Q&A with '23, Nate Lewis

Chance Ubel
Intern, PBR Colorado

The Regis Jesuit product had a discussion with the PBR Colorado staff about his recruiting process and the upcoming baseball season. Nate goes into some detail about his goals for the upcoming baseball season and what he is excited about. Also, he talks about who had the biggest impact on his baseball career and why.

Nate talks about what PBR has meant to him while playing baseball in Colorado and his recruitment process after he moved here. 



Q&A with Nate Lewis

Q: What has the recruiting process been like for you?

Lewis: For me the recruiting process is something I didn’t really start until this past summer – the summer before my junior year. The process has involved reaching out to coaches, sending them film, and attempting to get as much exposure as possible through PBR events and other tournaments. 

Q: Who has had the biggest impact on your baseball career?

Lewis: Overall, I would say my parents have had the biggest impact on my baseball career as they have always supported me. They have encouraged me to follow my dream and have always pushed me to be my best. 

Q: What are you most excited about for the ’22 baseball season?

Lewis: This upcoming high school season I am excited to play with a new group of kids and hopefully make a run at the state championship.  The kids from my high school baseball team have been so welcoming and I’ve made some great friendships. It will be awesome to be on the field and in the dugout with them this year!   

 Q: What goals do you have for the upcoming season and future?

Lewis: My goals for the upcoming season would be: being a great team mate and helping my high school team in any way necessary, whether that be laying down a bunt, getting a clutch base hit, or even just bringing energy to the dugout. In the future, my goal is to pursue my dream of playing ball in college and finding that college that I am able to pursue both baseball and academic interests. 

Q: Lastly, out of all the PBR events you have attended in your career, what has PBR meant to you during your time playing baseball in Colorado?

Lewis: PBR provided some of my first baseball experiences in Colorado, this past summer when I moved here. I was able to display my skills through the various assessments and it was awesome to see my accomplishments in numbers and rankings.  I also got to meet some great baseball players my age.   



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