deep into the playoffs. You have to be able to play together and work hard.

PBR: Who were your mentors growing up?
MINGUS: My coach since 5th grade Donny Parker. I also looked up to (teammate) Jake Thurston who was small like me and ended up playing at Metro State.