Prep Baseball Report

Slammers Labor Day Tournament Scout Blog

Jeff Markle and John Cackowski
Assistant State Director and Director of Scouting

The top fall teams in Colorado came together at the 10th Annual Slammers Labor Day tournament this weekend at Double Angel Park in Parker, Colorado.  Top players from the classes of 2015-2018 were on display at this three day tournament. The Colorado Rockies Scout team would end up winning the tournament over Slammers 16U. All Players are listed in alphabetical order

Cole Anderson, Rocky Mountain, OF, 2015 (Atlanta Braves Scout Team)
Cole was an All-PBR-Colorado player last spring and he is continuing to impress with his speed running a 3.9 home to first time. Had a few hits over the weekend, one being an almost near home run off the wall for a double. Shows great range in outfield. Has been clocked at a 6.4 60. 

Aiden Cameron, Regis Jesuit, INF, 2015 (Slammers 18U)
6-foot-4 170 INF bats left handed from a tall balanced athletic stance. Shows good speed and good power. Had an impressive weekend at the plate with multiple hits on Day 1, and on Day 2 hit a go ahead double with 2 outs in the top of 7th. With added weight has a lot of projectability.

Doug Case, Dakota Ridge 3B 2015  (PBR Colorado Fall Prospect Team)
At 6-foot-0 195 pounds, Case was a strong presence at third base all weekend. Case makes the hard plays seem routine with quick feet that allow him to get into a proper balanced throwing position.  Case has a strong arm across the diamond 83 mph on throws this weekend.  At the plate, Case collected 5 hits in three games including a towering home run in game one.  Case finished the weekend with 4 RBI.

Jared Chick, Roosevelt, MIF, 2016 (PBR Colorado Fall Prospect Team)
5-foot-10, 150 pounds. Bats right and throws Right. Hits from a tall stance which produces a level swing through the zone with minimal load. Has gap to gap power. Really impressed this weekend getting multiple hits in the tournament and then showcasing his speed on the bases (stole 3 bases).  At Colorado Top Prospect Games ran a 6.6 60. An unknown player that might be starting to gain some interest. 

Bailey Collins, Dakota Ridge, OF, 2016 (Rockies Scout Team)
5-foot-11, 175 pounds, throws and bats left. Bailey continues to impress us with his approach at the plate. Has a balanced, athletic stance. Handles both side of the plate well with the ability to take outside pitch to left, and in the game we watched golfed a low inside pitch out for a home run. Had him at a 4.21 home to first in game we watched. Covers very good ground in outfield. Plays centerfield for Dakota Ridge, and played right field for the Rockies Scout team.

Ryan Connolly, Douglas County, LHP, 2015 (Rockies Scout Team)
The 6-foot-4 left handed pitcher and Nebraska commit impressed on Saturday morning throwing 4 innings of shut-out baseball against PBR Colorado's Fall team. PBR loaded the bases twice with only 1 out only to see Connolly bear down and strike out the next two batters. Fastball was 85-86 touching 87 once. Had ability to pitch backwards when needed and compliments fast ball with late-breaking 72 mph curve ball with 10-5 break. Delivery is effortless coming from a high 11/5 arm slot. Had 7 k's in 4 innings of work and pitched better with runners on base.

Aaron Dammel, Highlands Ranch, MIF, 2016 (Slammers 16U)
6-foot-1, 160 pound MIF bats left handed. Has very soft hands and plays a solid second base with good feet. Hits from a tall balanced stance with smooth load back, Dammel lets the ball get deep in the strike zone and has ability to waste a lot of pitches with good gap to gap power with majority of hits going to left field. Has shot up a lot in the last year, and when he fills out will have the ability to drive ball over fence. Good student with 3.84 GPA.

Jake Eissler, ThunderRidge, RHP/3B, 2016  (Slammers 16U)
The 6-foot-1, 185 pound pitcher was dealing today.  He had command of all four pitches and finished the game with 8 k’s.  A Power pitcher with a live arm that produces a heavy 85-88 mph fastball.  Short compact motion with strong lower leg drive to the plate.  A ¾ arm slot produces good movement on a 82 mph slider and 71 mph curve which he used to back door 3 hitters. Eissler mixed in an 80 mph change up to keep hitters off balance all day. Good student with 4.0 GPA.

Tommy Gillman, Columbine, MIF/C, 2016 (Slammers 16U)
Gillman was all over the field this weekend.  He has great range both up the middle and in the hole.  He cut off several balls destined for center field.  Quick feet and quick release from his catching days produce strong 85mph accurate throws across the infield.  At the plate Gillman who switch hits ran a 4.19 home to first and belted one home run. Good student with 4.0 GPA.

Blake Goldsberry, Cherry Creek, P/3B, 2015 (Rockies Scout Team)
The 6-foot-4 180 pound senior had a nice weekend. His tall frame allows the ball to get on the hitter in a hurry.  Fastball was 85-86 touching 87 a few times and buckling knees with a sharp 11-5 curveball.  An over the top arm angle makes each pitch look the same coming out of his hand. Goldsberry also throws a change with sink between 70-72 mph.  Goldsberry does a nice job keeping arm speed consistent on each pitch. Goldsberry works from a long, loose, high ¾ arm slot, tall and fall delivery, toe down at balance point, shoulders stay level throughout, stride direction stays in line with home plate, lands square, repeats delivery well with smooth rhythm.

Maverick Handley, Mullen, Catcher, 2016 (Slammers 16U)
5-foot-10, 190 pound catcher/2B. Throws and bats right. Handley has a balanced athletic stance that creates explosive bat speed with a slight uphill swing with good extension through the zone. Ball explodes off the bat. In game we watched had a grand slam, and almost another home run. Good looking prospect and very good student with a  plus 4.0 GPA and a 30 ACT score. 

Ryan McCarthy, Air Academy, 1B/3B, 2015 (Slammers 18U)
6-foot-2, 195 pounds. Bats Right and throws Right. Hits from a balanced athletic stance that creates gap to gap power with fast bat speed and slight uphill path. Utilizes lower half well which produces good power. Good student with a plus 4.0 G.P.A. and 27 ACT score.  

Marc Mumper, Mountain Vista, MIF/P, 2015 (Grand Canyon Commit)
5 foot 10, 155 lb MIF/P. Continues to impress us with the arm speed he gets out of his body. Love his range to back and glove-hand side up the middle. Good approach at the plate and projects as a good leadoff hitter at next level. Had him at a 4.1 Home to first. During tournament walked both times we saw him hit. 

Tyce O'Neill, ThunderRidge, P, 2015 (Slammers 17U)
6-foot-3, 165 pounds. Bats and Throws Left. Came in to close game with 1-0 lead. Pitches from a 3/4 arm slot, and is square to the plate and in-line on his landing. Was pitching 82 mph in beginning of the inning mixed in with a 71-72 mph change and a 68-69 mph curve. When he got in a little trouble was ably to reach back and throw 84-85. Has some upside to add more velocity due to lean frame. 

Desmond Pineda, Arapahoe, RHP/INF/C, 2016 (Slammers 16U)
5-foot-9, 170 pound RHP has a bull-dog attitude on mound and carries himself with confidence and swagger. Does a good job holding runners on. On Friday night got hit up a little for first time in awhile, however still had good presence. Fastball was consistently 82-83 but touched 85. Has a nasty change-up coming in at 73 with sink. Delivery is max effort and deceiving from a short 10/5 arm slot. Good student with 3.9 GPA

Paul Richy, Golden, RHP, 2015, (Slammers 17U)
6-foot-3, 200 pound RHP/LH hitter. Paul shows real good leg drive and is square to the plate with good extension. Closes distance on mound real well with high arm slot. Shot up in height the last year. Threw 3 good innings against Atlanta Braves scout team hitting 85 mph with fastball. 

Tommy Sautel, Dakota Ridge, SS, 2015 (PBR Colorado Fall Prospect Team)
The 6-foot-0 170 pound shortstop burst onto the scene this weekend with 7 hits in 4 games including two doubles and collected 2 RBI.  A right handed hitting shortstop with a short quick bat through the zone.  Sautel drives the ball well into the left center ally. Sautel's bat speed is aided by his lower half, he has good back leg drive through the hitting zone. Sautel showcased his defensive skills with two great defensive plays up the middle with strong accurate off balanced throws to get the runners.

Brent Schwarz, Regis Jesuit, RHP, 2015 (Rockies Scout Team)
A 6-foot-3 215 pound pure pitcher.  Smooth, effortless motion to the plate makes the ball appear to jump out of his hand.  Over the top arm motions produces good down and in movement on his 85-87 mph fast ball and sharp break on a 71 mph curve ball.  Can work both sides of the pate and uses curve ball second time through to set up fastball.  5 K’s on the day

Cole Shetterly, Green Mountain, 3B/SS, 2015 (Slammers 17U)
6-foot, 180 pound infielder. Very athletic, and hits from a balanced athletic stance creating good bat-speed with a slightly uphill swing which produces gap to gap power. Had him at a 4.2 home to first. Moves well to the ball in the infield. One of the top hitters in 4A last year. Look forward to watching more of him in the spring. Good student with 3.9 GPA, and 29 ACT score. 

Braden Smith Lakewood OF 2016 (PBR Colorado Fall Prospect Team)
A 6-foot-0 175 pound outfielder, moved between all three outfield positions this weekend with ease.  Smith seems very comfortable anywhere in the outfield and has great closing speed on balls in the gaps.  Smith collected 5 hits this weekend and used his 6.60 60 speed to steal 4 bases over the course of the weekend.  The right handed hitter has a powerful stance with a quick bat that stays in the hitting zone for an extended period of time.  Quick hands allows him to let the ball travel deep in the hitting zine and drive the ball with good gap to gap power. In last game turned routine single to left field into double. 

Preston Snavely Fort Collins RHP 2016 (Atlanta Braves Scout Team)
The 6-foot-5 190 pound right handed pitcher had a nice showing this weekend.  Snavely threw 4 innings in game two of the tournament and displayed a fastball that jumped from his hand between 84-86 mph.  Snavely complemented his fast ball with a 72 mph change and a 74-76 mph curve with sharp 11-5 break.  Snavely who has grown quickly is getting more comfortable pitching with his 6-5 frame.  He has a smooth delivery and throws with an straight over the top arm motion.  This helped him change pitches this weekend keeping hitters off balance. 

Paul Tillotson, Lewis Palmer, RHP/OF, 2016 (Slammers 16U)
6-foot-2, 195 pounds. In game we watched pitch only threw to 7 batters because game got out of hand and it was looking as if they might be saving him for next day. One of the top pitchers in the state in the 2016 class. A Power pitcher with a live arm that produces a heavy 86-87 mph fastball. Hit 88 on one pitch. Thick athletic build with strong lower leg drive to the plate.  Effortless motion with 3/4 arm slot. At the plate has an athletic balanced stance with smooth load back, producing a level swing with gap to gap power and good extension with good bat-speed. Does not get beat very often. 

Grant Witherspoon, D'Evelyn, OF/P, 2015 (Slammers 18U)
6-foot-3, 185 pounds. Bats left and throws left. Hits from a tall, athletic stance that produces a level swing through the zone with explosive bat-speed and plus power. Making some noise for himself this summer. Very athletic outfielder with good arm and covers good range. Excited to watch more of him this fall and spring. 

Tyson Zanski, Grand Junction High School, C, 2016 (Rockies Scout Team)
An athletic 6-foor-1, 190 lb switch hitting catcher with good quick feet and strong arm, consistent pop times of 1.90, 1.92, 1.95.  Places the ball on top of the bag constantly.  Excellent movement blocking balls to both sides of the plate .  Soft glove that receives pitches well, does a nice job of getting around the ball on close pitches. From left side did not have a problem turning on an inside fastball. 



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