Fall Prospect Games Outfield Analysis

By Jeff Markle
Assistant State Director 

The Prep Baseball Report Colorado ran the Fall Prospect ID on September 12th and 13th at Highlands Ranch High School.  40+ players competed in games and a pro-style showcase for the PBR staff. Over the course of the next week, we will bring you positional analysis of the Fall Prospect ID. Continuing our look is the Outfield position.

Best of the Best:

Cruz Ramirez, 2016, Brighton High School, OF/RHP
A 6-foot-3, 180-pound, right-hand hitting outfield/pitcher,who ran a 7.08 60. Ramirez was one of the most athletic and projectable players at this event.  From the outfield he had a 79 MPH exit velocity and delivers a good ball on the bag. At the plate he hits from a tall upright stance with a high leg kick for timing. He hits against a firm front side with strong leg drive that produced an 89 MPH exit velocity. On the mound he delivers the ball from a slightly crouched motion and from a high ¾ arm slot. He maintains good arm speed on all pitches and showed good command of both sides of the plate.  At this event he showed an 83 MPH fastball and a 71 MPH curve with gradual break.

Austin Carson, 2016, Mountain Range High School, OF
A 6-foot-1, 160-pound, right-handed hitting outfielder, who ran a 6.91 60.  He hits from a balanced stance with a quick stride and load for timing.  His swing is short and compact through the ball and he had an 87 MPH exit velocity. In the field, he moves well both left and right and a fluid motion produced an arm velocity of 80 MPH with accuracy to the bag.

Best of the Rest (Listed Alphabetically)

Thomas Linton, 2017, Ralston Valley, OF
A 5-foot-8,140-pound, right-hand hitting outfielder who the second fastest 60 at the event with a time of 6.79. At the plate he has a simple balanced set up with a slow load.  Good leg drive and a firm front side produced a 79 MPH exit velocity and a ball with good carry to right center. In the field he shows good instinct and movement into the gap.  His arm velocity was 74 MPH on a ball that was accurate through the cut. 

John Olivier, 2016, Highlands Ranch High School, OF/RHP
A 6-foot-1, 165-pound right hand hitting two way player, who ran a 7.25 60. From the outfield he showed good judgment and good jumps on balls in the gap.  His arm velocity was 66 MPH with good accuracy to the bag and cut. At the plate he hit from an upright stand with a short stride.  He shows good hip rotation through the ball and a long swing through the zone.  His exit velocity was 80 MPH at this event.

Ray Ruiz, 2016, J.K. Mullen High School, OF/RHP
A 5-foot-8, 130-pound left-hand hitting OF and RHP, who ran a 7.19 60.  At the plate he hits from a compact stance with a slow load of the hands.  He keeps his hands in close to his body on the swing and turns well on the ball to right field.  He had an 79 MPH exit velocity at this event.  In the outfield, he tracks the ball very well to his glove side and threw 71 MPH from the outfield.  On the mound he has a simple motion that stays in-line with the plate during delivery.  He throws from a straight over the top motion with similar arm speed on all pitches.  He showed a 73 MPH fastball with slight run and a 70 MPH curve with 11/5 sweeping action.

Frankie Shearn, 2018, Columbine High School, OF/C
A 5-foot-11, 163-pound, right-hand hitting two-way player. Ran the fastest 60 time at the event at 6.67.  In the outfield, he is aggressive on all balls and gets into good position using his speed.  A long arm produced a 70 MPH velocity with accurate throws through the cut.  Behind the plate he blocks well and receives pitches with soft hands.  He had pop-times of 2.27 and 2.30.  At the plate he has a simple approach with a short stride and slight hand load.  He shows good weight transfer through the zone and hits off his front side.  He had a 71 MPH exit velocity at this event.  

Guerin Szafraniec, 2018, Brighton High School, OF/LHP
A 5-foot-7, 145-pound left-hand hitting two-way player who ran a 7.28 60. In the outfield, he moves well to the ball both left and right, a 78 MPH arm velocity produced balls that were accurate and on the bag.  At the plate he hits from an up-right stance.  A short stride and quick hand load produced a swing with good extension and a 78 MPH exit velocity.  During batting practice he used the left center gap very well.