Prep Baseball Report

Q&A with '24 Brady Snow

Chance Ubel
Intern, PBR Colorado

The powerful right-handed pitcher gave his thoughts about the upcoming baseball season with Chatfield High School and Slammers. He discusses his goals in regard to increasing his velocity, baseball IQ and strength. 

When Brady Snow sat down with the PBR Colorado staff he talked about who had the biggest impact on his career and gives us an update on how his recruitment process has been going.



Q&A with Brady Snow

Q: What has the recruiting process been like for you?

Snow: So far my recruiting process has been positive. I have a profile with Birch prospects and will be creating my new recruiting profile with Slammers this summer. I also plan to do many events such as the upcoming PBR preseason all state event.

Q: Who has had the biggest impact on your baseball career?

Snow: I would say my dad has had the biggest impact on my career since he was a college athlete (pitched for Colorado State University) and has been able to direct me throughout my career.

 Q: What are you most excited about for the ’22 baseball season?

Snow: I am most excited to travel and get to face tough competition throughout the summer. 

Q: What goals do you have for the upcoming season and future?

Snow: Some of my many goals for this summer are to continue to increase my velocity, strength, and overall baseball IQ.

Q:  In regard to PBR what have you found to be the most beneficial to you?

Snow: To me, the most beneficial thing in terms of PBR are their social media presence and the profiles they put together to increase exposure to college programs.

Q: Lastly, out of all the PBR events you have attended in your career, what has PBR meant to you during your time playing baseball in Colorado?

Snow: I feel as though PBR has been a very supportive tool and have always inspired success in me and my abilities.