Neil Devlin from the Colorado Dugout: How do today's players follow the game of baseball?

By Neil H. Devlin
Senior Writer
Denver Metro Area

No, these aren’t the 1950s. The Yankees aren’t anointed royalty. Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays are no longer playing gods.

The days of collecting baseball cards, trading them, flipping them and putting them into your bicycle’s spokes to make a pretend-motorcycle sound are nowhere near where they used to be. Checking box scores? Nah. Gathering around the radio to catch some of the game? Be serious. Grabbing a newspaper? For what?

There may be a photo on a Wheaties box or so and perhaps a small gaggle of kids that insists on getting to the park early to watch batting practice. And, sure, wearing a major-league cap remains popular, but today’s kids don’t follow the big boys as much as they used to or probably want to. Fact is, there are too many options, too many other activities even if today’s technology provides the easiest and most-complete access to the greatest game that ever was.

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